Electric shock kind of feeling at my right foot

Hi All,

Since 3-4 days I am feeling electric shock (Mild vibration) at my right foot. Let me know if any remedies for this

I am diabetic since a year and I m 38 year old now. I take Glycomet GP1 500 MG tablet. Last month I had blood check up done at my lab and my count was 110 BF and 180

I have visited a doctor two months back when I was getting burning sensation in my both foots . Doctor checked my foot and said no issues but at the end he told me to increase tablet Glycomet GP1 500 MG Daily once to twice

As I heard about LCHF diet I did not increase tablet

Since a week I am strictly following LCHF Diet

i m scared to go same doctor with this new problem

Kindly suggest me any other remedies

Is anyone here who has got similar feeling

Please let me know




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7 Replies

  • if you do not have thyroid problem you can take alpha lipoic acid for relief.

  • If you can get homeopathic preparation of Gingkobiloba Q , take 5 drops in boiled , cooled water,2 times per day in an ounce of water.

  • It is related with diabetic neuropathy.solution is to set goal for HbA1c to 6.check vit. ,B12.if necessary take B12.it may reduce feet burning sensation.

  • You are suffering from nerve problem related to diabetes. Take homeopathic medicine Hypericum 30 potency 3 to 4 pills 4 times a day for a week.You can also take ashwagandha capsule by Himalaya co. for nerve problem.

  • Thank you very much for all the response and needful info shared. I can take these medicines (Example ashwagandha capsules,Hypericum 30) without any doctors prescriptions right? Please let me know



  • you can also consult a doctor online . Consultation on this website is free . You get consultation from doctor at your own convienience . I am als taking advice from this website

    www. thelifestylediseases

  • Talked about DNP on this forum almost 3 years back. Good I see few new joinees talking about Alpha Lipoic Acid now :)


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