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Hi friends,

Don’t lose heart because you are diabetic.

I’ve managed to control my blood sugar, Cholesterol and Hypothyroidism by daily exercise, diet management & proper medication.

Some of the achievements during last six months are as follows;

1.Blood Sugar [HbA1c ] reduction from 10.5 to 6.6

2.Hypothyroidism reduction from 6.02 to 4.36

3.Total Cholesterol reduction from 185 to 132

4.Weight reduction from 94.6 to 86.2

Would love to share the details with you.


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Hi Papajoe,

I am interested to know more about your diabetic management. Please share it.



Dear vincy,

I've been diagnosed as diabetic about 10 years ago & was insulin dependent since 2005.

The requirement of insulin had gone more than 100 units / day during 2011 /2012 and weight increase was 15kgs.

I therefore decided to go for total diabetic management & the routine is as follows;

Bitter gourd juice on waking up in the morning.

Light yoga & pranyama [breathing exercises] for 20 mins each followed by gymnasium for one hour [either in the morning or evening depending on the work schedule.]

I’m non vegetarian, but have cut down on food intake & follow schedule given by my dietician [not really necessary if you have access to good diet book]

Consciously, I’ve decided to cut down on my social activities & don’t drink or smoke.

If you could share your email ID I can send you more details.

You can also access my website www. Jadhav.co.in [which needs to be updated!] or

Facebook facebook.com/prabhakar.jadh...

With Kind Regards

Prabhakar Jadhav


dear prabhakar,

pls note my email id - SHIVLA63@GMAIL.COM., please share experience with me, almost i have diabetics more thanks 9 years.



dear papajoe, i am vegetarian and would like to know more details to control sugar my e mail rkktm@yahoo.com


Dear Jadhav Saheb Namaskar

Glad to know the efforts made by you to control the diabetes. pls share your experiences in detail on my following id so that i can also control my type II dbts.





Dear Mr Prabhakar,

PL give all details on this site itself. Your results are very encouraging. Pl tell how many Karela's juice you are are taking daily. How do you make it palatable ?


Dear Friends, with Time this Body will trouble you, Spiritual Awareness will Enhance your thought Process, follow Vegetarian Diet, stay away from Drinks and Tobacco, these habits is No way going to help your Body.

I Suggest Every Diabetic, High BP Patient Must Consult a MD Physcian, STOP Asking and Taking Self Medication, Be on Fruits, Dry Fruits, Fish Curry, Avoid Sugar free...Your Live will Collapse, To much of Kerala Juice, Your Kidneys will Break Down, have dishes from Dishes. Connect Your Mind To God and to much of Body thought, You are inviting All Sorts of Sickness, interested in knowing more how to live a Happy Life...contcat me on my mail id surimenon@live.com.

Take abd Be Happy !!!!


I suggest to consult a Diabetologist OR an Endocrinologist....instead of MD Physician.


Dear "hapless"( but why?!),

The site has a limitation. attachments & longer replies are not possible.

Nevertheless, try to drink karela juice on empty stomach.1st thing in morning & around 6 pm in the evening.

If you can drink beer or rum! You can drink karela juice!

Mix one each of karela, tomato & cucumber. Keep it in fridge. Drink whenever you want!


Prabhakar Jadhav


May I ask why Haples...Your sence of making Statement....Makes No Sence...First of All reading your statements show, with your age you Still Not Realised yourself...

Grow Up...Spiritually !!!


Today my Blood Sugar gave me the best results---- Fasting--94 mg/dl, PP --150 mg/dl and Random at 1230 hrs 78 mg/dl with Insulin doses 18 units morning & 15 units night.

I, ate one Paratha (without oil ,stuffed with onion), a little curd and a little Bhindi for the breakfast and one stuffed Chappaty last night with Bhindi ki sabzi.

My result indicate that I must reduce the morning doses of Insulin from 18 units to 15 units as the blood sugar had gone below 80 mg/dl when taken at 12.30 hrs.


You can control ur sugar levels with exercise, medication and diet. Some people attribute control to Karela Juice. The fact is karela juice has no role in control of blood sugar. It is the other two, namely exercise and diet. Observe Mr Yadar5's diet. I call it starvation diet. If one can sustain on starvation diet fine B S levels will be alright. But u have effects of Malnutrition.


Dear Mr. reddy,

Please refer to my 1st comment!

Like you've mentioned, my day starts with pranayama, yoga for 20 mins each with 40/60 mins of gym either in morning or evening.

My diet is monitored by specialist & I visit my doctor periodically!



Hi Papajoe,

Please let me know the diet details and the way u control the sugar.I am veggie.



Dear Mr Papajoe,

I am indeed very much impressed by your efforts to control your sugar level and remain fit.

I am also diabetic for the last about 5 years and my sugar level is Fasting 155 and PP 212.

Frankly speaking so far have not given serious consideration to it and continue to eat

normal food and fruits.The only medicine I am taking is GLYCIPHAGE SR 500. I shall be

thankful to you if u can share ur valueable experience to improve my health.




Interesting. Could you share the details including medication, with me? My e mail id is narasimhan2003@gmail.com and mmy mobile no. is 9880917220. I am Bangalore based.



I have BS for the last 21 years,but I could control it by regular exercise one dose of allopathic tablets in the night,less Non Veg food and walk as far as possible. Mental tention should be reduced as far as possible,even if it is there


I agree.

self discipline can help.




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