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Diet for blood sugar

Hi all,

My fasting blood sugar is 116mg/dl. I am taking these tablets:

1.Gemer P1 (1 time before breakfast)

2.Glyciphage SR 1gm (1 time before dinner)

3.Volibo 0.3 (3 times a day)

I am taking the above tablets since the last 20 days and my fasting blood sugar is around 110-120. I am taking total 6 breads along with a small bowl of rice. I am 54 years old but due to this small quantity of diet, I am feeling a bit weak. So, I want to know how do have a balanced diet so that my weight will increase keeping my blood sugar as constant i.e around 110 (fasting)??


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Please check out the free leaflet on " A Healthy Diet and Diabetes" on the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. Go to: drwf.org.uk/diabetes-leaflets

Hope this helps!

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I have seen in some thread that one of our Volunteers-Anup Ji has quoted:Whenever our tongue enjoys taste then our body suffers.And it is very true as my personal experience says.

Dear singhdhiraj ,Your diet has high portion of carbohydrate.That is why,you are not able to control your blood sugar level effectively and you are feeling a bit weak even after taking medicines.Diet and life style have key roles in diabetic management.Cut the carb and add natural fats in your diet.Many diabetic,including me,following Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet are med-free.For more information about LCHF,please follow following link: dlife.in


singhdhiraj ,

If you are aged ( age 60 and above ) The fasting blood sugar of 110 is ok for you, Kindly change your diet , and Routine

1, Walk in the Morning 1 Hour

2 Prepare a Meal of 50 Grams of Long wheat mash in the morning with lot of water and a bit salt

3 Normal food in noon

4, Supper the same Long wheat Mas Diet

5 Include Vegitables like carrot, leafy veg, Peas

6, Avoid Bread

7 Avoid Milk and all types of Fried ( oil) things

within one month you can avoid Medication


take 2 tbs olive oil before sleep 2 upon waking up empty stomach in three days your fasting will come to 80-90 range nd wont be needing meds and as for weakness jawar, bajra ,gandum, makai, take everything equally nd make them into flour from flour mill/chaki and use it as roti with whatever your diet is it will significantly keep your BG in target range specially random , you'll be very happy to see results..... and one more thing it will lower cholesterol , triglycerides urea uric acid etc .... wish you best of your health and remember me in prayers and share it with others when you get results so others can benefit too :)



Jowar, bajra, makai. All high gi food. I won't advise. The glucose powder is made from makai.


jawar bajra makai chana are high on GI but very low on G.load as well as all are whole grains very rich in fiber and will keep you satiated for very long time and also prevent sugar spikes moreover jawar also is very helpful in lowering cholesterol triglycerides , helpful in arthritis, general weakness , and the GI quantity in of 100gm portion size and i recommended 4 things :) i'm sure you'll find much info about their benefits on the internet, moreover i also mentioned using olive oil and its method for using to prevent high BG after eating , anyways it would be better to try then comment ..



Cool down. I have tried and now try to avoid. I didn't find GL of millets. Tell me if you can. No carb containing food can lower cholesterol.

Have a nice time.


lol come on its ok :) have you tried cupping therapy ??



and olive oil method of taking that i told , give it a try atleast for a week



Thanks bro.

I do vajra chakrasan daily. A few times.

Evoo i'm using for more than a year and liberally. But not in the manner you are saying - two tsf in the morning empty stomach and two at night.


and its so sad that Ayurveda is such a great school of thought in medicine all the world is taking benefits from your historical knowledge of medicine and yoga and yet its ignored in your country and western medicine is followed :( you have camel milk in your country. Sir, do you know that camel's milk contains natural insulin and studies and conducted on it for type 1 and 2 diabetes and they are conducted in KSA and your country :)


Why you want to increase your weight?

Regarding diet, you are on the wrong direction. Stop rice and bread. Have least carbohydrates, say 20 to 40 gm per day. Have natural fats like butter, coconut oil, mutton, beef, eggs, fish etc and a lot of vegetables especially green, leafy vegetables. You can reduce the drugs after 1 - 2 months. Gradually you can stop all medicines within 1 year.

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The best suggestion for you is to approach your doctor who will refer you a qualified diatecian for your food intake and its types as well. There are lot of factors like age, daily work schedule, other prevailing diseases etc . to actually ascertain what would be the right intake of calories and food for you and it would be wise for you if it is left in the hand of a qualified dietician. Regarding the medicine under sl.no.1 you referred has one component named as pioglitazone which was banned recently due to reportedly adverse effects on diabetic patients. Most worryingly, reportedly, pioglitazone had side effects on adversely affecting the bones of diabetic patients. The medicines you are taking, although basic ones could be substituted by latest available combination drugs with less costs and negligible side effects. You may thoroughly discuss with your doctor on this.


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