Normal FBS/PPBS & abnormal HbA1c-An analysis!

Normal FBS/PPBS & abnormal HbA1c-An analysis!

Hi all,we generally test our blood sugar just before eating (FBS) and after 2 hrs of eating (PPBS).We also go for 3 months average (HbA1c).Sometimes,we wonder that our FBS and PPBS were in the normal ranges for last 3 months but HbA1c is abnormal and we doubt about accuracy of test lab.The following is the reason (as I can conclude on the basis of my own experience) behind "normal FBS/PPBS & abnormal HbA1c" and it is eyes opening:

Some foods (including LWMDR* ) show FBS & PPBS (2 hrs) within normal ranges but PPBS (30-min,1hr & 1.5 hrs) remain high/very-high.Therefore,our blood sugar remains high/very-high for more than 1 hr in a total duration of 2 hrs.If we take our foods in 4 to 5 servings (as it is generally advised to diabetic persons) then our blood sugar remains high/very-high for 5 to 6 hrs in a total duration of 24 hrs.Which affects our HbA1c readings.

For example:Consider the readings of my one day tests:

FBS-103,PPBS(30-min):173,PPBS (1 hr)-151,PPBS (1.5hr)-132 and PPBS (2 hrs)-110

So,as par FBS & PPBS (2 hrs) readings my blood sugar was under normal ranges but what was fact,one can easily observe while going through my all PPBSs.

These tests were done by me when I got abnormal test report of HbA1c as 7.65,in spite of normal test readings of FBS and PPBS (2hrs) for more than 3 months.

Thus,in order to achieve a normal HbA1c,it is reasonable to be dependent on any food item only after testing its overall effect on our blood sugar.Only normal FBS and normal PPBS (2 hrs) may not bring our HbA1c within normal range.

I request all of you to share your knowledge and experience to make this issue more clear so that a normal HbA1c can be achieved!

*I am not sure about long term effect of LWMDR i.e. it permanently cures or not.In fact,no body in the community,except respected ShooterGeorge has claimed of permanent cure.


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25 Replies

  • This reinforces my belief that a diabetic should have small meals in which there should not be any dominant food items. "Have everything, but in small quantities".

    Our measurements are usually focussed at pre-breakfast and post breakfast. It makes sense to take reading after lunch and dinner also. American Medical Association suggests three readings - before breakfast, after breakfast and at bed time.

  • Dear pankajvarma1,you are right!We must be conscious about our food habits.Then only we can maintain our good health.

  • Dear sm21730,thank you!How do you manage your diabetes?

  • hello alwaysoptimistic

    I am in LWMDR DIET, my FBS - 110 & PPBS - 140-150 (check bs weekly once, ppbs lunch only). after 3 months my hba1c- 6.4. weeliy once i eat homemade jaggery based sweets. my ppbs reading high but my HBA1C is under control 6.4. Before 6 months i drink regularly coffee or tea with milk no sugar, at that time my HBA1C- 7.2. my thought milk products play HBA1C readings

  • Dear sanrpt,

    Can you please tell me how long you have been on LWMDR.

  • NOW 5th month i follow LWMDR

  • Thank you sanrpt. Sorry for my belated acknowledgement.

  • Dear brittomonier,how do you manage your diabetes?

  • I am 58 years old. I was diagnosed diabetic in 1996. I started LWMDR exactly on 01/09/2015 when my FG was at 148/150 and PP at 270/280. I used to check my FG and PP once in a couple of days. Gradually my sugar level started improving. Now my FG and PP are 117/120 and 145/148 respectively. I take LWMDR for breakfast and dinner and I am not taking any dishes with LWMDR. My lunch is as usual rice with sambar, vegetables along with curd rice. Except on two occasions due to inevitable circumstances, I am strictly following as per the guidelines furnished by respected Shooter George. Previously, my sugar level was persistent more or less at 150 and 280 (FG/PP respectively, some times even 300). Now I am happy and I am determined to maintain the status quo till when I feel I am completely OK. So far, I have not taken HBA1C test which is due on 01/11/2015 and I will report the same as soon as it is tested. Really I find lot of changes. My feet were earlier having little irritations and now I do not have it. Some times specifically just before lunch times, I have slight hypogycemia for which, I immediately take my lunch to sort out this hypo. Currently, I am taking Azulix 1 half tablet each before starting my breafast, lunch and dinner. Now i have started cutting the above said 1/2 tablet before breakfast. However, I am taking it for lunch and dinner. I want to gradually cut the remaining tablets being taken for lunch and dinner. Hope I will do better. Let me wait and see. Thank you in the meantime for your enquiry.

  • Dear brittomonier,thanks a lot for your detailed reply!

  • 6.4 is not good control. It averages to 137. Means you are spiking more.

  • yes i know compare to before 7.2 , now 6.4

  • Dear sanrpt,thanks for your reply!Do you take any medicine?

  • hello alwaysoptimistic

    No medicine,LWMDR diet only.

  • It is good to be free from medicines!

  • To keep Hba1c under control BS spikes are also important. And BS spikes can be controlled only with restriction of carbs.

  • Dear shrisamarth,thanks for your advice!Changing our food habit is a difficult task.But there is no other choice for us.

  • Very good info! Thanks for sharing!!

    On the contrary, if there are frequent hypos during the day in spite of FBS and PPBS being beyond normal limits, can this result in a very good HbA1C reading, probably under 6?

  • Chances are low in such conditions because spikes do contribute to Hba1c. Hypo could be due to rapid or large variation in BS but actual BS may not be at true hypo level.

  • Dear venkas1,thank you!We must share our experience and knowledge for the benefit of others.I would like to hear from you about your way of managing diabetes.

  • Dear champak045,thanks a lot for advice!

  • I am an intermittent follower of LCHF - "intermittent" because I need to travel quite frequently when sometimes I am left with no option but to consume something which I would have otherwise avoided had I been at home. For example, I include sprouts and lot of plant foods like cucumber in my daily diet. When I am not travelling, I limit my intake of chapathis to just 2 during lunch time and no chapathis for breakfast and dinner. I am very particular about limiting my carbs intake.

    Having been a diabetic for 20-odd years (I am 56 years old now), post-LCHF, I started getting fantastic results with my BS levels, my last A1C @ 5.8 (from around 7+ until one-and-half years back). My lipids are near normal with only LDL to be controlled a bit more.

    I now know how and when spikes in BS levels really happen. This is something I have learnt through this forum for which I am thankful to Anup Ji, Medfree and many others.

  • Welcome to LCHF club. When I say that there are more than 400+ (now it should be 500+) Indian diabetics on LCHF diet, some guys here ask for proof, despite proof being so evident even here and also on :)

    As for LIPIDS, look at TG/HDL and get TG to 100 or lwoer. Total cholesterol is a useless number and a scam to sell statins. Cholesterol has no relation with CVD/CHD and it has repeatedly been proved.

    At the end of the day, LCHF is only thing that works in the long-term and delivers results consistently. Carb counting the the KEY to managing diabetes and attaining non diabetic numbers, even after 25 years of diabetic history.

  • Dear venkas1,thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

  • Is there any instrument to check HbA1c except to take the average of before and after breakfast?

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