High PPBS after dinner

I have analysed one strange fact that my PPBS remains in higher (125 to 140) range in comparison of PPBS after lunch (95-110).

I have had same food in dinner which I had in lunch. In lunch I am having 3 medium sized chapati with homemade ghee and masoor daal and cucumber salad. And in dinner only 2 chapati with ghee and masoor daal with cucumber salad.

But the analysis is in noon my PPBS remains in between 95-110 range while in night it remains@ 125-140 range. I have analysed till 15 days. But the trend is same. I am having dinner before 8:30 every day.

Can someone please explain why it is so?

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  • Have you mentioned this to your doctor? Do they have a list of foods you eat? Do you count carbs for each meal and snack? Please contact your doctor's office if this continues. They may want to have you come in for an appointment to discuss other options.

  • Thanks for replying.

    No, I never visited to doctor, except when daignosed. I think pathologist doctor are not interested to cure the problem, they only advice to control the sugar for life time by medication. As per Aayurvedic we should attack over the root cause to get rid of the problem. And the root cause of diabetes is bad life style with poor diet management. Hence I am improving both. I know it will take some time but definitely I will be cured. My HBA1C comes to 5.3 now from 5.9 and previously from 8.9. Only by excersice. I have never had any medicine to control BS. Though evening PPBS is little high so wanted to know the cause for that if anyone knows.

  • It may depend on the type of food and how many carbs you eat. Total the carbs up and see how many they are and if they seem very high for one meal, try to lower them.

  • Thats what I am unable to understand. The same food in lunch and dinner. Also have lowered the quantity of the chapati in evening but than also BS remains high in comparison to noon

  • How big are the chapati? Size has something to do with how high or low your numbers may be when eating certain foods.

  • Both time same size as I am making the chapati by Philips machine

  • Can you cut them in half and use the other half for dinner?

  • You mean only one chapati, instead of 2

  • Cut one in half. Eat half for lunch then save the other for dinner. You will save on needing to buy more if you do this. Plus, it will cut down on carbs.

  • Good advice, let me try for this. One more detail I want to share with you is if I consume paneer phool water than my PPBS remains lower than 100 mgdl both the times. But as I want to cure my D without any herbs hence I have stopped it before a month.

  • I'm sorry. Can you please explain? I'm a little confused about the paneer phool water question. Is it used as a herb? You've stopped using it?

  • Yes paneer phool is a very good ayurvedic herb, I am soaking 9-10 pods overnight and in morning consuming it on an empty stomach. It gives good result but I have stopped using it as I wanted to control over my diabetes without any herbs or medicines. As per advised by one baudhist monk. He suggested me to take balanced diet but less fat from dairy products and regular exercise. And it works.

  • On an empty stomach, some foods/medications may hurt the stomach more. Exercise and eating a balanced diet works. If a doctor said you need to take something along with exercise and dieting, would you? To get things under control?

  • No I believe in active healthy lifestyle and balanced diet plan only. I will not take any herbs either english or ayurvedic unless and until very necessary. In necessity I will prefer ayurvedic herbs

  • Just be careful! Try some exercise each day and keep a very close eye on the numbers. You don't want the reverse to happen and you drop too fast and far. That wouldn't be good.

  • Please let us know how it goes.

  • Try and understand the change of metabolism during the 24 hr period and you will have some clue to the pattern that you see.

    BTW, rest assured, as of now diabetes cannot be CURED. It can only be managed.

  • May be you are correct Anup that diabetes is not curable. But I wish you proved wrong. Please don't mind but hope is a best medicine. Our belief system is very powerful and it can make you either patient or a healthy person.


  • Faith/Hope based treatment I am not a believer of. HOPE is mostly used to sell something dubious.

  • I understand ur pons after dinner is higher than that after lunch, for the same type of food.

    Did u measure bus just before lunch and dinner . Also what are ur activities before lunch and before dinner. These will give an hint to ur problem

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