Hi friends happy to be in this forum. I have been diabetic since I am 38. After I was diagnosed with diabetes, my life was all totally changed. However I managed to control it. After 2years I went for a thorough check upat KIDS, bhubanedwar. Dr. Kanungo that I wasn't a diabetic. I left medication for a year and after that unable to control it. Now my FBS was 123 and PPBS 176. Please help

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  • I am 58 kg in weight & 5ft 5inch in height. My liver is fat deposited

  • Cut down carbs and switch to LCHF diet. More than 600+ Indians that I know of personally have benefited. Here's the latest random success story:

  • My liver is fat deposited and LFT is nearly abnormal. So how can I switch to LCHF

  • Check your PM

  • You must count your carbs and ideally do not have more 75g a day, increase in take of fat related food like, butter, nuts, cream and coconut oil to compensate the carb reduction. Monitor your results regularly after that to monitor the impact. Even in 75g Carb, try to have more fiber and chickpea flour roti instead of wheat. Increase your low starch vegetables intake. Do not have any potatoes or any vegetables that are grown under the ground. Do not have any seed oils, try having mostly Olive oil, coconut oil and butter or ghee for food preparations. Good Luck!

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