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Fist I thought I was following LCHF diet. But when I brought weighing machine and checked the crabs and fat etc only I came to how much carb I am taking. Accordingly I adjusted my diet.

As of today I am taking Calories/day 2022 ; Carbs/day120; fat/day=191; protin/day 135.

Now my fasting blood sugar is 99, 94 before average fasting was 115.also my PPS is 122.


First time in my life my extreme hunger controlled. Before the more roti/sabji I take the more hunger I was. Even in the night 3 times I have to get up and eat roti/roti. Now I have normal hunger only. No acidity no burring in the heart. I have felt that my stomach GOD made to take LCHF diet only!!!!!!. It is only my opinion. The carb made my life miserable no sleep in the night then I started heart palpitation and high BP. Now I don’t take any more ramipril and clopitab any more. Just only take my METFORMIN. I hope If I follow strictly I can remove METFORMIN in one year. Yes over confidence!!!!!

I feel energetic than ever before. I do now lot of exercise. Before always drowsy and tired.

No constipation and gas. Also I have reduced extra 4 kgs in one month.


It is horrible for a vegetarian to follow LCHF diet. It is worse than EKADASHI FASTING. For non vegetarian it is everyday FEASTING like x-mas day etc. But after the benefit it gives I am ready to sacrifice the 5 minutes of eating pleasure. But my wife make nice different items so now I don’t feel it at all.

I am aiming for the target FBS BELOW 85. I hope within 1 month I will reach their.

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Thanks for sharing LCHF benefits. At first stance your protein intake is on higher side. You should consume protein maximum of 1g per kg of weight as you know it will also spike sugar later on. Regarding your total daily Kcal diet, there seems to be miscalculation:-

Carbohydrate 120 gm x 4 = 480 Kcal

Protein 131 gm x 4 = 522 Kcal

Fat 191 gm x 8 = 1719 KCal

Total 2721 Kcal

If you reduce your protein intake and fat as per daily calorie requirement you may even reduce your metformin dosage.

atma in reply to ranj



green salad25037.50.3757.851.85

palak etc sabji3002436.3938.228.34

boilded vegitables675546.7514.377585.99518.765

karela sabhji100170.173.71

mahthi(fenugreek) sprouts480000

flex seed powder100000


Chana/moong dal chilla508030111

soya chunks-nutrila10033628.90.458

moong dal green0000



coconut raw meat90318.613.70730.1412.997


olive oil33.5700.4050

coconut oil55.8500.680





SUB TOTAL20612022.37119.2835191.919134.346


this is my excel not coming in order. It seems my 3 items make the protin high 300gm yogurt;675 gm boiled vegetable; and panner 90gm. I don't know how to reduce these items.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to atma

Can't understand the chart . Better if you type everything.

atma in reply to shrisamarth

I full retyped still coming the same way. so i dropped it.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to atma

Save the excel file in csv or txt format and then copy paste here. Not much editing will be needed after pasting.

kclvbn in reply to atma

First copy your excel chart on word and than copy from Word & paste on this. I Think the chart will be as it is. Than it can be understood by every one. Please do this. Your information is very good, so please post this again from Word.

atma in reply to kclvbn

i tried to copy to word even from notpad still when cutting and pasting it goes. even i retyped entire thing in notpad with spaces still while uploading it mess it up. i made very systematic table of what i eat and it's carb,fat,protin,calories in a excel table. Just input the qty and it will show you the total output. like a small excel program. it is very convenient for me to observe and correction. I found 1 item made my total lchf fail because of huge soya intake. today i totally avoided that item from my menu. still according to medfree and concerned i have to cut more protein. it is a learning but worth it kcl.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to atma

One option is, convert your excel sheet to image, create a new post and upload the image with the post.

Concerned in reply to ranj

Hi ranj,

Couple of corrections to your own posting; protein = 524 Kcal, and fat x 9 ;-)

ranj in reply to Concerned

yes, you are 100% right.

plus in reply to ranj

I will try to reduce the protein intake & see if it reduces my metformin medication.


I agree with ranj. Protein intake is high. LCHF is rather difficult for a vegetarian. If you are really eating that much fat then there is scope for reduction in carb and protein intake.

I am afraid to take butter and ghee because of my earlier bp and heart palpitation. I have pure cow ghee at home. before i started taking my bp increased.

Concerned in reply to atma

It reads like you are trying to be all things to all people atma. Rather than relying on the Excel which isn't giving you an accurate analysis, what do you know to be the breakdown of how you are eating currently?

Are you saying you tried butter and ghee then your bp increased, or are you accepting some authorities' word that this will happen?

I don't think you're having too much protein if it's less than 25% of your calories. What I would question, as examples, are eating lots of yoghurt that spikes insulin, and eating processed foods such as soya chunks; think natural.

Hidden in reply to atma

Sir Atma I do not know about ur diabetic history but Medfree says that u may seen Atma profile and he is vegitarian follows LCHF .

Firstly I request u please clarify about your history of Diabetics

from how muchlong u have noticed your height and wt. and age What r the daily routine work u have engaged what the medicine u taken .

Further u may clearly first your daily eating charts as follows

early morning drinking tea or cofee or milk ? with or withour sugar ?

Luch what y take example roti or chapati dosa or idlyhow much quanitity with chutney or sambar or veg palya ?

3 mid day meals what u taken ?

ecening snacks only or cofee ortea ec?

Night mals ?

If u given it clearly next approximate calories may easily found.

Further main question what r the fats u used butter ghee or what ?

Further every food items have carbonate protien and fat. But rice mwheat jowar ragi r high much sugar bengal dal grame dal or (bengal gound or gram round ) tovar dal or some less carbonate as rice jowar and wheat but it has some protiens . All fruits and vegitable have less carbonates and most minerals and vitamins

Can u please postyour comment ? Thanks

Are you saying you tried butter and ghee then your bp increased, or are you accepting some authorities' word that this will happen?

what I was trying to say was my earlier heavy roti loaded diet(30 phulka perday) +heavy soya diet and ghee and cream milk increased my BP and heart palpitation. Before coming to lchf diet you can't imagine how much food i used to eat. Now with this diet I will slowly start cow ghee and see. But I never read any where the relation between ghee and bp. It was my assumption.

Concerned in reply to atma

Now I understand; sometimes you just have to try it for yourself!

this i take from and other websites. i took for 100 gram have

what calories,carbs,fat and protin. Then i multiplied with my intake QTY.

90gmPANNNER ;238cal;3 carbs;18 fat;16protin GRAMS

Here i have presented my 1 major heavy protin oriented diet and it's calculation. I dont know when i save it all the data becomes i use one only for clarification.

Please correct me HELP me?

atma: your post has confused me. My perception is that calorie multiplier for both carb an d protein is 4 i.e. one gram carb gives 4 calories and for fat it is 9. If this is true, your 90 gram meal has to be 360 calories or more.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to norreal

Moisture from paneer has to be deducted. So it can't be 90 X 4.

How much protin,calorie allowed in the lchf diet. I know carb should be limited to 100gram.

i took panner data from here.

Concerned in reply to atma

Try this

Great improvement .Incidentally, how long you have been a diabetic before starting LCHF diet ?

True ,vegetarians do not have much choice of LCHF ,.I am a vegetarian too, but I take eggs fortunately . In course of time you will come out with innovative LCHF recipes like I did in the last one year .as you yourself are complimenting your wife on this score . Pesarattu ( I think it is the same as channa/mung dal chilla ) and un-strained vegetable soup can be great fillers in addition to whole milk yogurt

Enjoy LCHF , enjoy life

atma in reply to ram_latha

4 years of type 2 diabetic. trying to follow lchf since last 3 months. It was my extreme hunger while eating starch made me to choose this diet. I was not getting the result because of my high protein intake soya. Yesterday only I came to know about it. So be careful with soya.

please suggest some vegetarian recipes.

ram_latha in reply to atma

You can eliminate drugs altogether since you are only 4 years old diabetically.! I wish I stumbled on to LCHF diet 15 years ago.I have spent 25 years struggling to keep my D under control .The improvements I see in the last one year with LCHF diet is phenomenal

Green salad and vegetable soup (with 1 tsp of butter or ghee ) can be included in your daily diet..Believe me they are delicious You can use olive oil dressing for veg salad.Also,some nuts ( no cashew & pista) can be added along with fresh cream ( 40% fat cream is marketed by Nilgiris & 25% by Amul) for taste and for fat calories.Use avocado mixed with whole milk yogurt which will be filling .Avocado is also rich in MUF and dietary fiber.We are blessed with variety of green vegetables and you can take them in plenty in raw form in salads or cooked .Always check the carb content in vegetables .Raw vegetables are low in quick acting carbohydrates compared to cooked vegetables All that it requires is a change in our traditional food habits .For some , without daily roti, rice, dal and curd , meal is not complete .This conventional thinking must change for LCHF dieters .

atma in reply to ram_latha

thanks ram_latha, for the nice suggestions.Thank GOD at least now you have found the way. Still people out their not knowing the right path. Now try to follow the the complete lchf way don't mix the traditional meals then you can also slowly achieve the aim.Yes now with out grain I started loving my dish by adding little ghee,coconut oil and grated coconut and pannier.

LCHFFAN in reply to ram_latha

Hi Ram Latha,

Did you reduce or stop your medicine after you got sugar under control? I am very much interested to know this part.

today my FBG came 1 more point down than yesterday. I really appreciate the help I got from all members especially medfree and concerned.

I calculate my lean body mass it is 53.5. so i can take LBM*.8= 42.8 grams of protein.

from the Protein Needs Calculator I also found I can take 60 to 120 grams of protein.

Yesterday Night i cooked sabji with cow ghee. It was tasty and no head ache.

Yesterday my protin calcuation were wrong. Can take 100 to 120 gram of Protein as a vegitarian???

Atma, Can you come up with your veg LCHF DIET CHART?

atma in reply to bhishma

please see the above post.

atma in reply to bhishma

I tried to print my excel sheet it is not coming. even the screen print. so i just typed. yesterday i took only half dose metformin still my 90min sugar is 151 and 120min is 103, before it was 285. I am new still experimenting it. let see what happens


breakfast lunch and dinner.

100 gm yogurt

125gm palak/bindi/etc subji cooked in coconut oil

225gm cabbage/louki/capsicum/onion/etc boiled with grated coconut and cow ghee

30gm dal/chana+onion+vegetable chilla(once in a while)

30gm avacado (not every day)

125gm green salad+flex seed powder with olive oil dressing

16gm fenugreek sprouts

100 gm karela sabji(only night)

In between when I feel hungry total I take 30 gm badam, 30gm walnut and raw coconut 90 gm.

With this my total food intake per day is 1846gm; calories 1598; carbs 87;fat 144; and protein 62.

In between I take green tea and apple cider vinegar.

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to atma

Metformin has accumulated effect. If you take occasionally then it may not benefit much. Which version you take SR or IR? Replace raw coconut with VCO. It will further reduce your cabs.

atma in reply to shrisamarth

Thank you, I am taking regularly morning and evening metformin SR 500 (GLUCONORM SR 500). But my 1 hour PP is high around 285 so i doubled the evening dose. I was making a major mistake in my lchf diet by eating lot of protein thinking that it is fat!!!. Now i watch and eat. That is right VCO is sugar free. I mean no flesh content in it.

Hidden in reply to atma

I am south Indian I am not known What is sabji do u not eat roti chapati or idlior dosa or upama and rice ? do u not drink cofee orteaor milk ?

what is LCHF veg diet- give me the chart

atma in reply to jp2015

see above!


kindly provided which are foods are under LCHF I am non veg person

.Because even I was taken my medic ion as before breakfast i take 1.GLYNASE-MF -METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE TABS-500MG and after breakfast

GLYCOMET-850- METFORMIN HYDROCHLORIDE TABS-850MG and .ASP ATORVA75 and same dose at night food .I take my walking as 30 -40 mint daily .BUt my sugar level always as constant as 240 -290 gm as fast and after food 2 hours it will be 300-310 gm .

please ad vice how i will control sugar level as normal as 90-110 as fast and after food 140 . Hope I will get reply as soon

In addition some time i have small pain in my foot at bottom which is not reg aurally Pl mail in my mail id

Please advice is it required to change my medicine dosage including in afternoon also




atma in reply to velmurugan20110

I don't know much to guide. I myself is new comer to lchf. But for non vegetarian this diet is heaven. cut down all starch items and increase the intake of fat. Do it slowly and read the article published on this website about LCHF.

You will get lot of information.

Before i was also taking dangerous pilles like pioglitazone, glimipride, voglibose and galvus. Now with this diet i am just taking metformin. I hope if i reduce the protin itake i can get rid of that also.....may be. but i am more than happy with this diet.

Hidden in reply to velmurugan20110

Read the links given in below link :

Will be worth your time.

Edit : Am assuming, you are using a glucometer. If not, get one, before starting to implement things from the links in the link, that I have suggested.

Edit : Summary of foods to be avoided & to eat :


Thanks,By the way how much minimum FAT i have to take in lchf diet?

Past one week I am taking ALA 300mg from torent(naula e 300). I am having so much energy all day. Doing lot of exercise and walk still in the night difficult to get sleep. Afternoon i nap for 1 hour. But night time for the last one week i am not getting sleep fast. It take 1 hour or more to get sleep. but sound sleep. The same time i stopped the night heavy load soya(protein). anybody experience this with ALA? or it is because of reduction in protein intake?


Total food qty taken daily 2178gms

carbs 134gm* 4 = 538 calories which is (18%)

protein 72.8gm* 4 = 291 calories which is (10%)

fat 234.6gm *9 = 2112 calories which is (72%)

Total calories = 2941

i think my ghee,coconut oil and olive oil make the difference in calories. any suggestions?


It is nearly 3000 calories. Check if you really need that much calories. If you can not utilise the intake it may lead to weight gain.

Breakfast : 10 Gram Dry Sesame Seed(Til) + 8 Munakka, soaked over night, grind them to paste and take this, One cup lemon Tea, 30 Grams- Roasted - Chana-Mudi-Makhana. after an hour - 300 gram - Water/Musk melon ; at 11.30 - Green tea ; Lunch : 12.30 - Leaf salad ( Corrinder, methi , Curry Patta, Mint, Spinch, Cabbage leafs ) 1/2 tomato ,1/4 Cucumber ; Boiled veg.-100-150 gram with 30grams Cream ; Papaya -200 grams Or melon ; Curd with fruits OR Butter Milk OR (Chhena+5-10ml Flex Oil) Mix in mixer and add 50 grams chopped mengo/ anaar / chikoo/ kela etc.

at 4.00 PM - Tea with Roasted Chana(30 grams) ; 5.30 - Bel Fruit -50-60 gram ; 7.00PM- Dinner - Soup with 15 Gram Cream ; Melon Fruits-200 grams ; Veg.with Cream - 100 Grams ; Fruit Cream / Custured - 100 Grams. ; Bail Juice - 200 ml,

Dont worry for weight loss, it may not occur at this temp., Check weight 15 days interval, & inform.

mahesh khandelwal , , 09837022973

atma: your protein intake is high (0.8 -1 gram per kilo of body weight is perhaps the RDA)...

shrisamarthVolunteer in reply to norreal

He is 74kg. So 73gm is not high as long as his BS levels are stable.

medfree would not that high a protein intake impact kidney?


Kindly suggest which is best glucometer in ease and accuracy?


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