How do you interpret this lab report, sir/madam?

How do you interpret this lab report, sir/madam?

This is report of my blood sugar test done today.

FBS 90.0 mgs/dl PPBS 73.0 mgs/dl

Today's breakfast for PPBS: 3 appams (made of rice dough) + 1 egg curry + milk coffee with sugar.

Yesterday's diet:

BF: 3 ordinary chapattis + onion roast.

Lun: 3 measures rice + 3 side dishes (as usual).

Supper: Same as lunch.

Extra loading for blood test:

At 4 pm, 4 table spoon fried mixture of rice powder & grated coconut with 2 plantain fruits.

At 6 pm, 1 more another type larger plantain fruit.

At 7 pm, 1 plate of paani poori (10 small poories with sweet paani).

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  • I'm not medically trained George. I would think you were insulin resistant; what you had for breakfast causing you to release higher than normal levels of insulin resulting in your blood glucose dropping. The rice, sugar, caffeine and maybe what was in the curry would have caused a spike in insulin, and you certainly don't want to persist in eating like that for too long or you risk abnormal blood glucose levels and/or problems from the excess insulin.

  • We are in the same boat @ Concernrd. Caffeine is supposed to increase blood glucose, I suppose. That day's BF was from a hotel near the lab. It might have had more starch & sugar. Hence my Pancreas would have released sufficient Insulin to handle an overshoot due to excess intake. That might have in turn resulted in an undershoot of BS. So I don't think that this needn't cause any concern. Anyway thanks for the concern & advice.

    Such BF I take only when I go for Blood test once in a month or two.So no room for worry on that count as well.

  • Insufficient breakfast doesn't seem logical; look at what George ate, and then his blood glucose dropped 17 points within a relatively short time. Something had to cause it to drop.

  • @ Concerned,

    In my opinion this need not be considered as a drop because many things have happened in between during the two Blood tests.

  • Thank you @ ragivrao. PPBS is not less than minimum; only bordering it. There is no concern of hypo as I am not taking any diabetic medication. That BF is more than sufficient for a 60+ man with 60kg weight, I suppose. Thank you once again.

  • Thank you @ ragivrao.

  • I am not a doctor but I would call this diabetes reversal. Congrats.

  • Thank you@ dialife. May others take this as an impetuous to follow LWMDR rigorously.

  • Wow, great readings repeated.

    Regarding PPBS being low, it was the case for me as always, Dr advised me to have some form of natural sugar(like banana, etc with my BF, to bring the BS level to normal, because I was completely avoiding any form of sugar for BF or coffee/tea.

    Anyway, good work, consistency pays.

  • I had taken 3 Appams of Rice dough & coffee with milk & sugar. More over I am not taking any Diabetic medication. So my PPBS being low is not due to shortage of starch/sugar intake. I see it as a healthy performance of my Pancreas. In the case of healthy individuals such phenomena will be left unnoticed as they do not undergo these tests usually.

    Thank you @ nairrajis.

  • Yes.It is a reversal of diabetes , which can be called a miracle. Shows pancreas started behaving like a good boy .

  • This is not any miracle @saswathy. I did the right thing in the right way & body responded appropriately.

    Thank you for acknowledging it.

  • Dear sir , even if right thing is done in a right way . sometimes the results are not so good and hence if I say it is a miracle , it is not an exaggeration.

  • Having a bit of sugar is good for the system .

  • Sugar is good but not due to Diabetes, @saswathy.

  • But , I think , even a diabetic has to have certain amount of sugar , for having the energy to run the machine .Too much is a disease but not the optimum level depending upon the need .I just can't digest the idea of total ban on sugar .

  • Machine runs more efficiently on ketones.

  • congratulation sir once again and thanks to god... You are the hope for all people like us (Following LWMDR).

    Stay blessed and healthy.


  • Hi @ saxenaen,

    Thank you. Follow LWMDR rigorously & capture Diabetes. All the best. Please keep reporting & encouraging others.

    Thank you for the prayers. Those are my bread & butter.

  • what is lwmdr kindly inform

  • LWMDR is an acronym for Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen which controlled, reversed & finally cured myDMT2.

  • @ indiacratus,

    Extra loading was not completely preplanned. It was after all these intakes that wife reminded that her checkup was due next morning. Since I have to accompany her & wait till her blood test & consultation are over, I was just utilising the time to get my blood test also done; that also was somewhat due.

    Yes, 73 is a bit extra normal but as I am not on medication, no risk.

    Goodluck to you too.

  • ShooterGeorge sir.......I am not medical professional.....

    I have seen your earlier reports and this report.At this moment you are not diabetic for sure.... me you high blood sugar was due to high insulin resistance. Probably reason for that is your love for fruits.(am I guessing right?).

    What is your IR right now??

    Have you ever checked you liver for fatty liver???

    Many of my friends who consume more fruits have this problem.

    Whatever....but your results are fantastic....May God give you long and healthy life...

  • @ cure,

    Me too am not medical man. Thank you for the recognition. High Blood Sugar - do you mean FBS 90? Sorry that you are not guessing right. I like fruits much but not taking too much.

    I have not tested/calculated my IR yet. With next Blood test I may.

    I get LFT done annually. Last month all parameters were in range. Fatty liver will be shown by LFT, no?

    Thank you for the prayers.


    You have seen that my morning PPBS is 73. 70 is supposed to be the lower limit of BS. In other words 70 is the hypo-threshold.

    BS was 73 at 2hrs from end of meal. Same thing would have happened after previous day's supper also. Supper was over before 9pm. So by 11pm ( 2300 hrs) BS would have reached somewhere between 80-70. Probably in an hour or two (or 3) it would have fallen below 70. This, I feel, would have triggered a Liver dump to raise BS to a safe level, say 130 or 140.

    Normal utilisation of BS from that time to 730am would have brought it only to 90.


    Your learned response/comment earnestly solicited - ALL MEMBERS.

  • Nah....I am not talking about ur current FBS.....current sugar level is well within the limits....

    I am talking about ur earlier blood sugar reports.(when you were diabetic)

    It was your IR which was causing your blood sugar to go high.

    And I think that your fatty liver is cause of high IR.

    Liver parameter like SGPT/SGOT may show normal level....till fatty liver goes worst.

    I really don't know if diabetes is cause of fatty liver or fatty liver is cause of diabetes.

    In normal non diabetic....liver always try to maintain good sugar balance....irrespective of you eat large amount of sweets or you are totally fasting.

    But when there is some imbalance like PP goes below should be bit more careful.

    Besides this.....have you done your Hba1c?

    what are the reports??

    cause when i did my sugar fbs was 113 and pp 125.

    but Hba1c was 6.4

    I check my sugar regularly at home meter....I never spike above 130 any time....stillHba1c 6.4??? that means I must be spiking late at night or very early in the morning...liver dump???

    My liver parameter show normal range.....but MIR shows fatty liver.

  • Okay @ cure, now I know that when I was diabetic I was not knowing even the significance of HbA1c - leave alone IR, Serum Insulin, fatty liver etc...

    A1c is near 6.

    I test Lipid profile quarterly and LFT annually. All parameters are normal. Is MIR that tell about fatty liver? If yes, what is MIR? If no, then how to know about fatty liver?

  • Of course, this is a hypo following a blood sugar spike. It would be good to check the blood glucose at around 30m post-prandial when you do these loaded tests. Blood glucose tends to peak at 30m - 1hr.



  • @ kapilv,

    It was not a planned loaded test. During OGTT I chech at 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 etc.


  • No doubt,numbers are non-diabetic!

    PPBS is lesser than lower limit of normal range.

    Please point out reason behind PPBS lesser than FBS!

  • @ always...,

    Thank you for the recognition.

    PPBS 73 is not below lower limit of normal range, to the best of my limited knowledge.

    Regarding reason behind PPBS lesser than FBS, will you kindly see my response to @ cure just above this.

    There I have requested experts to review my viewpoint. You are also welcome.

  • Congrats, Sir.

  • Thank you @ DCVM.

  • Thank you Shooter George, Sir. I have been religiously following your LW System for the last eighty four days in my own way and I have been largely benefitted. I shall write the details when I could continue to follow it for as long a period as yourself has done. Thanks again.

  • Considered opinions and observations of our respected Anup Ji will add to the value of this Forum.

  • I can only express opinion on OGTT curve.

    Better still if it is a 4 or 5 hr OGTT with 30 min plots to also cover cases of reactive hypoglycemia.

    Even I have hit FBS of 60 by lab. Such readings have no great importance except for showing that a diabetic is having excellent control. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Too low a PPBS -- Is it a glucagon deficiency issue?

  • Thanks for the observations, sir.

  • Congratulations sir,One day God will give same Numbers and freedom to us too....

  • @ vyasbkn,

    Thank you. If you do things properly, God does not have much role in this. If we do not do things properly, God will not do wonders.

  • well said...God help if only we do our best ...there is hardly anything like luck...its only hard work and perseverance which pay at the end...

  • karch

    It is said in every success your efforts are 99% and luck/god/invisible factor is just 1%......

    but without that minor 1%....100% is not possible....

  • Cure...

    Agree...but God=Luck never

    Many people equate luck=God and think 99% covered by God/Luck

    Luck is a bonus :) not sure to get always ....God he is always present and he plans things for everyone as a father plans...all inspiration which leads us to success is given by God always...its part of the the phases of difficulty ask yourself for solutions...its the God who answers your you inspiration...if you retain the trust on HIm as a 3 year old keeps trust on his father...its important to develop a relationship with invisible power which operates the universe like Operating System :)...and through prayers we maintain this relationship

  • though important, but this is all out of scope of this forum...:)

  • @ karch,


  • You said it @ karch.

  • @ cure,

    Well said. When you go to any place, travelling 99% of the distance will not take you to the destination; you may only be near it.

  • Hardwork, perseverance with good intentions, @ karch.

  • Sir I am aged 66 male and is a diabetic. kindly inform what medicine or food material I should take to keep it under control. My email is my phone is 7486643476 with pranams

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