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LCHF works.Progress report after 9 months. Lipids ???

Reporting improvement in glucose and tryglecerides after the third quarter of LCHF practice. No drugs.

But in lipid profile, there is little to write home. Values for the last three quarters (August - November -February)

HbA1C 5.8 > 5.3 > 5.1

FBS 115 > 102 > 108

PPBS 135 > 125 > 110

Tryglecerides 72 > 54 > 66 (used to be 145 earlier)

total cholesterol 208 > 220 > 243

LDL 150 > 170 > 190

HDL 44 > 46 > 48

Weekly checking glucose at home. PPBS ok. FBS somehow refuses to go <100.Rarely goes down to 95. Normally hovers around 100.

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How many grammes of carbs are you having for your evening meal?


Negligible. Never more than 20 -30 g. I take dinner at 7 PM. Many times I go to bed with 105 glucose and wake up with still with 100 !!!"""


Your medical report is good can u please share your night dinner consumed . It is very intersting your blood testsresults I am also in controling figures are shared in my discussion.

Please share your full daily consuming ? Thanks


Dear Nataraj,

Please go through my previous posts. I have written in so much details. If you have problem in locating my posts, I am giving you the links.

You will see why I am reluctant to post the same thing again and again. These are very lengthy posts.






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Thanks sugu your medicalreport and maintaining system is also good but diet u can following is not in systamatic If u no problem can u please share it as type

Early morning




dinner .

In between breakfast and lunch

any fruits if consumed

Are u taking any medicines or nutrition like

Alpholipic acid VCO flaxseed oil Coq 10 supryadan multivitamins are any further if u share it may help all the members further ru testing in houses by Glucometer how muchtimes in a month or lab test?



Yes Nataraj, I am happy to share my experience. My diet is not very systematic in the sense that there is no fixed meal plan. Otherwise life will become very boring. What I ensure is that I do not consume more than 100 g carbs in a day and do not stuff myself at each meal.

Early morning as soon as I get up, I take the ladies finger water (split ladies finger kept overnight in water and talking the water in the morning). Then I go for my walk and pranayaama session lasting 1 hour to 1and half hours. Then I take 1 glass freshly ground juice of bitter gourd and cucumber, 1 teaspoon phenugreek (methi) powder mixed with water, and green tea (organic India ltd., tulsi tea).

Breakfast: items made from long wheat products (upma, kanji or poori), ragi (dosa, puttu etc) or sandwich made of kraftkorn bread (50% carohydrate) two egg bulls eye, salad made of cucumber and lettuce with dressing made of fresh cream. Occasionally, I take three idlies or dosas instead of wheat prodcucts.

Morning snack at 11 am: 5-6 soaked almonds,plus butter milk or fresh lemon soda.

Lunch: 150 g cooked rice (60 g carb) made of boiled rice. All normal curries, especially those without gravy (mezhukkuperitty, thoran, avial etc) which can be taken straight without rice. There is salad made of lettuce and cucumber. Buttermilk. Fish curry or one or two pieces of chicken occasionally.

Evening snack: milked tea, small snacks not rich in carb.

Dinner: Only home made unstrained vegetable soup. Occasionally, fish or chicken in small quantity. No rice, chappathy or bread.

I do take fruits. Every day one kiwi fruit mixed with curd. sometimes one orange or two small pieces of banana.

This is my routine food. But occasional cheating or deviation due to social reasons, but keeping in mind the basic mantra of "no over-indulgance'.

I do not take ALA or any vitamin supplements. I might go in for that after I test my thyroid. Yes VCO is part of my diet.

I check my blood sugar at least 10 times a week. Any food (or its quantity) that pushes my PP beyond 140 is avoided or regulated based on this test. I check my A1C, FB and PP in lab every three months. My lipid profile is checked every six months.

I think I have the problem of liver dumping, because sometimes, I go to bed with BS level 100 and wake up with higher BS, but within 110. Trying to check it through diet.

Carb counting the key to my sugar control. Hope this answers your queries.

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Sugu Thanks for sharing your diet and other information. As per food pattern ragi used I think u may be south Indian origin ?

I am not opposed either LCHF orany system but to contro the B S

Level to the normal value is important.

Less carb consumption is good fordiabetics but south Indian vegitarians foods are tempty and it creates interest and to load more quantity here we people to avoid the temtyness and maintain clean diet format

Systamatic diet excercises and taking medcines wiil control BS level.

I think u informed about liver dump Can u please explain how u face the liver dump Thanks


O K I am alread informed in several tims I am not criticisedthe LCHF system or A D A or anysystem ofdiabetic personsfollowed any system followed main intention is controlingthe Blood sugarlevl in normal

Yes I am also studing one article fromhealthmagzines that FBS figures to be maintained compete days is good and no complication arise in his entirelife . If FBS istested ifex it comes 100 then PPBE for 2 hours if comes 140 then 4 hours itmust come 100 and this stick on every o4 hours if u any consume.

so as previous coment u posted aboutrandom BS is accurate .

sorry Iam seeing this article in trainfrom my co-passenger foronly 10 minutes then he will leave the trainfor his place reach Iam not able to share the magzine name and take one copy for lacks of time . andnotpossible toshare in thisblog. Thanks




What thyroid test should I do? Just TSH will do or full range of tests like T4…T3 etc ?


How does Alpha Lipoic Acid tabs effect BS?


dear, can you suggest any brand name of ala?


Mr.Sugu,What is your diet plan ie., bf, lunch, evening and dinner timings.


Aswini, Please go to members > sugu > posts and read my several earlier posts where I have elaborated my diet.


Thank you so much for info on ALA. I wonder, what would be your typical diet for the day?


Yes this is Nitins. I was kicked out of the forum, I always wondered why? No one would hijack a diabetic's account. But I simehow missed your answer. If you would be kind enough to specify again.


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