Diagnosed in 2010 with arthritis and spondilites.No medicine cure my ailment but subsidised temporarily. I am not taking any medicines now but am able to cure arthritis and 95% spondilites however tingling and slight numbness is felt in my leg.

I started food as mentioned below with moderate yoga to control BS and ailments .

* 6am Ist thing I used to take 1 spoon mixture in warm water[Mixture 100gm Amla powder+50 gm methi+30 gm haldi] and 3 glasses of normal water.

**8am sprouted moong+small beetroot+5 pcs badam+2 akhrot+1 arabian date+1 tomato+5gm coconut+dhania patti+1 lemon+green chilli

***11am 1/4 green apple+1 mousumi+1/4 pomegranet+1 straw berry+1/4 peer+1/2 guavava+ any available but soured fruit and a cup of tea.

**** 1 pm 50 gm steamed gram pulse mixed with cucumber.tomato.french beans grated,different coloured shimla mirch, and 10gm poha mixed with chutney made with coconut+2 tomato+10 pcs garlic and ginger+chilly.

4 pm ** is repeated or corn flake with milk[1 cup] or curd mixed with fruit slices

8:30 3 pcs bread[wheat floor mixed with jawar,bajra,ragi,oat.gram besan.corn flour] and veg

It is not only diabetes are under control but all other complications are almost eliminated feeling younger and smarter than 40"s in 50"s.My Co workers are now trying the same with me and feeling the same.

pl follow it and also suggest anything should be added or altered.

I think it is combination of all varities of food with low GI and low carb with fibre and protein.

On sunday I used to take rice and chicken/fish but lowering the amount of intake in breakfast.


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27 Replies

  • You must be joking; all that carb loaded junk will worsen arthritis and metabolic problems.

  • Doesn't all fruit diet cause pancreatitis?

    Reminds me of Steve Jobs!

    Cornflakes keeps diabetes under control. :D :D :D

  • It would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

  • Sorry I couldn't stop LMAO'ing on reading that cornflakes, rice and all high carbs cured diabetes and also made look younger by a decade, when it is well knows that sugar causes faster aging!

    Nowhere I could find any talk about A1C, PPBS, FBS

  • Ashton Kutcher had landed in the hospital trying to follow Steve Jobs' all-fruit diet -- in an attempt to do "method acting"



  • You are doing wonderfully well. The diet you have chosen is beneficial and suited you perfectly. So no need to listen what others say.

    Steve Jobs died of cancer pancreas,which was neglected despite repeated advice by doctors to undergo surgery

    Alas,no body suggested him lchf ,to cure all his ailments. 😓😓😓😓😓

  • LCHF isn't even the topic of discussion here.

    Actually he was on a NO SFA diet by Dr Dean Ornish, one of the many anti SFA "experts" in town, a NO SFA and CARBS SOY loaded diet. Some say this allowed cancer to spread faster. SOY is one of the most horrible stuff.



    It helps when one knows entire detail while weaving a discussion rather than pick up tit bits and then build a case.

    Take care!

  • Diet IS topic of discussion. Unlike many here I do not talk beyond topic. And please stop making fun out of anybody's diet.

  • Where did I make fun? So please stop pointing fingers at me.

    If anything is made fun of out here, it's LCHF diet and just by a handful few, and terms like "white powder", "parrot-and-puppet-show", "neighborhood cattle boy" etc are used directly making fun of LCHF followers and preachers.

    No time for taking this discussion any further.

    Take care.

  • Thank you.

  • At least those on LCHF never dish out "just opinions" because they talk based on their reports. So, no confusion there. In fact, we don't even claim or support the theory of "DIABETES CURE" like few do here to sell an idea, herb or grain aggressively.

    That's why diabetics are switching to LCHF, and going off drugs or reducing them drastically and yet landing far better numbers than on so called healthy diet. They have comparative numbers on both diets to do all the talking. Anything that works reproducibly can never be "half baked". At least that's what my formative days as an engineer at IIT taught me.

    A Tech institution wouldn't have invited a diabetic, who reduced his insulin from 70 to 17 by switching to LCHF, to talk about LCHF to a gathering of 80 young minds, if anything was HALF BAKED about LCHF. I talked about this in the other thread and you are already aware about this so not repeating here.

    Yesterday night, one of my classmate from IIT and now in SAIL called me and said he is detected diabetes and doctors quickly put him on three drugs in less than 10 minutes in office.

    He threw all drugs off and cut out all grains like wheat, rice, ragi, rye, oats, corn and wanted to know what else to do. He even tried cornflakes in breakfast and found his numbers shot up sky high to around 250 despite the drug and it was after this that he threw all of them out.

    I talked to him over an hour and finally told him join my forum where there are many like me to guide and help. He joined and we are sure his diabetes will surely improve without drugs on LCHF, like it has done in huge huge number of cases already. Talking about self managing diabetes is not a time pass for me. It's my passion because it works.

    Check this out. He doesn't find anything half baked about what we talk:


    And, there are hundreds -- Indian diabetics -- like him now. LCHF is no more "speculatove blogging" as it was made out to be (unnecessarily) when I started talking LCHF in Jan 2013 here, and was unnecessarily attacked and insulted. It was pure science back then, is pure science now, and will remain to be so in future too, irrespective of whatever it is called by a few non practitioners f the same here.

    Pragya, a young mind, a diabetic and a member here, is starting her own LCHF site:


    I am happy that this is happening and would love to see 100 more Pragya do this. Becomes easier to purge FAILED theories -- or a dogma that sticks like plague.

  • As I understand every human's metabolism and biological characteristics are different than any other so the generalized formula will have varied effects so there is no point of arguing here about the diet. I found Mr. Alamsir diet is meticulously balanced diet and If carbs are high then he has milted the quantity. So, if it is working fine on him so may be on many others whose body characteristics are nearer to that of Alamsir.

    LCHF has no doubt proven diet for diabetics but still being argued on it cardiac impacts but, for that matter nothing is 100% perfect in this world not even any medicine and if anything is effective by more than 70%, it has to be accepted by and large as remedy.

  • Recent research (just out in last 48 hrs) has shown that Finasteride or Dutasteride, popularly known as Proscar and Avodart, for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement doesn't work in 25% cases of men. Those taking it for alopecia are also at risk for adverse events elicited by these drugs.

    Vioxx and diabetic drug AVANDIA was sold despite KNOWN damaging effect to heart and Vioxx alone killed 60,000 humans before being pulled off when all the needed money was made by everyone in the loop:


    So, push a drug knowing all the lethal side effects - make $30 billion -- plead guilty - pay $3 billion as compensation - end of the story. $27 billion still made through drug fraud. Good business model.

    SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD and there's no fraud about this

  • Thanks anup

  • My pleasure!

  • Now there will be spate of rigged articles to show that how great the two drugs -- Proscar and Avodart -- are and how minimal the adverse effects are. Just a matter of time. Marketing is all about:

    (1) Convince.

    (2) If you can't Convince, Confuse.

    (3) If you can't do both, bribe the concerned who can be instrumental in moving the product really fast before fraud is caught. The impact on end user is completely out of the picture here, because it operates around "Get Rich Quick" model.

    Rigging happend in case of Vioxx, happened in case of Avandia and is currently on in case of pioglitazone wrt showing that it doesn't cause cancer or it is insignificant.

  • I sometimes fail to understand why doctors and pharmacists have to be paid kickbacks for a drug to sell?? Is it a case of case (3)?

    You are from drug industry so can answer this in greater detail.

  • R u medical store owner so u know all items I am posted in so much previous discussion about Doctor and drug pharma So need not necessary for thinking Every field is on commission basis so we may not possible to solve I think i may also post these things in older posts But we may not possible come over in this situation

  • aks 666 As best of my knowledge I am given suitable answers all these useless matter discussion Yourself and your friends may also seen So i want to discussion in friendly way But for some more time back in this forum every discussion started there is 2 nd world war started by the followers of ADA and so on / LCHF followers Both of them try to failure all the discussion Myself try to convince all of them by showing my knowledge with experience and facts both of them not convinced . One member hate me now also What fault by me.? I will comment against his discussion posted he simply says u are a follower of Medfree ? yes I am follower of medfree and all blogs and I am shared 7 or 8 blogs and so much of magzines.

    similarly I am study ADA Mayo clinic and other blogs also

    U may also

    know some of discussion i am saying real fact some of LCHF members also critics me but 2 or 3 good discussions were also end with 2 nd world war

    Afterwards I am decided to stop the discussions and unnecessary comments it last our patience. . My character is one who hate me but I love him also .

    I am retired person but now I am honorary served some poor peoples organisiation

    and contribute some small amount as donation.

    So i am leaving almost all networkblogs. and magzines also I am now sharing only


  • Hi agrhar,

    Let me address the medfree point. Anyone who talked LCHF or on those lines (ie reduce carbs substitute with fat) was wrongly considered as follower of medfree by some guys. Just ignore such statements as some are overly obsessed with that username.

    If you go back to old posts you would see how much even anup was hated. But that's history. He is back here. Even a user @Concerned was thought to be medfree follower because he also talks Low carb High fat. I am surprised I was spared :)

    So, let's ignore the noise and keep preaching what we are doing. Fault is not with you. Your only fault is you are not following HIGH CARB DIET as a diabetic and that upsets few here :)

    Donation is a great work. dlife.in runs on money funded from pocket of anup. Some here even found fault with that and started conjecturing that money is being made there. No solution for such mindset. They will have unlimited irrational reasons to point fingers.

    I really don't care who is enemy here. So, enjoy good blood sugar control and aim for what is real good sugar level and not what ADA says is good. Control your carbs intake that's the key. Rest all is irrelevant noise :)

  • It's good that you donate for poor. That speaks a lot about you. Don't worry about what people think about you. Let it pass and you keep doing your good work. Even meenaraju -- a lady -- wasn't spared.

    Doing social service for poor kids/orphans is great service. I can't share what I do in that regard because I do not consider it a matter of public discussion, but I do something on those lines.

    How do you find atmosphere at dlife.in?

  • He is now aiming for 120 grams carbs as he has shared on my forum.

    That answers everything I guess ;)

  • Ragivrao What I posted the discussion thread above

    now also stands the same discussion Your comment is also accurate Because the above discussion was not end by with full satisfaction No answer is found But also it was not found ever.

    Since it depends on the persons resistance and tolerate power and also digestive organs

    u may also seen so much of other discussions also not found suitable answer

    I am using my diet by own method by testing myself FBS and PPBS by different food consumption and now my FBS 95 ppbs 117 HBAC 5.7

    average mean 118 and all other parameter is normal value ECG urine routine also good

  • Ragivrao u are more than 82 years of age and also suffered from DM from last 30 years But also in your age u are active in online forums it shows u are maintaining DM as best as possible.

    there is no special attraction to praise my diet and control

    in you age u must maintain calm and peaceful mind .

    In your age u must maintain calm and peaceful nature in your life Do not over tension

    U can understand that our mind will control the blood circulation but blood cannot control our mind

    Once blood sugar will raises it will definitely become low without any effect for 6 hours hours If our mind is peaceful and no tension then BS became normal value if we control our diet and life style then it will comes at least 3 hours also sotry to control tension free life and gives some rest to mind without tension .

    U are senior most person do not think otherwise i am not a great to advise u as I am just completed 60 years

    For your interest i will decide to start new discussion shortly

  • aks /666 anup i am not blame anyone in the forum for any matters I want to smooth discussions only I have already informed due to discussion times I am condemn many times both followers also for discussion and concerned points only because some of problems is not possible to solve in our hand and also any forums discussion O k forget it

    due to unhappy i am posted to leave the thread and inform that I am have some good social work to pass the time without wasting time In this situation I am by without my knowledge i urgently pointed out donation topic

    it is my fault I want to delete the post but 2 members already like it So if I am delete they may be unhappy So I am not deleted the post.

    my work is neglizible U are started one online diabetic forum in your own money with profit basis

    your forum and this forum had serve the society without any benefit and advertisement from 3rd party.

    Now also all the members think and help for smooth discussions

  • Always be happy and when feeling low for any reason, listen to music ... it peps you up. The following one peps me up instantly ... it is with lyrics so everyone can understand the song.

    So, enjoy music besides doing good donation work, and laugh in the face of diabetes through a healthy diet. ADA/AMA/AHA diet is BAD for diabetics and UNHEALTHY by any measure.


  • There's no confusion in the minds of diabetics who follow LCHF. Not all the dietary fat is derived from animals. You forgot, coconut, VCO, VOO, nuts, avocados.

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