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Diabetic at @32

It was nice to see post on Diabetic. .

Let me introduce my self, I'm a 32 Years old male diagnosed with Diabetes. I got to know about this two weeks back about this when I did my blood test with high FBS, PPBS and HbA1c.

Below is the complete report of my blood test which I did on 9th March 2016.

Height = 5.11"

Weight= 115KG

FBS = 163 (fluctuating)

PPBS = 258 (fluctuating)

HbA1c = 8.8%

I'm very much worried about this as I have recently blessed with baby and I'm the sole bread winner in my family. I want to fight with this diabetes and completely eradicate this from body. I'm started doing walking for 2hours a day and yoga with pranayama for 1hours daily.

I need some suggestion and guideline to follow LWMDR diet.

Below are my few query on which i need your guidance?

1. Shall I take Ragi/chapathi/rava along with LWMDR diet or should i follow LWMDR diet all three time a day for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

2. I will be completely restricting rice in any forms. Is it recommended?

3. According to LWMDR diet, we should not take fruits too.. If fruits which fruit is recommended?

4. My work culture put more pressure on me and also I'm very tensed by knowing that I'm diabetic. Will this increase blood glucose level?

5. I came across Patanjali medicine called "Divya Madhunashini Vati" tablet which can be taken along with allopathic medicine. Shall i take Ayurveda tabled while following LWMDR diet?

6. Can we have non-veg like chicken/fish/egg with LWMDR diet?

7. Should we eat full stomach or partial?

My Plan to fight with diabetes,

1. First reduce my weight to 8-10kg in first month and bring it down to 70kg in next three to four month.

2. Strictly follow LWMDR diet by avoiding rice, sweets and fruits which is high in sugar.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Asoreka Sir,

Thanks for your reply. I have started taking Long Wheat (Jave Godhi) in my diet from past one week. Below are my blood test report,

Initial blood report,

FBS = 163 mg/dl

PPBS = 258 mg/dl

HbA1c = 8.8%

After taking Long Wheat in my diet

FBS = 132 mg/dl

PPBS = 115 mg/dl

HbA1c = 8%

I see lot of changes after taking Long wheat in my diet. Along with this I'm also doing 1hour pranayama and 45min brisk walking daily.

I need your suggestion on below,

1. Currently I'm taking Jave Ghodhi in the form of dosa and upittu. Is this fine or should I take in the form of smash which Shooter George sir has mentioned in his site appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel...

Thanks in advance.


yes sir u r right actually fasting sugar test was 140 to 200. you are on border. Before 1997, the fasting sugar limit for diabetes was 140. WHO put a pannel to decrease it and was fixed it as 126.

All of Sudden 14% of world population became diabetics overnight.

Later in 2003, American Diabetic Association again decrease the limit to 100.

And after this 60% of Indian Population became diabetic

And you know who are the membersof those panels deciding the fasting sugar limit consist of ??

They are the consultants of 7 big pharmaceutical companies in world.

So in short, it's the pharma industry that decide if you are diabetic or not.. cos they want to make their buisness.

Be aware ! their is mdicine which can cure tis disease in this worl yes I know diabetes is not curable but new invention has came that is ayurvedic medicine name OJAMIN will cure u completely and you can enjoy sweets and leave your normal life. but conditions apply you have to follow certain diet for 1 and half year compulsory.

You dont have to eat sugar and sugar items , rice and rice items, sage and sage items no sugar free at all and in fruit apple is ok no other fruit.

Just follow these strict diet for one and half year and see the results . Name of medicine is OJAMIN. RS 541 PER BOTTLE  COURSE 1 YEAR.


Dear Indiacratus Sir,

Blood test was done in a RV Pathologist Lab in Malleswaram, Bengaluru. This is well known lab.


Please try LCHF diet.. It will improve diabetes drastically.. Please remember that diabetes can't be cured.. It can be only controlled very well with LCHF

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Welcome to LWMDR bandwagon. Right decision and results are there for you to see already! ! Keep up with your regimen. I too am the one who believe in the Properties Of Long Wheat. I would personally like to thank asoreka sir for his prompt replies and willingness to help and support newcomers which is very much needed. Sir your comments are highly motivational. We all are waiting to hear about your positive results later this month. God bless you asoreka sir . Young diabetic don't worry because you are in the correct direction . We LWMDRIANS are assuring you this as

We have experienced the ease and benefits of this therapy.



I was diagnpsed with diabetes when i was 27 before marriage, now i am 33 with 2 kids, Diabetes is controlled by Diet/Excerise , choose low carb food, do regular excerise. keep your mind stress free , with this you cna manage for a long time, finally it is destiny what has to happen will happen what ever you do

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Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions which is boosting my self confidence.

Two days back I visited Dr. B.T Rudresh homoeopathic clinic with my reports. He said that it can be cured and it will take some time. My patience is the key for the result.

One of my close relative recommended Dr. B.T Rudresh sir, as he is renowned homeo doctor in India with remarkable results for incurable cases.

I know Diabetes is incurable, but I have small hope that some miracle can happen just like Shooter George Sir case with strict diet and good medicines can give tremendous results.

Please guide me whether I'm in right track or not.

Thanks in advance.

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what happened to rudresh treatment


good algorithm for following lchf ;) only do while loop is missing before point #2


good one...he he ... :D one thing in point # 4 is missing ...is " and this goes on..........."


@YoungDiabetic....Journey may be long ...so keep the hopes alive ...and most important start educating yourself more on nutrition and diet... dont get loose on nutrition and diet and keep smiling :) :) To get yourself healed by all means ....read a joke everyday and share it with everyone....(Seriously Joking :D :D)


I find many supporters of LWMDR speaking out their experience, which is encouraging.

Sometimes, I find both LCHF and LWMDR are advocating similar diet methods. Like, avoid root veg, no fruits, (especially those high in sugar), no refined sugar/gur/etc, and you can eat egg,/meat/no red meat/ etc, So both are similar, except, for, LWMDR , you take LW for BF and dinner and you can eat your regular food (except those mentioned above) at other times.

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