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Penalty for breaking LCHF diet plan even for a day

I have been diabetic (type 2) during last 8 years. Somehow my BS readings became high (FS 130-150 and PP 200-230) during last 18 months in-spite of high medication (2/3 New triglucored forte or Amaryl GP2). Then I came to know about LCHF diet plan in this forum about a month back.It gave me immediate support. FS became 100-110 and PP 130-150 (under same medicine). I am now sure following LCHF I shall be able to control my BS readings and may be reduce my medicine (specially the Pioglit part which is not good for health though it helps me most in reducing BS).

However this week I had gone to a religious place ( Tarapith in westbengal - a Peethasthan) and taken a large amount of Rice as 'Bhog". The result was 330 PP which I could hardly believe. It was never so high in last 8 years, Immediate diet control brought my FS back to 100 and PP to 135. I also learned that carbohydrate is really bad for me specially when I am in diet. In marriage parties once a month I did take sweets / deserts but morning FS never changed much (increased from 110 to 115 say).

I feel now continuous watching of BS after & before food/exercise tells us lot and help controlling life style.

Warm regards and best wishes for all in this forum

akb123-age 63

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What are the medicines you are using?


I take New Triglucored Forte before breakfast and Dinner. Also GlycoMet GP2 before Lunch. Thus total intake of Pioglit becomes 45 mg which is high. My target is to get rid of this altogether which will take some time.

Besides this I take some vitamines and anti-oxidants like ECN and Meganuron. Also have taken Calcitriol for D3.

Also one Flowcont every night for enlarged Prostrate.

Medicines may be doing more damage to me :(


You know about below already. All the same :

Triglucored Forte - glibenclamide 5 mg, metformin hydrochloride 500 mg, pioglitazone 7.5 mg.

GLYCOMET-GP 2 tab - glimepiride 2 mg, metformin hydrochloride (SR) 500 mg.

The above medicines are some what like combination drugs.

When I was trying to reduce my medicines, In trying to reduce / eliminate pioglitazone, I faced the problem, that metformin also was getting reduced, since it was part of the medicine, whereas there was no need to reduce it, as it is supposed to be one of the safer drug for diabetes.

My first suggestion would be to get separate pure medicines, prescribed by your doctor, for each, i.e. metformin, sulfonyl urea (glibenclamide / glimepiride) & pioglitazone & take them separately. Next start reducing pioglitazone, followed by sulfonyl ureas couple with proper diet & exercises.

In my case, I have managed to bring it closer to control (my fasting used to be around 250 & post lunch around 350 ) only with a little bit of diet modifications, so far. Have eliminated pioglitazone and am on minimum sulfonyl urea. Also am taking metformin. Am yet to experiment with exercises (laziness) :-(.

All the Best,



Many thanks for your concern and kind suggestions which I shall follow carefully. Just to keep the record clean we may note that New Triglucored Forte contains 15 mg of pioglitazone (not 7.5). I was taking 3 tabs every day one month back and so it was 45 mg of pioglit. But now under LCHF diet it is only once in the night so only 15 mg/day. Still my FS and PP are much better. LCHF has given me confidence that I can fight Diabetes. The exercise part will be my next target. I am surely going to loose weight during next 2/3 months.


Latest News : Pioglitazone has been banned in India.



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Bought a pair, nearly a year back. They are still waiting for me to lift them up. I just get tired looking at them. ;-).

Am a couch-potato of the highest order.

All the same, now that you have reminded me, will try to get rid of my laziness.



@akb123-Will you kindly share your typical day's diet plan?Thank you.


I am also confused like many here about actual LCHF diet that can be followed. What I take is:

1. 8 AM: one/two small biscuits with tea. I know biscuit is bad but could not avoid till now

2. 10 AM: 1 Chapati with Sabji/2 bread toasts/small portion of chowmein. Often add one baked egg to it. Sometimes take one Paratha instead of Roti.

3. 3 PM: 1 Roti and sabjis, boiled ladies finger (vindi), some Karela and 100 gm curd. Sometimes one piece of fish too.

4. 7 PM: One biscuit/Samosa without Alu with tea and peanuts.

5. 10 PM: one Roti etc.. similarr to sl 3 above

6. Somehow I take tea (no milk or sugar) six times a day. Hope this does not harm.

I know my Calorie intake is not same every day and it may be low. But I weigh 90Kg at 173 CM height so low calorie intake will be good. For fat I depend on Peanuts, Cheese and some butter only. Probably adding Olive oil will be good.

I feel I should stop taking Rice/ Wheat / Potato altogether - may be some small portion once a week. This is yet to be achieved.


Your diet seems quite good.Think of herbal or tulsi tea instead of regular tea.


Some people need to check for the effect of paneer on their sugar. In my case, it tends to aggravate things.



I agree with medfree


What ever amount of rice you might have consumed, if you have the habit if excercising after that certainly your sugar level would not have gone that high.


what exercise can be done after meal? I do not have blood pressure. weigh 90 kg and may be called somewhat obese..


what is Low Carbohydrates High fats diet please explain


@akb123 &venkatramana

I am bit confused on LCHF diet though I want to follow this .

Can someone enlighten me on a ideal LCHF diet plan please

My FS is 118 and PP 148 for nearly three years now. I am 66 years old

Diet followed Morning Empty stomach Green Tea followed by Isometric Exercise for 15/20 min at 8am Bowl of Oats cooked in water .No Milk consumed at all. Small bowl of cut fruit ( Water melon/Mash/papaya/Apple ) and two slices bread with some butter and Tomato slices.

Lunch 1.30 pm 2 chapathi & Vegetable .

Evening - 6 pm One apple ,peanuts ( small 2 handful dailly)

Dinner 8.30 pm - 2 chapathi and vegetable

Medication - 1 tablet of 1mg Amaryl after Dinner.

Is this diet high on Carbohydrate ,what should I reduce or increase intake ? Advice please.

I also play 3 days a week round of Golf for about 2 hours from 4 to 6 pm. I feel very hungry between 12 to 1pm and similarly in the evening at 6 . Please advice


I think you are doing fine as it is, LCHF means daily intake of calories with carbohydrates restricted to 20%.,from proteins 20% and the balance 60% from fats.The underlying principle is that as diabetics are deficient in insulin,by cutting down on carbohydrates we need less insulin and blood sugar levels therefore do not rise.Fat metabolism does not need insulin and fat energy is released through a different route.Many people report that they are benefited very much with this diet plan but the long term implications of heavy fat consumption is not fully explained,to my knowledge.


Thanks High Fat content does not lead to Heart issue ? I wonder


Thank you very much .I had read that oats is good but it seems contrdiactory

shall try and follow this


Sir the theory behind low carb diet is "less input,less output".It may give the impression of you having BS under control,but the fact is that low carb diet is good for reducing the weight.But then you also need energy to run your body, to do your daily chores,etc.And the source of energy is glucose which oxidise in your blood to give you energy.When you reduce the intake of carbohydrate,fat and protein starts burning to boost the energy level.Although it varies with different people,after some time the weakness takes over and the life becomes miserable.Of course I do not say you go ahead with high carb diet,BUT PLEASE TAKE SUFFICIENT CARB AS PER YOUR NEED ,CHANGE SEDENTRY LIFE STYLE AND ENJOY THE LIFE INSTEAD OF COUNTING CARBS ALL THE TIMES.THIS IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF 18 years of diabetes management.REGARDS


Yes i am totally agree with medfree getting much better result by LCHF thanks medfree and forum


medfree, will you kindly furnish a list of Indian foods that can be easily included in FAT category. I am a diabetic since last 16 years, and am able to steadily reduce carb intake and started getting positive results in BS readings. I am 66. But I would like to have options ready for increasing

FAT foods, available around. I live in Pune. Whether milk intake is ok?



Hello my name is jenni and im from Sweden. im active in lchf movement and im going to later become dietitian in lchf and paleo. if u are diabetic u should be avoiding all bread pasta potatoes rise, corn. their is good page u should visit is dietdoctor.com. and i hope it will help u all getting started on diet. their is also one book called diabetes no thank you amazon.co.uk/Diabetes-No-Th... its worth reading it. good luck =)


Does LCHF improve the health of Pancreas? My feeling is that it does not. By reducing Carbohydrate intake, one reduces the sugar/glucose supply to blood; that is why HbA1c & other diabetic parameters show improvement. Those shoot up the moment one take carb/starch/sweet because the diseased pancreas remains so or deteriorates as time passes.

LWMDR is not so. It rectifies the damage of Pancreas & recuperates it in due course. If the phrase LWMDR is strange to you, either click my picture on the left & read my blogs/responses or Google "GEORGE CURED DIABETES" & read the article titled 'Diabetes Mellitus Cured - George's experience'.

healthunlocked.com/diabetes... ---MYPOST 9, Long Wheat & Cure.

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I usually do not comment on things, unknown to me or having no first hand opinion or hands on experience. I know from your earlier comments/responses/replies that you can understand & appreciate diabetic parameters. You please have a look at my diabetic parameters from 2006 to 2014 at appropedia.org/diabetes_mel... then you can do away with the IFs, SHOUDs & WOULDs.

Yes one day "it would be a billion dollar industry based on extracts from that wheat" for sure. I wonder how did you come to know that I tell these words? NOT billion dollars but money sufficient to buy countries.


The answer is a much BIGGER NO. Do you know why??? UNLESS YOU DO WHAT WAS TOLD - that is DRINK WATER - your thirst will not be quenched. It is as simple as that.

There is a minor difference between what you told & what the truth is. It is not "should also have" but "CAN also have". That is "If GEORGE cured it, then Tom Dick And Harry CAN also have."

You are indeed very much right; curing Diabetes following Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) DOES NOT NEED THE EXPERTISE OF GREAT GREAT STALWARTS LIKE medfree, any Tom Dick & Harry or even George can do it. That is another POINT of mine!

When I do not get any mails, I DO scroll through older threads.



I do not desire or need any undue traction or attention. I am responding to words & ideas & not to persons. Otherwise who am I to confront a TIGER?

Thank you very much for being generous enough to accord sanction to "Those who want to try eating mashed wheat every day they can".

By responding to your words my intention is to talk to its readers and NOT TO YOU because I know that you are happy with LCHF & you do not need anything better. Tigers are carnivorous; I am omnivore.




It may sound ridiculous but I trust both of you, I mean the logical contents in your statements. I am under LCHF for last 10 months or so with ups and downs. I should open a new thread soon.


Hi akb123,

your view is not at all ridiculous; it is right only. I am fully convinced & stated in very clear terms several times & recently at item #2 & #3 of one of my responses in { healthunlocked.com/diabetes... } that LCHF is capable of keeping Blood sugar parameters under control without any medicines or exercise.

Only difference I see is that LWMDR can keep blood sugar parameters in normal range EVEN WITH starchy & sweet food in absence of LWMDR in the long run. This statement irritates many people, some even personally known to me. I know the reason; as far as medical/health matters are concerned, as medfree rightly pointed out, I am at par with any Tom, Dick & Harry & not like medfree.

I am on a MISSION FOR SURE, but not unknown or camouflaged. A thread, of LCHF or whatever, even though created long ago or long long ago IS NEW FOR ANY ONE WHO READS IT FOR THE FIRST TIME.

History of science show us that the person who said for the first time that EARTH IS A SPHERICAL OBJECT & NOT A FLAT DISC faced similar criticisms from the renowned SCIENTISTS & TEACHERS of that time.


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