Progress report on controlling Diabetes without drugs

Dear all, (especially medfree and shooter George), As promised to the group sometime back, I am here reporting back on my experiments with controlling Type II diabetes without drugs following the suggestions received through this forum. For those who are seeing me for the first time I give my background: 65 years; detected diabetes in April 2013 with very high FBS (290), PPBS (390) and HBA1C 13 !!!! Was on medicine for high BP; height 170 weight (after weight loss of 10 kg) 66.5 kg on detection. My Creatinine was 1.1. Disease was not older than 11 months. Doctors prescribed metformin 500 twice daily. I did not take medicine, but switched to a diet-walking- praanayaama and home remedy regime. Intake of carb was drastically reduced. Stopped all sweets and fruits. My home remedy comprises soaked bhindi water (one glass), bitter gourd juice (one glass) and fenugreek powder (one spoon) in the morning. Within 17 days I brought down the numbers to 120 (FBS), 153 PPBS and HBA1C 10. Then I read about the LCHF diet in this column and gave a shot on it. I was scared to drastically increase the fat, but strictly followed the carb part of its. Slightly increased on fats but took nuts, strawberry (5-6 per day) and Kiwi (one per day). I promised to report back. Here I am.

Next three months period, I monitored BS every week at home and generally it remained within the limits. Fasting BS rarely went down up to 95, bur generally in and around 100. PPBS was good around 110-120, sometimes as low as 98 and at par with FBS.

My numbers after three months in lab test were: FBS 115, PPBS 135, HBA1C 5.8. (encouraged by this, I continued)

My numbers after next three (total six months): FBS 102, PPBS 125 and HBA1C 5.3. My creatinine has come down from 1.1 to 0.9. My trygleceride came down from 147 to 54 (now after six months) via 72 (after three months)I have stabilized my weight at 68 kg. I am satisfied with these results. But, total cholesterol which as 208 after three months has increased to 220 now. HDL remains at 44-46 level. LDL worsened from 150 to 170.

I am worried on total cholesterol and LDL fronts and also wish to increase my HDL.

Medfree, what is your take on this? George and Medfree, I want to try LWMDR, will this improve my cholesterol ?

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  • If u could tell us ur daily routine diet (exact intake ). It would be of help to us ,,pl do us this favour. From morning to bed again,,what was ur exact diet ?

  • Dear Babu, thanks for the response. You have to work on a menu that works for you and limit your intake of carbohydrate to 100 - 120 g per day. Initially you have to weigh the ingrediants of your different food in your kitchen and calculate the carb contents. You can also get the carb content of foods from net. But, remember what you read in the literature may not be suitable for you. You have to finalize your menu depending on your body's response to each item. This varies from individual to individual. Check your PPBS 2 using glucometer 2 hours after eating each new food you take for the first time and record. I have a list of choices for my breakfast and dinner from which I choose every day. BF: 2 egg bulls eye (remove yolk while eating) plus choose from 1. Upma made of nurukku sooji gothampu (broken long wheat); 2. Dosa made of ragi powder; 2. Puttu made of sooji gothampu powder (available in Reliance) 3. Veg sandwich using two slices (Elite bread marked 54 % carb and 2% sugar) filled with cucumber, lettuce, Chinese cabbage etc. with light dressing prepared at home using cream and flavour; 4. three iddlies with sambar without potato); 5. Three poories with sambar; 6. Boiled green gram mixed with grated coconut. Lunch: One and half cup boiled red rice (Palakakkadan matta) or one cup basmati rice with vegetable, chicken or fish curry, buttermilk. Dinner: Choose from 1. any of the breakfast item 2. One chapatti with veg curry without potato. Take your dinner before 7 pm. In between meals, I take cashew nuts, almonds, etc. I drink plenty of water fresh lime soda, and buttermilk. I also take strawberry and kiwi. You can improvise on these meals depending on your choices but keeping in mind the glycemic index values and carb content of various food and the quantity that you take.

  • I forgot to mention. In all the three meals, salad, comprising cucumber, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, rocket leaves etc is a major component. You can make a variety of dressings at home depending on your choice. Big helpings of salad is healthy and gives you the fullness after the meal. I take two cups of tea everyday made of double toned milk.

  • Thank u very much ,,u have taken grea t pains to be elaborative,,thanks once again

  • Thanks Medfree. You mean to say raising cholesterol and LDL is OK ? Yes I will try to mix high GI stuff with other low GI starch so that poorie and iddly do not come in the same day.

  • Thanks. I do not want to take statin too.

  • Thanks.

  • Many thanks to Medfree and George. I find a sort of conflict between LCHF and LWMDR. If I follow the latter, carb intake will be higher than 100 g. I was mainly encouraged by George's experience of completely curing the condition after a period of time. But then I will have to take a lot more carb and reduce the fat. I am ready for either solutions. Which one should I follow? Please advise.

  • In my view there is no conflict. 'LC' can bring down blood sugar level within days, no doubt; and the HF will compensate the Glucose shortage due to the LC. But blood sugar level will go up as soon as the 'L' is removed from the 'LC'; that is, when one returns to normal Carbohydrate intake. This is not only my thinking & visualisation but also the experience of some members here who are on LCHF.

    That is why it was written in my previous response, that "If your blood sugar go up with increased carbohydrate/fruit intake ON A LATER DATE, then concentrate on LWMDR."

    My advise is that you go ahead with LCHF till you feel that you have hit the end point. Then after getting all the tests done to confirm a cure, RETURN TO YOUR NORMAL DIET which you had prior to Diabetes, with a moderation on sugar & sweets. If the blood sugar goes up soon, then my point gets validated & you may start LWMDR. Otherwise live happily ever after without LWMD as well as LCHF!!! :-)

  • Dear Sagu

    Since your D was diagnised only now(65 yrs) and you since you say it is only a recent one, just check whether it was an induced D because of some Stress and D is not there now. With help of doctor you can take a GTT and confirm whether you really have D now. Anyhow following LCHF diet is good even if you do not have D. Goodluck.

  • Thanks.

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