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What is more important....FBS or PPBS

I am daily checking my FBS..and once in week when there is holiday and I am at home I do check my PPBS.

However I think you can always cheat PPBS with low carb diet...long wheat diet....or may be eating lunch in small quantity...

You can always cheat PPBS...but for FBS you don't have any sure shot control.....your liver ....brain will release the sugar in your blood....and bring you to diabetic level.

Although it is said if you exhaust Glucagon and glycogen then liver may not have sufficient sugar for release....still liver will convert sugar from other sources and keep sugar level up.

So FBS is right marker to check???

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Generally Doctor testing the patients FBS and PPBS  for first time   if he noticed it is diabetic  he may recheck after 10 or 15 days Again diabetes noticed as more than normal value   he suggest  HBA!C   HBA1C gives three months average  blood sugar level in the body  It confirms he is diabetic or not ?

 FBS and PPBS  both figure should be  done as you already done weekly or 10 days  once and try to control normal value

 Generally PPBStested depenbd upon what the food consume by you before 2 hours   If you consume very less  food   and no carb food like eggschicken  and mutton only then  there is no chances of PPBS beyond the normal value.

  FBS depend upon  persons   blood sugar level when he rest  and body will no active and  person sleeping more than 8 to 10  hours.

  Here the main important  thing is digestion of the food 

 But also so much   questions waS NOT   ANSWERED BY  dOCTORS  AND  ANY EXPERTS   ACCURATLEY   It depends upon  individua lpersons  activity .

1 If insufficient food  consume then blood sugar may reduce lower level then  Liver dumps   excess of glcogen  and  in produces excess of insulininbto blood thenFBS raises

2   if excess of food consume in  night it may not digested and some liver dump also happens then also FBS raises

3  If sulfunalurea  tab taken excess dose  then BS may reduces to lower level then again liver dumps excess then also FBS raises .

  these  are the  common problem for diabetic person .

  No general rules for this in my knowledge

  Any  members may share  opinion  inthis regard.


FBS and PPBS are just numbers not absolute pointers IMHO. It helps a doctor to gauge how well a patient is responding to medicine. In a patients view point how effective has his dieting or any other life style changes he has made.


very true ....

but for ppbs....you can always control with diet and exercise.....

but guess for fbs.... you don't have any other control...


Priority should be given to monitor PPBS. In most cases once PPBS is in control FBS will also remain in control.

In normal circumstances PPBS weighs more on Hba1c.

If you are talking about DP then yes, it is difficult to control FBS.

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Very true...ppbs is major contributor to Hba1c....

However....with low carbing...controlling ppbs is possible. Again ppbs steps on fbps....

Unfortunately... We do not have any sure shot method to control fbps.

If fbs is in order...it will be rather more easy to control ppbs.

If fbs is high like 160 or so....even if person goes on low carbing he may not land below 7 for hba1c.

Only option is left is exercise.

All tricky.....

Thank u ShreSamarthjee.

Ppl like you are myinspirations.

After getting diagnosed I stared reading...found this forum...went thru various posts and discussions... Got inspired... Brought down hba1c from 13.5 to 10.1to 8.5....in two months... Looking forward to next hba1c of 6 this week...

Jai shri swami samarth...

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Yes there are few member who have brought down their Hba1c to non-diabetic level of 5.xx in short period. Geodiabetic , Sugu , Shashikantiyengar sumitrocks2009 and many more.

You will be next to 5% club. :)


Thank for your best wishes

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My next aim is 4.7 


All the best....I am sure.

U will do


This is great news that we can make less than 6%.

I am struggling between 6.0 and 6.4 and trying hard but not coming down below 6.0. My PPBS is always normal like 110 to 119 but FBS is 115 to 131(that is last 10 months and earlier it was around 110).


Are you taking any blood-sugar-control medicines, @msreddy? If yes, what all, when all and howmuch?



I am taking Glyciphage SR 500mg 3 times a day after food.

I do spend time in Gym 40 to 70 minutes a day in mediate exercises like treadmill and elliptical and other cardio workouts.


M S Reddy


Hi @msreddy,

From your medication details it appears that the answer to your post may be:

taking Glysiphage SR 500 three times daily after meals is responsible for bringing PPBS within limit.

FBS remain above upper limit because your disease (Diabetes) is still not under control.


However shahikantjee.....

Hmmm..... with due respect...plz remember advise given by Ayurveda.....अति सर्वत्र वर्ज्यते ....

I am very sure that you will do that.....but is that required????

If you want to do it for record sake...its ok...

But to remain normal do you really required to do that???


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