The right diet for T2 Diabetes with elevated blood cholesterol

I have lived with T2 for five years (genetic caused) which I usually control the conditions with low carb diet with good fat ( extra virgin olive oil, a bit of coconut oil) and full cream diary products. I also eat proteins from both animals and plants especially my favorite dhal. I excercise most days of the week by walking, hiking and yoga. My last result HbA1c mid October was 6.3 (0.3 higher than last test). I am not panic with this slightly increased number as I know how to deal with. I think I did take my BGL control for granted which I am now more serious and more strict with what to eat. However, my big concern is my last result of Lipids has gone up:

Total chol 7.1 mmol/L (was 5.8)

Triglycerides 0.9 (was 0.6)

HDL- Chol 2.8 (was 2.3)

LDL- Chol 3.9* (was 3.2)

The doctor (a new GP who does not know me in terms of my lifestyles) recommends me to take a low dose of Statin 5 mg daily to lower the cholesterol level as she said I have high risks of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Up to now I haven't taken any Statin as I don't like its nasty side effects and I strongly want to fight this issue naturally through diet and excercise. I've seen many people here advising LCHF diet in which I don't think this will suit my conditions. Can anyone please advise me some directions? Sorry for keeping you reading too long.

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  • If you are T2 diabetics then it is completely reversible. You have to concentrate your diet and physical activity. Yes you have to prefer LCHF diet and per day minimum 1 hrs physical activity. You can completely reverse it in few year.

  • Chandradev

    I wish and hope that some people with T2 are able to reverse this condition if they maintain their right diet and proper exercise. Are you sure that LCHF will be good for me even though I have high blood cholesterol?

  • I am T1 person. I was just diagnosed before 6 months. I was taking 70 unit insulin per day. But by using diabetic friendly food and exercise, now my insulin dose has come to 1 unit. I hope this is the modern science proven concept. For T2 people, Pancreas produce the insulin but body donot utilize it properly.

  • hi ..... sory to hear that.... if you can u must have wet cupping therapy google research for it it has instant impact on cholesterol and start eating roti made from jawar flour or if not possible then sabz podina 50gm adrak 50gm lehsan 25gm , anar dana 50 gm make a chutni of and take a teaspoon full after every mean i have seen countless cases of cholesterol reduction and weight loss and diabetes relief using this simpal chutney/sauce

  • I haven't heard of the wet cupping therapy; it sounds magical! Is this therapy practiced in India? Thanks for suggesting some foods but sorry I am non-Indian and I have no idea what are they. I know roti but never make one. Is it possible to write those names in English ? (sabz, adrak, lehsan, anar and chutni...) Thanks :)

  • Mint 50grams, garlic 25gms , ginger 50gms , pomegranate seed dried 50 gms, mix everything in a mixer it will become a tasty sauce/chutni take a tea spoon of it after every meal , you wont be needing bp and pain medicines .... and cupping therapy is practised everywhere

  • Thanks drrizwan for the chutney's ingredients which I normally like eating garlic, ginger and mints (homegrown) just need to buy the pomegranate seeds. Do I need to add any oil with them like extra virgin olive oil? I've just read a bit of the cupping therapy which is quite interesting. Thanks for that.

  • no need to add oil dear use it as said its delicious and best for diabetes weight loss cancer one package for multiple problems

  • Wonderful....thanks so much for this yummy & healthy chutney. I definitely give it a go :)

  • Luckysugar

    I put evoo in chutney liberally. Even in pickles and pakodas. Practically you can add evoo in everything.

  • G'day suramo...I've been a big fan of evoo and I only use this oil in cooking or eating. Till this morning I start using Eco in my cooking as convinced by you and cure. I normally make a garlic-ginger-chili-evoo sauce (even though I don't call it chutney) but I add them in any kind of foods. BTW, I remember I ate a very yuumy pakodas from my Indian friend which I asked her for a recipe and tried making them at home. This pakodas made from besan flour, sliced red onions, green chills, coriander leaves and spices.

  • Luckysugar

    Evoo should not be used for cooking because cooking destroys its nutritional values by reducing it.

    Well pakodas can be made with fenugreek leaves also. I was referring to those pakodas. Very easy to prepare. Just add fenugreek leaves +/- Onions ( if you add onions should be cut into small pieces and not sliced ). Also add few whole black peppers to the batter. Also put baking soda to it and keep the batter for some 20 minutes. This will make pakoda softer. Also add 2-3 tsf oil - vco to the batter and mix well just before deep frying. I crush these pakodas and put evoo in it liberally. You can take evoo as per your taste. Sometimes i eat them with pure ghee also πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ’

  • suramo

    I am not sure if I should agree with you 100% on your comments of evoo in which I have been reading so many articles of how we should or should not cook food with this oil. There are so many people say yes and some say no. Some are rubbish while others seem reliable. I currently do cook foods with evoo and sometimes with coconut oil. What about just olive oil (some called Light Olive Oil) is this more suitable for cooking? I don't do deep fry as I prefer shallow fry or oven fry. But mostly I use oils in stir fry or casseroles.

    Now let's move to the next & interesting topic on Suramo's Pakodas. First of all, you seem to be a very good cook yourself :) Secondly, can you give me a bit more details of your recipes (don't have to be exact amounts)? eg. how much chickpea flour (besan). Lastly, I have some inquires here:

    Are fenugreek leave bitter?,

    Why do you use the whole black peppers without grinding them?

    Do small diced or pieces of red onions will make this pakodas tastier?

    Is this food low-carbs friendly? (how much can we eat each time?)

    When do you eat this pakodas eg. breakfast, lunch, dinner or appetizer at anytime?

  • Luckysugar

    Evoo not for cooking as it contains unsaturated FAs which get destroyed / rancid on cooking. So its nutritional value is lost.

    Evoo and oo more or same nutritionally. Best used for dressing.

    Well i'm not a cook but surely i know many recipes. Pakodas can be taken in the breakfast or as evening snacks. Besan is low carb but pakodas can be taken in small quantity 5-8. The pepper gives pungent taste to it and scientifically help in digestion by irritating the stomach inner skin - the mucosa - to produce more gastric juice.

    No. Leaves are not bitter. We don't use onions in making of fenugreek leave pakoda. But yes. Onion gives a bit sweet taste to pakodas. You can add a little sweetness like sugarfree. Here people add a little sugar to the batter but adding sweetness not mandatory.

    Pakodas are not appetizer but good to take with tea, coffee or milk. I take with evoo and Or ghee. Usually commercial sellers give raw papaya grated and spiced along with fried green chillies. Well you have to come to india and have taste of the recipe.

    You can put some grated cheese on it. There are many improvisations to the basic recipe I mentioned.

  • How much carbs do you take daily ? is it VLC ?

    Are you losing weight ?

  • Hi shrisamarth : I actually do not count the carbs daily. In each main meal I will limit the carbs about 45 grams such as basmati rice, rolled oats, lentils or dried beans and to go with other proteins and lots of vegetables. What is VLC? I've lost 1.5 kgs. My BMI is now 23.8.

  • For cholesterol Garlic is best remedy.... just chew 2/3 cloves of raw garlic with each meal...

    here is one nice article Luckysugar

    you may add cinnamon (Ceylon cinnamon) powder in your tea for additional benefits...

    you may read more about difference in common cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon here...

  • Hello cure :) Thanks a lot for those interesting links. I've been a big fan of eating raw garlic in my daily diet and I also use cinnamon quite a lot in my cooking. Even though I don't like it much in my coffee but with a bowl of plain yogurt and muesli, it's quite yummy!

  • I've just figured out that VLC = Very Low Calorie. I am not quite sure what's diet I am eating nowadays. Certainly, low carbs + fear of eating foods containing LDL including red meats, egg yolk, full cream dairy so I am cutting them at the moment. I also cut off all kinds of rice and pasta over the week.

  • Luckysugar if you are Indian and eating goat of sheep meat then I don't think it will be problematic for cholesterol.... as the goat meat what we get in India is grass fed goats only....

  • How lucky for Indian people to have grass fed goats. By the way, I am not Indian but I love Indian food :)

  • hmmm by any chance Indian origin??

  • between here is one link form this forum about cholesterol

  • I feel relieved a bit after reading this post from suramo. I think I used to read from somewhere which have similar messages about myths and facts of cholesterol. I do need to reinforce or build up my knowledge and confidence to deal with my elevated cholesterol. I am welcome all comments and advice from everyone as I feel so depressed dealing with this alone.

  • u may post your comments on post of suramo...a very helpful person.....he will be happy to interact with you ..

    He is practicing gynecologist ....

  • cure


    Thanks bro for your kind words. First she needs to remove sugar from her name 😜😜😜😝😝😝.

    Madam you need to control carbs to control lipids. Sounds crazy but true. Since you don't t(m)ake roties you must be eating bread. Bread made from refined flour is worse than sugar. Most important for you to take carbs less than 100g per day. Take lots of co, vco, evoo and indian ghee which you should learn to make.

  • Hi suramo: people with diabetes have something in common in terms of health conditions and definitely we have the same enemy which is s u g a r. I think these little tiny sweet powdersor granules are so lucky not be eaten by people like us. By the way, are you convincing me to go with LCHF diet? Are you one of the living proofs? (You mentioned you stopped taking statin).Is there anyone else?

  • as far as statin is concerned there are many on this forum..who stopped statin altogether..

    Further on statin there is one authority... mr Shashikantiyengar he will be able to guide you further.

  • I have read from elsewhere and this forum how bad the side effects of this famous drugs which many people try to stop taking them. Sadly to say is that all doctors will not reveal to us any complaints of their patients toward statin :(

  • between At the time of diagnosis my doctor also prescribed me statin... and I refused...

    now my cholesterol is TC 163:HDL 48: LDL:100 and TG:75

    Do I really need statin???

  • You've nailed it big time. BRAVO!

  • between...Ever y day i eat at least 70 Gms home made white butter...half coconut.. and in full week may be 6/7 eggs with yellow... :P

  •'re one of the living proofs for LCHF. Good lord...that's is really high cholesterol foods. This is really surprise me!

  • anup is living proof of LCHF ....for 6 years he is practicing same...

  • I've seen many posts from anup advising LCHF to people. To be honest, I am not convinced to eat coconut oil, butter/ghee or even eggs (I adore my fresh eggs from my own hens). I used to eat coconut oil and eggs quite a lot but have stopped coconut oil completely for a month but still have few eggs per week. I still question myself about the egg yolk even though I read many articles suggest the yolk is very healthy but some others said No they are not for Diabetic and plus Diabetic with elevated cholesterol.

    I really want to ask this question; what's wrong with Low fat and Low Cholesterol diets?

  • it is simple... being a order to control your BS... you need to restrict your carbs...

    And then to make up your calories requirement you have to replace carbs with third macro nutrient..Good fats...

    You can not sustain low carb low fat diet for longer time...

  • That's true for a low carbs low fat diet which I have been doing for almost two months. I get hungry quickly within 2 hours especially if I opt to do exercise.

    As suramo suggests the rule 20-20-60; is this carbs portion for each meal? what's about portion of fat/good fats? Do egg yolks count as good fats? Eating high fat diet won't make us putting on weight?

  • Well really speaking...this is working for me....There are more experts on this suramo @anup Shashikantiyengar shrisamarth Concerned

    They will be able to guide you further...

  • I appreciate your helps cure :) in the meantime I will do more research on this diet. T.C.

  • cure

    Kya bro. You are also authority now.

  • Too much of anything is bad by definition, but by getting around 60% of our energy from natural fats it is far easier to control appetite, and how much we eat.

  • Thanks Concerned for your comments. I have been on low carbs + low fat for two months as I try to bring down my elevated HDL while also control my BSL before my next test in a month. I find myself hungry quickly and snack up with eating raw almonds/walnutsor dry roasted peanuts with some veggies and lot of water and greentea. However after long discussion recently with cure and suramo, I have a courage to cook my own style brunch with about 3 coconut oil with 2eggs, 2 Tb cooked millets, 1 cup chopped kale, 1/2 cup chopped hot banana capsicum with one red onion, chopped ginger and raw garlic. Also sprinkle with a Tb of mixed peanut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. After meal I also drink a big mug of greentea. Awaiting to check BSL 2 hrs after eating this meal. Hopefully those two eggs ang coconut oil will keep me full for a period of time.

  • My BSL after this brunch is 6.9 mmol. I am feeling fine not hungry yet.

  • Some of the changes seem good, others are a bit random.

    Peanuts are a legume containing more carbohydrate than tree nuts, and they also contain lectins that are toxic. Add to that their high omega-6 content, they really shouldn't be eaten very often.

    Seeds are also high in polyunsaturated oils, usually omega-6, and not healthy in high amounts.

    Banana is one of the highest carb content fruits, and if eaten (should be barely-ripe) will provide most of the carbohydrate for that meal.

    I'm not familiar with capsicum, but since it is a member of the nightshade family, are they as low in carbohydrate as other bell peppers? Assume all plant foods contain carbohydrate, and measure their effects.

  • Thanks for your very helpful comments Concerned. In particular lectins in peanuts which I have never known of their harmful effects to health. I normally love eating peanuts but will now eat them less. What I have found that we can reduce huge amount of lectins in legumes or grains by boiling, soaking or fermenting that means we still can safely eat those legumes and grains and definitely in a safe portion for Diabetics. BTW, you probably don't know banana capsicum (or banana pepper) which is a vegetable contains carbs about 5.3 grams per 100 grams. Green capsicum has 6.9 grams and red capsicum has 8.9 grams as it has more sweet taste. Speaking of banana which used to be one of my favorite fruits especially banana muffins, I recently has to give it up eating them due to their high carbs contents.

  • Be careful; dry roast peanuts usually have added sugar. Peanuts and sunflower seeds are high in omega-6, and pumpkin is a high-glycaemic carb.

  • Luckysugar

    20:20:60 is the proportion of c :p :f each time you eat. Or take your daily food in that proportion avoiding high glycemic load each time you eat.

  • What if this diet works so well particularly among people of India because they eat a lot of ghee, coconut oil and good unbleached homemade roti.

  • I think LCHF is not Indian fact Indian traditional food is full of carbs....maintaining low carb is most difficult for Indians...further there is large population in India who are vegetarian...

  • This diet created by a doctor in Sweden to help people with diabetes.

  • yeah....and traditional Indian food is high carb diet....

  • rather High carb High Fat diet....

  • I'm listening to this. Not quite follow him because it sounds so boring plus getting sleepy.

  • Luckysugar

    Yes. I am suggesting you to go with lchf. Madam. When you adopt low carb diet you have two options to meet with your daily colorie requirement. Protein and fat. You can't take more proteins because they also will raise your insulin and the end products of proteins need to be cleared by kidneys. So better take good fats liberally. I also take hypocalorie diet. There are many who have reverted their t2d.

  • I think I am getting into LCHF dear after overcoming my fears of having elevated LDL. I agree that too much protein is not that healthy. BTW, hypocalorie diet sounds contradict with LCHF. Can you clarify a bit please?

  • Luckysugar

    There is absolutely no contradiction. Take less calories than you require. That's hypocalorie diet. Now take that in lchf proportion. Take carbs as less as you can but be around 50 g per day. Take good fats liberally. Take care of thyroid. If there is a pressure on thyroid you have to reduce taking carbs gradually from the present levels say 100 or more g per day.

  • suramo Luckysugar

    here is something interesting...

    Alloxan – The Diabetes-Inducing Chemical Found In White Bread

  • Very interesting fact! Thanks for posting cure :)

  • Great job, cure! Thanks for posting this.

  • cure

    Alloxan is a by product of "bleaching " the flour. Now i hear this word " bleaching of flour " for the first time. As i find such products i feel that we the people on earth have spoiled our health just to give taste and good looks to the products. Sometime products like margerine are introduced into the market for getting cheaper alternative. No wonder we invite so many diseases in our society.

  • Luckysugar

    No to rice, bread, sugar, sugary fruits and high GI high GL foods. 45 g in each meal with rice, high protein is not good. 56% of prots gets converted to carbs so protein intake should be 1 g per 1 kg weight per day. Again red meat should be avoided. Meat from grass fed animals is good. Fish also good. But which fish that is sea water or river water or a deep water you have to find out. I'm veg and don't know much about fish.

  • A bit confusing here from your post...." no to rice, bread, sugar......and 45 gr in each meal with rice??? So I still eat rice or not? Since one month I have stopped eating red meats but still open a bit to lean chicken breasts and I love eating fish :) However, I do eat a lot of vegetarian foods. BTW, I am not a big bread-eater. I was a huge fan of all kinds of rice. Unfortunately, I have to give it up :(

  • Luckysugar

    It's very clear. No to rice and no to 45g carb in a single meal. My sentence reads " 45 g in each meal with rice, high protein is not good."

  • Roger that, thank!

  • Look into Berberine. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.

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