In June 2015 - My blood sugar PP 581, and Fasting was 201, H1 AC was 16.1, I rushed to the doctor immediately the only symptom I was having was too much of thirst, he started me on Metformin, glimipride and voglibose, within 5-6 days sugar levels dropped down and it came to fasting 101 and PP 198, after a month the blood sugar was normal, ie fasting 100 and pp 148- I monitor my fasting blood sugar every day and still continuing on 500 mg - 2 times daily, my fasting blood sugar stay in between 100- 135 everyday, I have tried several things and came to conclusion what works best in high blood sugar for me ---

1. Baba ramdev --- medicine don't work at all.

2. Metformin- does works but only in situation when your diet is very low carb.

3. Glimipride- does works, and make your jittery and your muscles start cramping.

4. Voglibose--- just took it with the combination on other medicines, so it might have helped me at that time, doctor stopped glimipride and voglibose for me.

5. Exercise-- Waking on treadmill for 30 mins at the speed of miles/per hour, each time dropped my blood sugar approximately 20 points, so it works

6. Diet-- eating raw vegetable like spinach, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, kale, and other green raw vegetable, and boiled eggs- dropped my blood sugar fasting 91 and PP 135 after 2 hours of eating. so I am continuing on this diet for last 3 months, that helps me a lot.

7. Methi seeds( Fenugreek Seeds)-- It works for me in dropping my fasting blood sugar by 10 points, no effect on PP blood sugar has been noted so far.I don't know the reason. So I don't rely much on methi seeds, it can be combined with diet and exercise but it cant be a cure for diabetes.

8. Other foods- Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Milk, chicken and meat and several other products I tried in my diet keep spiking up my blood sugar.

9. Low carb high fat diet- low carb means real zero carb diet for example - lentil soup or tomato soup prepared at home- adding butter to the soup helps in keeping hunger control but very less drop in pp and fasting- just 10 points- I will continue with this diet for couple of weeks.

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  • I think you will see a vast improvement. I look forward to your results.

  • Mike, Low carb and high fat diet is working good for me-

    1. I have dropped 5 pounds even after eating high fat.

    2. Sugar - PP --- approximately 147 average of last 3 weeks ie- 21 days

    3. Sugar fasting --- approximately 100 average of last 3 weeks ie 21 days

    Been on this LCHF for 24 days

  • Point 6: Never eat spinach, cabbage etc raw.

    Point 9: LCHF doesn't mean ZERO carb because ZERO carb is near impossible. All grains, pulses, vegetables have carbs. Worst offender being things like wheat, rice, potato, banana, beet, corn, maize, rye,barley etc. So essentially, LCHF that we practise and preach is 20% CARBS and 60% FAT (min) balance being Proteins.

  • Yes you are right on spinach and cabbage eating raw, I have noticed stomach bloating, instead of eating rice, wheat, etc; two bowls of vegetable soup is better, I have tried drinking vegetable and tomato soup all day long, I never experienced high on sugar after drinking vegetable soups- even after loading it with butter.

  • Did not u get constipated ? Means no bulk _& fiber in food

  • Dear Dilip,

    What you meant by "Lentils"? Is that a single seed or mixture of seeds?

  • But one doctor advised me to not to take "Daal"!!!

  • I prefer masoor lenthil ----- not dal- whole one-- cooked and make thin paste-- all dals are not good I have tried- urad is worst of them. I keep my glucometer ready to check my sugar after every 2 hours, even if you take more than one bowl of this soup your sugar may spike up

  • dilipdksingh ...masoor raises Uric acid...so don't use it daily

  • What were you weight, height and diet before you came to know that your sugar level is too high?

  • I was obese - 92 KG. height 5-11 inch, diet was all junk, burgers, pasta, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and -- too much of soda, doctor told me to reduce weight -- it was too hard for me to do it-- exercising, walking not me, knee's and ankles used to hurt on that much of weight, I thought I m done with all this eating- let me eat just to survive. once I loose some weight I will start walking or exercising.

  • Thank you much- sure I will try this too,

  • Hi idrees,

    How this mixture helps in controlling BS Levels..

  • In this mixture I have only tried fenugreek seed powder ie methi, wasn't too much of help using it for ten days, two tea spoons after meals, did not show any effect on PP, fasting was reduced by 10 points, but I discontinued it since I was having stomach cramps after taking this.

  • Can you help me idress bcoz I am suffering from 14 yes and my diabeties is still not in control do u have any nuskha pl share with me. I am from pak.

  • Amen

  • amazon.com/Patanjali-Produc...

    Has any one tried this madhunashini vati- 2 tablets twice a day on empty stomach, I took this with regular medicine metformine and glimipride - so I am not sure if this helped me to reduce my sugar.

  • dilipdksingh ...try taking 1 pills of arogya vati by patanjali(tulasi, neem, giloy) twice a day...it works good for me if I want to keep the BS down ...and then it increases immunity of body too..

  • Yes I have tried that , but arogya vati and arogya vardhini vati elevated my liver enzymes - and I had to stop it, I'm still continuing on the metformin 500/day, BS fasting is appx in between 115-125 and PP is in between 140-160 for last 4 months, if I have to eat something outside I take voglibose 0.2 mg, mostly I'm on LCHF diet, and walk for 30 mins on tread mill every day - I have lost 20 pounds, so far its working well.

  • It seems arogya vardhini vati works like antibiotics...elevating liver anzymes...good that you mentioned :)

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