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Emmer, Ragi, LCHF

Dear friends,

We are in this community with a common aim: help each other and learn from each other so that we improve our diabetic condition and disprove that it is inevitably progressive.

I am trying here to analyse my experience to bring some order in my mind, to help me with my onward diabetic path.

Stopping the parboiled red rice we use helped me a great deal. We eat it hot and no resistant starch. I switched to Ragi and Sama and ivy gourd.

Stopping ordinary wheat and switching to emmer also helped me.

I think the replacements might have been helpful because of high fiber( Ragi) and low GI as well as resistant starch.

Now, reading about fiber and resistant starch, I understand these help nourish the gut flora through producing butyrate.

I understand that healthy and good gut flora are vital for our own health and that coconut oil,butter, ghee also contain / help produce butyrate. So in the end, eating these fats we may be getting the same benefits as emmer, if that is the only benefit emmer has.

In the market, we get only emmer for porridge, for Upma ( rava) and puttu. None for chapathi. I powdered some and tried eating chapathi. But it causes stomach discomfort and bloating. The other things don't. I think it needs cooking in a lot of water to be digestible. Hence shooter George's Kanji recipe. I tried emmer chapathi and bread on my son and husband. It lay like stone in our tummies.

Puttu flour is first roasted, moistened and then steamed.

I love butter and cheese and ghee in my food. But not too much meat. I read that stool exam in LCHF showed lower presence of butyrates. Perhaps it could be because of bulk from vegetables.

Could you comment?

I am going to try a low carb with the foods I generally eat.

Thank you

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gr8 spirit and noble thoughts MRA13. Your contribution is quite technical (for me) and futuristic. Will take me sometime and search to respond.

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