Lchf and arterial flow for people who want to research

What happened to those who abandoned the treatment diet, and switched over to the low-carb diet? Their condition significantly worsened. 40% to 50% more artery clogging at the end of the year. In heart scans of the patients, as seen in the above video, the yellow and particularly red areas represent blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart muscle. The scan of one of the patients who went on a plant-based diet, shows how their arteries opened right up increasing the blood flow. Another person, however, started out with good flow, but after a year on a low-carb diet, they significantly clogged down their arterial blood flow.

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  • A totally agree with the observation.


    Dear sir., these are a few i came across. Request point out the negative aspects of study.

  • Hellosridhar1 , Good job posting the links.

    read it fully and you will understand what knowledgeable posters (Like indiacratus) were saying.

    For example : (from the links you gave)

    Low-carbohydrate diet was associated with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes in Japanese women and this association may be partly attributable to high intake of white rice.

    High intake of white rice. Got it ?.

    Those lchf diets are good for those people who are eating huge amount of carbohydrates.

    Those americans who guzzle coke and stuff with apple pies and what not lchf diets benefit them.

    And hence you see why they are pushing these diets.

    In India diabetes is exploding because people are using more ready made foods like bakery items.

    Best course for us is to eat balanced diet with more vegetables and reduce rice.

    Lchf diets are dangerous for Indians with small coronary arteries.

  • Dear coolj., i started ths research after first coming across this site maybe 2years back. since then i am going thru various options and trying to find the linkes. it looks firmly that bcos of lipids finalyy diabetes sets in. maybe deficienty of omega 3 and higher intake of omega 6 is the culprit finally. well i could not solve this issue so far.. but as u also have told lowering carbs might help., but for a final touch may be good fats may help.

    in fact iwas reading both indiacratus and lchf proponents keenly., and find the issue lightly amusing. finally even indiacratus also was telling low carb and substitute with veg., therby calorie deficit amy set in. and lchf also looks equally promising.

    i was also reading saturated fats may not e really the big culprit . now., the question of balance. i think its upto the individual to finall come to a equilibirum point. thats a tricky isssue. i cannot write more as i am not havibng that much knowledge to write for or aganst any proponent.

  • There are various issues involved. Anybody can write a blog and put in his own opinions.

    The Link I quoted shows actual patient investigations about artery blocking .People who followed high fat diet had their arteries clogged.

    It means one has to be cautious in eating fats (saturated or not). I can quote examples of people who consume very high carb diets and yet remain healthy.But, such Isolated Individual cases are of no use.

    As regards to calorie deficit it has to be determined on case to case basis. If somebody is overweight the only healthy way to reduce weight is going calorie deficit.Again it depends on individual metabolism and hence patient monitoring is required.

    For diabetics the key is spacing out food intake (That includes carbs) to suit the person primarily based on post prandial sugar readings also accounting for fasting sugars.

  • Jenny Ruhl,R.Bernstein should be taught a lesson.

    In India we have good knowledgable people.

    Modiji will be happy,made in India.!

  • @doctorap --

    Sir, they are our gurus and they are widely "TALKED of and RESPECTED" on almost all diabetes forums and sites that are opposed to ADA's views across the world.

    In fact Jenny Ruhl's website is the first site that a CLUELESS Type2, fed up on High Carb Low Fat + drugs as side dish, is told to visit.

    In fact Jenny Ruhl's work has been praised by Dr Bernstein too.

  • Meetu ji

    Yes they are our gurus.

    Hence I bought Ruhl,Bernstein Collins Calorie counter From Amzn.Saved on medicines!☺

    also VCO,ALA,

    Oh! Our plumber has lot to teach😊it was in jest.

  • @sridhar1 --

    There's no full fledged LCHF study. By ADA's definition, anything that is more than their recommendation is HIGH FAT. Most researches border around lacing a Pizza Bun with butter and then try and blame butter for everything. In fact, such experiments are designed for failure.

    It doesn't take a flashy degree to understand that it is the TG in blood which is FAT and TG drops like a rock when one switches to LCHF. Talking just Low Carb makes no sense as Lowered Carbs will need to be substituted by something else for following to hold

    4C + 4P +9F = Fixed Value

    Diabetics cannot go overboard on proteins so only thing that can be added for above equation to hold is F (FAT)

    PUFA loaded vegetable oils is one of the worst inflammation triggers.

    SFA isn't bad on LCHF diet. Huge number of studies have been published on this.

    There's a famous Sydney Diet Heart Study where the investigators set out to prove that PUFA is great as compared to SFA. To their dismay they found the results to be opposite. So what did they do back then? Dumped part of the data in a garage (inspired art of cherry picking mastered by Ancel Keys) and then published the result that PUFA is great.

    Unfortunately for them, it is the other side (people who aren't just blind followers just because some hi profile team did the research) that exposed them decades later and end result was that SFA is far better than PUFA. This is not a OPINION but a FACT.

    Experiments in medical science can easily be designed for a given end point depending on who is funding the research and how much money is involved. So you can design an experiment like experts at Joslin did recently on 7 Type 1 diabetics and fed them Pizza Buns laced with Butter to prove that butter raises insulin requirement. On ground diabetics on LCHF don't eat pizza buns laced with butter. This is just one example of how experiments can be designed for a given end point.

    One doesn't need research papers from high profile team. A Ca score scan and a 1500 bucks 82 parameter blood report is enough to debunk any myth that FAT on LCHF will clog arteries. Go for a test before switching and then repeat after 1 year on LCHF. Numbers aren't OPINIONS of any blogger. They are FACTS.

  • i fully concur meetu. just a few days on lower carbs shows a good result. as i was studying all parameters involved just out of curiosity, i am indulging in writing my views. honestly there is nothing against lchf., at the same time i was just exploring what i "may" be missing in the attempt. bcos majority of humans are alike., trying to arrive at my own mental frame of understanding various aspects. cannot right now lucidly present whats i am arrivng at. but largely, yes..thank u. :)

  • @sridhar1 --

    I for one, with two years on a so called healthy diet and almost 3 years on LCHF diet, believe my medical reports more than any funded research, which as I said can be designed for any given end point.

    We talk our own numbers of our own medical reports, reduction in drug use etc to state something, and not involve in war of words as spectators. Even my doctor doesn't object after seeing REAL results on ground which go exactly the OPPOSITE way that funded researches try to impress upon.

    In the end, you have to live thru it to understand it based on your medical reports. Else, it's like a cricket match where just 13 players on the ground playing it and 40,000 to 100,000 spectators sitting in stadium and assuming the role of cricket experts.

  • Very nice meetu. once again congrats for keeping good profile. it shows how well you could establish an equilibrium point in your case, which i am interested in arriving at. bcos maintaing for a few days a good profile is different from sustaining it unles the "body' understands it arrived at a valid ground. bcos i keep slipping from time to time and i find stress is counter productive. and it is not just by food alone a person heals, various parameters like the self or the body or the ego co-operating can arrive at a unique health point. my observation is as such, and i was studying the mental frame work visavis foods. and the "uniform" patterns which exibit. as i told earlier, i cannot right now fit general guidelines, (pls. excuse me) as iam trying to narrow down the parameters (of which food is an important part.) . and i think "Diabetes" is a MOTHER of all teachings.,. Cannot explain further. but Thanks for listening.. nice day.. :)

  • @cscon.,, thank u dear., (u r one sane voice in cacophony., nice to have u as friend :) ) (and its n=1 experiment for me :) )

  • ☺Very nice.

    Appears ur pipes are not clogged with gum.

  • Thanku sir. looks so. :)

  • Please dont talk to deaf people!

    They will prove u wrong,Wrongly!

  • Doctorap, This is not a religious forum.Lol.

    The results speak for themselves. The study actually measures coronary health not theory.

  • Yes they are advising lchf diet on peoples especially of Indian origin,ignoring what has been shown in videos as above. They are advising peoples to commit forgery by their own patten of diet which has not studied by themselves too.


    Lchf diets increase blood cholesterol.

    Not exactly representative but here is what lchf diet did to a person.

    Still, three years ago I suffered a coronary artery blockage, and had a stent inserted. Impossible to tell how much of that was due to pre-diagnosis diet (by the time of the stent, I'd been LCHF for slightly over three years):

  • "but here is what lchf diet did to a person" a person ?

    he, the "one person" surely did not follow the 20:20:60 regimen. No lines can be crossed. It will upset the apple cart. This controlled diet does not fail.

    This is not for stupid and egoistic people.

  • Negative effect of a low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diet on small peripheral artery reactivity in patients with increased cardiovascular risk.

    This is not a blog but actual scientific study:That is for edification of doctorap who is talking like a religious preacher.

    The objective was to evaluate the relation between dietary macronutrient composition and the small artery reactive hyperaemia index (saRHI), a marker of small artery endothelial function, in a cohort of patients at increased cardiovascular (CV) risk.

    These findings suggest that a dietary pattern characterised by a low amount of carbohydrate, but high amounts of protein and fat, is associated with a poorer small artery vascular reactivity in patients with increased CV risk.

  • When we talk LCHF we don't talk "high protein".

    List studies which are done on case of:

    CARB: 20% max, Protien: 20% max, Fat: 60%+

    Yes we do get not just LIPIDS, but many of us do also get cardiac marker tests also.

  • R u a disciple of Dr. Richard Fleming ? Or do you know him?

  • Lchf dieters, if you are over age 40 better get a cholesterol profile done. If you are starting or intending to start lchf diet do the cholesterol test before starting it and compare with readings after 6 months time.

  • This suggestion is well received.

  • Lchf dieters will improve their blood profile in the healthy and positive direction.

  • Not just 6 months, most of us do it annually and numbers normally turn out depressing for naysayers. Not only Cholesterol, most of us go for other cardiac markers whi you may not even have heard of as your understanding of CVD/CHD seems to be limited to just Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a useless number. If cholesterol alone is the cause of Cardiac deaths, then it is surprising that in a study out of 100,000 cardiac events related death, over 50% had normal LDL and lipids.

    Ketogenic diets can cause problem with certain people wrt elevated cholesterol, but none of us are following ketogenic diet

    I think you are mixing things up because your understanding of LCHF is not the diet that we follow and preach.

  • Getting stroke and/or heart attack is not one wishes for while managing diabetes.

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