Hi! I'm diabetic for the last 5-6 years. Presently I'm on Metformin (Glyciphage) 1g morning evening. I am also hypertensive and take Losartan 50 morning evening and a diuretic Natrilix SR once, morning. My fasting sugar levels are usually around 115, though I don't check very regularly. PP levels are usually around 140, but checked even less frequently. I would like some information on the LCHF diet. I'm 59 years old and weigh around 67 kgs.

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  • Eat less fruit, grains, cereals, tubers, root vegetables. beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas, having more natural fat instead.

  • I have replied to another gentleman with similar issue like yours. Here is the response:

    You must count your carbs and ideally do not have more 75g a day, increase in take of fat related food like, butter, nuts, cream and coconut oil to compensate the carb reduction. Do not eat much fruit. Check your FBS and PPBS regularly to monitor the impact. Even in 75g Carb, try to have more fiber and chickpea flour roti instead of wheat. Increase your low starch vegetables intake. Do not have any potatoes or any vegetables that are grown under the ground. Do not have any seed oils, try having mostly Olive oil, coconut oil and butter or ghee for food preparations. Good Luck!

  • Thank you. Is there somewhere I can get information on Carb content for calculating my intake?

  • Many apps are available for smartphones. myfitnesspal and are two sites where you can explore.

  • Thanks.

  • What is your current meal?

  • Well after bed tea, for breakfast, I have Daal Chilas/Uttapam/Poha/Upma/eggs and bread(Omelette) Other days its usually a boiled egg.

    Lunch is usually four slices of Atta bread with cucumber and mayonaise.

    Dinner is usually Daal, vegetables and three chapaties.

    With my morning and evening tea I have a couple of Rusks, and before dinner some fruit.

  • (1) rusks, poha, upma off.

    (2) walnuts+almonds+peanuts (100gms/day) in

    (3) wheat+rice - max 70 grams/day (uncooked weight). So either two chapati per day and four TBSP scoop of cooked rice per day.

    (4) eggs 2/day and if lipids show good numbers after six month then 3/day

    (5) VCO, butter, cheese, sesame seeds in

    (6) avocado fruit in

    (7) all dairy full fat. Hung curd preferred to milk

    (8) all veg that grow above the ground - in. potato off.

    (9) coconut milk, coconut in dishes.

    Monitor and tweak

    for more details, check yr PM

  • I used a app to track my Fat: Protein and Carb count called

  • Your Carb content is very high. You need to cut out bread completely as well Poha and Upma also. Replace your Carb with more Fat related macro nutrients.Add Paneer, Cheese, Cream, Butter and Besan Chilla to replace Poha and bread. Try to completely cut wheat and rice and products.

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