Curcuma amada/Ambe halad

Once on tour had lunch at one small lunch home at 'Gandhinagar' Ahmedabad.

As salad they served some dark orange color pieces....Thinking as they are carrot I had them...but taste was different...and I found that they were pieces of haldi rhizomes...

In Gujarat it seems its common practice. May be other members will know more about that.

As I was searching remedy for fatty liver...found that turmeric is very effective on liver problems...( remember pharma efforts for patents of turmeric).

It is said...turmeric has got beneficial effect on lipid profile...(especially triglyceride lowering effect).

If a diabetic could lower his triglyceride level without sacrificing on HDL...his IR will be reduced.

At present in pune turmeric rhizomes are available.After june they will sprout.

For last one month I am having them for lunch and dinner.By my next lipid profile I will be able to tell the results.

This variety is curcuma longa.Today got curcuma amda(ambe halad) which is said more powerful than longa.Which I will be using next 2 weeks.


How much will curcumin lower your triglyceride levels? In a clinical trial in India, taking just 500 mg of curcumin per day lowered triglycerides an average of 33%. It also lowered LDL cholesterol an average of 11%. Both lipid levels fell precipitously due to the fact that some of the excess triglycerides are converted into cholesterol.

has any one used this??? any experiences???

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32 Replies

  • Good info @cure 

  • It's routine item which all gujaraties eat. A seasonal item sold everywhere in season. 2 Varieties. Yellow and white.

    We put them in salt water in which lemon juice is added. Raw has a unpalatable taste but when soaked in light salt water for 2-3 days the taste becomes good. Very healthy. I take plenty twice in a day as salad. Marwaries make vegetable with it adding lots of pure ghee. Very healthy.

  • white one is curcuma amda...ambe halad

  • Cure

    we call it amba halder. The white one.

  • @suramo...amba hardaer means mango haldi :)  Am I right (My wife familiar with Gujrati culture and language ) smells like mango cure said :) i got the same, thinking it is ginger ... made tea with that and later threw away all tea when it started smelling like mango :)

  • Yes I am going to get boils around lips like what we get from sap of raw mango stem...

    Let us see....

    But suramo do u mean we should peel cut and then keep it in salt water?

    Or just keep in salt water as it is?

  • My grand MA use to use it for swelling....but externally.... I am taking it internally first time

  • @Cure

    i never heard anybody getting adverse effect of fresh turmeric.

    Turmeric powder with chune which we use in paan and alum - fitkari can be used on blunt external injuries.

    Turmaric also used with warm milk esp for blunt injuries in addition to many other uses. I take such warm turmeric milk with one tsf cow ghee and now also add two tsf vco. Such milk if given to small children is very beneficial. Said to strengthen bones.

    Yes. You have to peel cut and wash thoroughly before putting into salt and lemon solution

    Turmeric is useful both externally and internally. 

  • If I use a lot of turmeric during summers...I get a lot of sweating ...turmeric is excellent antibiotic/anti inflammatory used for all internal and external cuts/ and injuries  and inflammation like RA or colitis

    The toleration differs from person to person

  • Fitkari=alum= tawas in Tagalog= Turati in Marathi  is astringent .best remedy to stop bleeding.

    Turmeric is very good antibiotic.

    So using this both will sure help healing wound.

    My grand ma use to apply turmeric+fitkari+ sambar shing/horn of antelop+ambe halad+ red sandal wood  on twisted hand or leg....this will help to reduce swelling and internal injury.

  • Cure

    yes. There can be many combinations region vise but turmaric mixture should be applied warm. Injured war soldiers were given hot milk with turmeric to soothe the wound pain. A very good wound healer also

  • Turmeric is very important herb in Indian is symbol of fertility even.. that is why it has given importance in Hindu marriage.

  • It tastes like mango, so it is called Ambe Halad.

  • Karch


  • u r gujju...right? I am also Gujarati Bania from Vadodara. We eat this you talk about green raw haldi and amba halder during winter season when it is available locally...

  • Ashka9

    Jai Srikrishna.... is available now also in Pune...but yes after Diwali is harvest season for turmeric.

    By the way....I am from Pune...and pakka Marathi Manus...but yeah I do visit Gujarat Often......

    There lot of marathi ppl in Vadodara....and in particular ppl from my community are also highly concentrated at Vadodara... I am CKP

  • @Cure

    How is it available in pune and not here ? Ye panga kya hai?

  • hahaha suramo

    mangata hai kya???

  • Cure

    bhai ye udhar ka sindoor kaha lamba chalta hai. Well send me link of curcuma pickles once again and only link. Not any tag / lecture attached.

  • Gujratis use it as pickle...its kacchi haldi is very of my friend from Delhi used the same and she got blisters around her lips ...its said to be creating a lot of heat in body case you are not habitual of eating it ...use carefully...take care for not getting another unknown side effects

  • Yes karch 

    It has strong smell like raw mango

    Also I am feeling like some sort of feeling around lips similar to what we get after touching raw mango to lips...

    May be will get blisters...but let us see...I am tough

  • Even we (non gujarati) love Kachi Hadi pickle.

    I can tolerate a large table spoon full of it twice a day. 

  • I would like to read regular updates on this .How you eat this ambe halad , is it in raw form or in pickle form or the haldi powder form .

  • Right now eating chewing with morsel

    But seems strong

    For last full month was chewing curcuma longa's tasty...but ambe halad is not tasty.

    If you are from Pune..u can get it market

  • @Vishsmita

    we are talking of fresh haldi straight from farm. You can make pickle of multi veg like carrot, garmar, haldi etc. Also you can keep haldi in salt and lemon water after peeling and cutting. This is to improve taste. You can add haldi, carrot in mango pickles also.

    I don't know if ambe haldi is dried and powderd.

  • Thanks for your prompt reply .I am from Poona so will try here after

  • Visit mandai..and u can get both varities.

    But after one week it won't be possible... As haldi starts sprouting in pre monsoon period.

  • Current rate is 30 Rs for 250 gms

  • We make pickle from both.

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