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My recent Lab Report

Hi everyone: I received today my Lab Report taken on 29/8/17 only HbA1C and Lipids profile (Fasting) as listed & compared with two previous reports in 12/4/17 & 19/10/16:

HbA1C: 5.7% (5.7% & 6.3%)

Total Cholesterol: 8.0 mmol/L (7.7 & 7.1 mmol/L)

Triglycerides: 0.5 mmol/L (0.6 & 0.9 mmol/L)

HDL-Chol: 3.2 mmol/L (2.8 & 2.8 mmol/L)

LDL-Chol: 4.6 mmol/L (4.6 & 3.9 mmol/L)

Chol-HDL Ratio: 2.5 (2.8 & 2.5)

My Current diet: LCHF for nearly 11 months & Non-vegetarian

Diabetes: Type 2 since December 2011

Medication & Supplement: Nil

The doctor I consulted today (who is new to me) has strongly recommended for me to take a low dose Statin (5 mg. daily) to lower LDL levels to less than 2.5 mmol/L. This is because I am diabetic which has a high risk for heart disease and stroke. Even though I mentioned four months ago my LDL was the same number (4.6 mmol/L) which the other GP did not ask me to take any statin or did have any concerns with my LDL level because I had high HDL level and also low in TG. However, my today's GP said that was incorrect! I tried to discuss many other things related to cholesterol that I read from the researches/ articles eg. how important of cholesterol for our body and health or the negative or harmful sides of statins. Multiple replies I received back from this GP was...Do I have medical training? I did not want to argue further so I got a prescription as well as a Pathology Request in next 6 weeks to check the conditions of my liver, kidney and muscles if there is any damages caused by statin. I was not quite happy with this medical consultation and I have doubt if I do need to lower my LDL levels. It would not be easy with LCHF diet though. Do I need to cut down red meat consumption? Please advise.

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First of congratulations for good Hba1c.....

about cholesterol.. i think Hidden and shrisamarth Shashikantiyengar or suramo will be able to guide u further..


Thanks dear :)


Thanks Anup for your advice. I keep those tests in mind in next doctor visit. I usually eat well MUFA but will try to reduce SFA especially in red meats. What's about EVCO from which I usually cook daily?


Yup, I do agree with red meat reduction. Also my weight has been stable so far. I normally eat garlic daily. My daily carbs should be within 100 grams or less. I do not eat any grains (wheat, rice,...) also cut down my favorite legumes like chickpeas and lentils. Most carbs come from variety of non-root veggies, nuts and full cream dairy.

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Hello congrats for ur good report. Wars ur age? And u said ur diebitic since 2011 but taking no medicines. Have u left the medication or u haven't taken any medicines from starting? Wat was ur diagnosis in 2011.

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Thanks Manjinder; I am 48 female. Diagnosed in 2011 with Type 2 and have controlled BSL purely with diet and exercise but have changed to LCHF since last Christmas with lot of advice from this forum.

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Thanks. It means u were 42 when diagnosed with sugar same like me.

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How is it with you living with Diabetes for those 6 years? Hope things are under controlled!


No its only 1 month old.


Sorry, I misunderstood.


Hello Luckysugar

As per conversion to mgdl

Total Chol: 8 mmol = 309 mgdl

LDL : 4.6 mmol = 177 mgdl

HDL : 3.2 mmol= 123 mgdl

TG : 0.5 mmol = 44 mgdl

I hope this conversion is correct. Other can verify it & correct me of wrong.

But this is FANTASTIC to say the least

You are a hyper responder & energy is trafficked thru lipids & used up by your system as you are a low carber

Just test for LPa, HsCRP & Homocysteine

I am sure all these must be low but can get these tested if possible just to be sure of it.

Above lipids are no issue as long as these 3 markers are low...LPa, HsCRP & Homocystiene

Your HDL & TG is just fantastic if these conversions are correct.

TG/HDL ratio is 0.35 which is mind blowing.

For more info on hyper responders read the below link where there are more hyper responders like you..


Dave Feldman is like you.. A hyper responder

Keep reading about his experiments in his web site & also follow him in Twitter..


Wow, thanks Shashikantiyengar for great and interesting comments on my report. First of all, I am so new to this specific name, Hyper-Responder because I am a beginner to LCHF or even Keto sometimes. I have read a bit the link you suggest and will definitely do more reading on Dave Feldman including other Hyper-Responder.

As you and Anup have said, I will need some more specific tests to ensure that the high LDL levels won't harm me in anyway. As least I feel a bit relieved and less tension and I will do more readings from other people who have followed this diet and may have the similar lipids condition.


Statins may be useful in those who already had a CV event and that too due to some other effects called pleotropic effects..

LDL alone is a poor predictor of cardiovascular events

It's actually small dense LDL which are associated with cv events and we never measure it

Even if it's measured then diet is the best way to reduce it and not any medication

All the good fats actually increase the Large fluffy LDL which is beneficial and collapse small dense LDL..

So in all likely hood yours are large fluffy type.

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I totally agree with you. In fact, I did say what you've written here with the GP (he is not my regular GP and do not know that I am on LCHF) who only kept saying to me: Do I have any medical training? Well, doctor is always a doctor, isn't it?

Thanks heaps again brother, this is a huge relieve :)

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Drs follow what's taught to them .

In India we have to spend for healthcare from our pockets

But in western world the Drs have to follow what the guidelines says and the insurance policy guidelines

So it's a bit tricky situation


That's so true and this is why I don't like going to see any doctor nor taking any drug. If any health problems could be preventable with lifestyle changes like in hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia, I would do the best I can to control those unhealthy ranges. Even though my family always try to convince me to take medications to lower both BSL & lipid levels as they find it is too hard with diet changes especially I do not normally eat foods I cook for the whole family. They are typically high carbs.

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If i were you I would just enjoy life and continue with the woe (way of eating)

High HDL predicts longevity

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You bet....I would take your advice seriously. I am feeling more relaxed than yesterday about my lipid report. I will continue with my current diet but reducing red meats to find out if this will lower LDL levels.By the way, good prediction on increased HDL. In fact, I am grateful for what I am and what I have achieved especially with my BSL control.


Statins should be a big no for anyone. Refer 'JOhn Bergman.' I did a 21 day fast as per Loren Lockman and cured my diabetes last year.


Hi sam-123;

I totally agree with you on ignoring Statins and I am quite interesting to hear that you've cured from Diabetes last year through the 21-days water fasting, programmed by Loren Lockman. I personally believe that fasting does have many health benefits if it's done properly and suitable to the person's health conditions especially intermittent fasting from which many of people on this forum have been practicing including me. Fasting for 21 days with water alone sounds too long and may cause serious troubles for diabetics where their BSL going too low. However, based on your claims, that means you are able to eat unlimited CARBS intake without any problem with your BSL. Are you T1 or T2? How long did you have diabetes till being cured? By the way, where did you do this water fasting? Please share with us your experiences if you don't mind.


21 days fasting is perfectly safe even if you are hypoglycemic. While I was eating I used to have hypoglycemic episodes. Sugar used to drop to 1 (=18). However while fasting I did not have a single hypoglycemic episode. Sugar stayed around 4 (=72). I'm T2. I would imagine it is safe for T1. However Loren discourages it. (there has been a death ..a lady with T1 while fasting used insulin ) Before I went on the fast my sugar was 20 (=360) The doctor wanted to put me on insulin. 6 months after my fast my A1C was 5.5 down from 11.3. The doctor asked me stop meds...however I let him know that I never used them in the first place.

I have been following Loren's diet which is only fruits and leafy greens. With that my sugar stays around 6(=108). However if I consume any fats- even avocado or coconut flesh, the sugar goes up. Wheat (roti) (bread) has even a worse effect.

I did the fast on my own at my residence. I plan to do a 40 day fast. However Loren said based on my weight -135 pounds 5' 11", a fast upto 30 days is ok.

Intermittent fasting won't give even a fraction of results as long term fasting (min 21) I do 1-2 days a week fast..hasn't improved my sugars in 1 year. 6 is bad. ideal is 4.

Do not follow any other fasting guru except Loren. He alone has fasted 2 yrs cumulative in 20 years. He alone knows what he talks about ..not the other fasting gurus. Good luck.


Thank you for giving us more details. You've proven that the 21 days-water-fasting is perfectly safe even you had hypoglycemic which is unbelievable. What did you do during that moment while experiencing hypo in order to carry on fasting without collapsing? I do agree this fasting is not for Type 1 for sure.

Your current diet is basically raw foods only fruits and leafy greens, is this type of diet sustainable to survive in long term and without doing harms to your organs? How is your health in general? I means our body requires essential nutrients to rebuild and maintain at cellular levels. Do you think your current diet give enough what your body and health need? Are you able to eat carbs in any forms that will not affect/spike your blood sugar?


No. I did not have even a single hypoglycemic episode 'while' fasting. It is impossible for anyone. All mineral deficiencies, b12 etc. are taken care of while fasting. You would need to watch Loren's 250 videos to get an idea..you wouldn't waste a single minute.

Is this diet sustainable? I'll try to answer as honestly as I can. In theory, yes. If your body is efficient enough to absorb and assimilate, fruits alone is what one needs.Loren eats 1 watermelon in the afternoon and 1 papaya in the evening -that's all. Sometimes salad. Can we do it? No. His body has become efficient after multiple long fasts over a 20 year period. An efficient body needs the least amount of food. The man who eats more is diseased...in fact eating more itself is a disease. The fact that you need to eat more is because you didn't get enough from what you ate. So how would eating more help? it doesn't. Now, if your body is efficient enough you will be able to absornb and assimilate all essential nutrients from fruits and leafy greens (minerals) Fruits have the right amount of protein 4 to 7 %. what we need.

For 14 months I didn't have a problem with this diet. However, when my weight falls below 130 lbs I get hunger pangs (I fast 1 to 2 days a week plus 18hrs almost everyday) Then I stop my weekly fasts and eat fat and carbs...but that has a very bad effect on my sugar. (fasting BS-8) So, am I struggling on this diet? yes. Is the diet to be blamed? No. Thousands survived 3 to 4 decades on this diet? It comes back at me-my body is not efficient enough to absorb and assimilate.

Solution - another long term fast. is it always feasible ? no. I am doing certain yogic poses and 'kapalabhatti', the latter every diabetic should do. It's exercise for your pancreas, liver, gall bladder, spleen and stomach. The fact that I cannot absorb fatty acids means my gall bladder is choked and /or there is insufficient lipase from the pancreas.

The word 'essential' is often equated with 'outside'. Since, the body cannot produce it. Fact, we have enough of outsiders in our body..10 times more bacteria than cells..who are capable of meeting the outsider's or 'essential' needs....given the 'right' circumstances viz. a toxin free body that doesn't kill them.

The people I follow- Loren Lockman, Dr Jason Fung, Dr, John Bergman, Dr. Neal Bernard (who reversed his diabetes),


I really appreciate your time to explain and answer my questions. This fasting and diet is quite new to me which I probably do a lot more readings as I found it is interesting but quite challenging to go on with this diet. This sounds like you've met a right diet that is suitable with your health limits in terms of inability to absorb fatty acids. I do believe our body requires some good fats to function in our body, how do you replace this? I don't think fruits and leafy greens contain them except avocado. (or nuts & seeds if you consume). I love doing yoga but not kapalabhatti, however, I may try practicing soon due to its health benefits. Thanks for mentioning those doctors' names - they are all interesting people. All the best with your health and coming long-fasting.


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