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Feeling happy !


After eleven and half years of struggle with diabetes and high blood sugar levels,so many medicines ,changing diet , failing in every effort ,sometimes feeling despair I finally see light at the end of the tunnel :) today I got my health check report , 4 major points making me happy are :

1. HbA1c 5.5 % 2. Average blood glucose 111 mg/dl

3. Insulin fasting 8.1 μU/ml 4. Fructosamine 230.8 μmol/L Here's two thumbs up to LCHF diet :)

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Congratulations! I am so happy with you too :)




Keep it going



Thank you Activity2004 ,Luckysugar, Shashikant ji , & Cure for being there for me . :)

What is the LCHF Diet? Can you please explain.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to SEETHARAMAN

LCHF= Low Carb High Fat Diet.

I knew the expansion. I want to know the complete details as to what are the type of foods that i should take. I am a vegetarian.

How vegetarian can be on LCHF diet. can you please help with Indian Veg LCHF diet.

Congrats for improvement, inspirational for many.....

Dear Indian1960 & shri seetharaman ,LCHF vegetarian indian diet should have minimum of carbs like wheat roti one medium size , OR rice (brown or white ) one medium size bowl / meal , same for other carb sources like dalia , rawa, raagi, poha, chana, millets, daal lentils etc try reducing these as much as you possibly can, try to bring it down to about 100 g./day . Every family has their preferences regarding type of carbs they want to eat so it is a good idea to find out how much carbs that food contains from site like fatsecret.co.in rest of your food should be different types of veggies green and other types (avoid veggies growing underground) have salads, cheese, full fat milk curd ,butter, ghee also consume plenty of coconut in any form and use coconut oil for cooking if that is not possible take virgin coconut oil by spoon after every meal.Unrefined mustard oil and ground nut oil is also good.If you take egg it is an excellent breakfast option as it has negligible amount of carb . For snacks have roasted peanuts ,almonds, walnuts and other seeds like sunflower , pumpkin ,melon, sesame seeds.You have to also cut down on fruits to one serving a day .The ratio of carb, protein and fat should be 20:20:60

DRH-sangliStar in reply to osho1410

@osho 1410... describe your success story .. how u managed food medicine , your other parameters like lipids etc as a guide to others.. great achievement..keep up'

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