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Hi! I'm 63 and have been diagnosed with diabetes in Oct 2010 and around the same time with colon cancer. I was and am obese even now. After undergoing surgery for cancer, I was put on chemotherapy resulting in an after effect of neuropathy which continues till now. Though I had difficulty with my fingers in the beginning, like buttoning my shirt or holding my pen, I was relieved from it within a year but the numbness, pain, burning and sensitivity in my feet only aggravated. Today after several different medications for diabetes I am with Galvus Met 50/ 500mg twice a day. I was doing fine with this with my HbA1c giving a result of 6.2, but my PPBS seems to be high at 249, though my fasting sugar is normal. I've been checking my PPBS for the past one week and noticed that the reading was always above 250, because of which, I think, I am tired and sleepy during the day. I look forward to some suggestions to improve my condition. I must add that I walk for an hour regularly.


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  • it could be your ppbs is high because of not controlling food intake based on calorie control.consult your doctor and get proper advice instead of expecting from nonmedical sources here This is because of multiple ailments you are suffering.

  • Food taken has been the same and almost under control, and I also take a brisk one hour walk every day morning. My next appointment with the doctor is a couple of weeks away.

  • Please check with your doctor and make an appointment to discuss the issue. Please let us know what you find out.

  • Yes, I will

  • Are you type 1, 2 or LADA (1.5)?

  • Type 2

  • Voglibose may reduce Post-prandial hyperglycemia. Consult your doctor.



  • Thank you!

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