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PPBS is lower then FBS

FBS is slightly higher then PPBS,

I am a diabetic from Nov 25 2015, at that time my FBS was 300 and PPBS was 350 and Weight was 95 but thanks to my doctor and Anup who recommend me LCHF diet because of them now I am almost drug free and only taking one Istamet 500 in night, but the problem is in all my last tests after the first test my PPBS is higher then FBS, From January 2016 I am testing my blood sugar in every 15 days and FBS sits between 90-94 and PPBS ranges between 86-91

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Thanks for the reply and yes LCHF helped me a lot...


I need more help like how to take Ashvagandha and which product is good and is their any side effect with any other medicine.... Please help


@Anup. @Shubhamkumar

anup is right. I'm jealous 😜😜

I am still struggling to get good ppbs and fbs numbers. But i'm sure gradually i will get good marks.

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you are right. So sorry that i'm a doctor and still can't control my numbers.

I once again post my meals here.

Morning : turmaric milk with 1tablespoonful of cow ghee and 2tablespoonful vco.

Acv with lemon and cinnamon.

Overnight soaked almonds 6-8, pistachio 10_12 and peanuts around 10.

hung curd with 6_8 almonds and pistachio 6_8+ 2 tablespoonful vco after half an hour

No lunch since i don't feel hungry.

One and half cup whole milk tea without sugar in the afternoon. Also a very negligible amount of some gujarati snacks like green fenugreek (leaves) muthiya or dhokla or handavo, muthiya or roti of dudhi bottle gourd.

Evening 1 roti made from jav -oat+urad black gram+ flax seed + almond powder and green veg or a cereal + urad papad + Pickle. I add a little more evoo to veg,cereal and pickle. I use vco for cooking and put home made ghee on roti.

Acv +lemon+ cinnamon pre/post dinner.

I take less than handful roasted or raw peanuts if felt a little hungry.

I take fenugreek seeds at night before dinner.

I feel more energetic and i'm losing weight. Perhaps my body is adjusting to new diet. As you see i'm taking very little carb. My fbs seems to be somogyi phenomenon because despite ac i soak my t at night.

once in a while i take few small pieces of melon or water melon

I'm patiently waiting.

I take metformin sr 500 before bf? and dinner.


I have observed that when I take milk ...my bs rises...so instead of milk try to get paneer or curd and with some fiber like salad ...

I was initially vegeterain ...converted to eggiterian fpr controlling bs and now eat 3-4 eggs in a day :) though unwillingly :)So add eggs  ...if you can ...

All gujrati food have sugar added...even daal and karela sabji, handvo and muthia  too...so if you are eating out all these snacks ...added sugar must be affecting your bs ...so quit eating out for some day and see it can help :)

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i take zero sugar. Whenever i eat dal there is no sugar nor jaggery. other snacks Also without sugar or with a little sweetner. Once in a while if take home made rabri that will be without sugar or a sweetner. I find my food without sugar equally tasty. I have adopted to the change of taste. And i don't take sugar since i had been diagnosed having diabetes


regret of eating daal without jaggery????:) :)means you are gujrati :)



no regret from me at all. I find my daal very tasty because it's made spicy or my taste buds have developed a new taste. Now i really dislike taste of sweet daal or anything in which sugar or jaggery is added. May be vegetable or rabri. Milk has enough sweet taste so tea made of whole milk without adding water or rabri without sugar taste sweet. 


My pp is around 150 but since i don't take lunch for last 15-20 days my afternoon bs is around 102-108.

my fasting used to be around 140+ about a month back. It shooted up to 180+ and now for last3-4 days it has come down to around 160+ 


Thanks. I will try to follow your advice as much as possible.


Yes. I'm taking. 

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