Morning black tea with 5 pieces of badam(almonds) followed by 2 eggs omlete and salad.

at 10 am or to kill your hunger pangs open your haldiram peanuts packet and munch one fistful(ek mutthi) and 2 slice of amul cheesee.

afternoon at lunch have amull dahi with salad or 1 bati dal or with 1 fistful of peanuts.

at 3 again take green or black tea.

at 5 pm take black coffee with 5 almonds.

at 7 order chicken tikka or lollypop or chilly chicken dry.

have plenty of water.

add multivitamin.

dont forget to take medicines on time.

show your diet chart and sugar level graph to your doctor and follow his instructions.

Watch your weight which will go down and be ready to take out your old shirts and trousers which were discarded earlier.

Hurrah do it follow it and share it with us.


it is easy to start but to keep ourself motivated we are on this forum.

love you all...

all the best

rajiv delhi



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92 Replies

  • Can any one suggest LCHF Diet for vegetarian's ? I am pure vegetarian just like Jain , I am unable to use even Onion & Garlic due to small & taste.

  • Restrict grains like wheat, rice, oats, maize, corn, ragi, barley (all combined together) to 60grams per day and remove potato. Eat whatever you want to eat after that. Liberally use cheese (no spread cheese), coconut oil, desi ghee, peanuts, almonds, walnuts. Don't use sugar at all. Fruits just restrict to payapa, apple, peach, plum and citrus fruits.

  • Plz. Specify 60 gms. Consists of how much chapatis & rice in a day?

  • Depends on your chapati. So buy a weight balance (costs around Rs 1000) and start weighing.

  • Only six chapaties in a day mornign breakfast lunch and dinner

  • That's High Carb.

  • Its tough but you can have dahi and dal as lunch and paneer tikka or paneer butter masala with salad as dinner accordingly think of somrthing as breakfast like bhindi fry.,lauki ki sabji.

    its tough but give a try.

  • It is rather difficult to low carb for vegetarians. Restrict gains, legumes, sugar, certain fruits ( mango, fig, grapes, all dried fruits) bakery products. For hi fat you can go for paneer, cheese, cream, butter, almonds, pistachio. Mostly go for vegetables, salad, sprouted mung, coconut in all form. (preferably dry or oil). And the best way is to test after every meal for some period to decide what is suitable for you.

  • A vegetarian diet please?

  • Sorry lchf for veggies is tough.....l

  • Its tough yes but not impossible... include lots of Mung sprouts and ghee, butter, paneer in your meals and snacks.

  • A cupful of boiled peanuts, Samba wheat rice with little curd or dal, Samba wheat rawa.

  • Where is your 100 g carb in this? This is NCHF (no carb high fat) diet

  • Everything contains carbs. Including badam, peanuts, cheese, vegetables, dahi etc.

  • Hi sugu you have no idea about hoe to calculate carb.better do some study of foods before commenting.

  • rajivkr02

    Halidram is hydrogenated oil. Pl don't use any such thing. Get everything made at home fried in coconut oil. Read the label of Amul Dahi, it could contain added sugar. make your curd at home from whole milk ( not skimmed milk as that's useless)

  • I am a north indian I have never used coconut oil.mere smell of it irritates borges virgin olive oil will do or amul butter or white butter or desi ghee..

    I prefer almonds over peanuts and as I have read one almond contains 0.3 g carbs accordingly 10 can be consumed.

    to make home made dahi.yeah I will have to make extra effort.why you say for home made dahi that too 1 day there any carb load difference.amul dahi 100g contains 4.5g carbs.

  • rajivkr02: Please try, Virgin Coconut oil will not smell very much. I have started mixing at the time of kneading and also for vegetable preparation and after heating you will find very light smell.

  • Six almonds make one gram carb. 😊

  • I am already under weight and do not want to lose weight further. Any suggestions?

  • Increase consumption of Nuts and fat if you are on Low Carbs. Basically bump up calorie intake by way of Fat.

  • Thanks Medfree Iam sevral articles seen and also your answers in several discussion. As a BS Patient and HBP patients for LCHF diet how much of items may be taken per day

    Chapoati puri roti or Rice

    Bangal gram Dal or round Green gram dal or Round (With masala i.e.( Usli )

    Curd buttermilk cofee tea milk and protien powder ( D Protien or sustitut e Ayurvedic pro herb powder )

    Ghee groundnut oil sunflower oil ( How much of spoons may taken Aprkx 1 teaspoon is 90 calories )

    Nutrichoice or parley biscuits or sunfeast biscuits or Monaca biscuits

    Rusk bread toast or ? Thanks Sir

  • First your sugar level should be in limits.if it is uncontrolled it will result in weight loss.

  • I am a pure vegetarian too.

    I am using boiled Sprouts 3 times a day with Almonds.

    Per the Doctor, the Sprouts provide lot of Protein.

    Also, I avoided RICE as much as I could (I was used to) and the sugar level was coming down.

    The crave for rice is gone now

    Hope this feed back is helpful.

    Good luck

  • rajivkr02 - Even I am north Indian. We use Colvita olive oil but only for salads. Cooking is all coconut oil and sometimes mustard oil but primarily it is coconut oil. As for more than 1 day old curd, the carbs content reduces. As for Amul curd, I am not a big fan of packaged stuff if it can be made at home. I am not aware of how much added sugar curd may have besides preservatives etc.

  • rajivkr02

    Coconut Oil is controversial. You are better off with Olive Oil and you may use healthy nuts instead. While coconut milk is good, I find coconut oil as difficult to digest as hydrogenated oil as in slab margarine or ghee of vegetable origin.

  • Coconut oil digestion cycle is entirely different. This is a misconception that most people who have been lead to believe that FAT is bad carry. CO is MCT and not Long chain triglycerides. So CO is not at all controversial amongst diabetics who live LCHF. AxEffect user has posted about CO, please check that link. CO can be reused as many times as you would want after frying. Doesn't turn rancid like other vegetable oils like safola, canola etc do.

    Here are links of posts:

    CO releases energy within around 30 minutes just like CARBS (ought to be on LCHF diet) . So it is not difficult to digest.

  • Isl pure ghee alternative option of coco cold press oil.

  • No. CO is a special and unique oil in itself being MCT

    Read the link posted by AxEffect in following article:

    CO is digested faster as compared to MCT here's pictorial view:


  • Please send me the trade name of virgin coco oil so that I can search in the malls of delhi today evening and start it.

  • In Reliance stores, I often see virgin coconut oil manufactured by RUBCO


  • Ok thanx let me check

  • Rajiv, We get good quality VCO in all Shops in Kerala. Brand Name : NUTRI-KO, NaturalVirgin Coconut Oil Marketed by RUBCO EMail ; Phone No : 0484 2765621. You can contact them & find out their distributers in Delhi

  • I just read that butter is also MCT like CO. is it ok to se butter

  • Butter only contains upto 15% MCT.

  • Hi Rajiv, My point is that the total crab in your daily ration seems to be way short of 100 g. This much of nuts and dal, leaves room for some more staple carb stuff like one chappathi or a small helping of rice to make it 100.

  • Now you are right.i have purposely done that I can add 1 chapati with butter as dinner.

  • What about vegetarians sir? What suggestions are available for vegetarians?

  • somebody told that no spoon feeding in this forum. veg people has to search.

  • Actually no one would spoon feed irrespective of whether it is veg or non-veg. LCHF diet is a continuous learning process and even after three years I am still learning and I am sure so are all other diabetics who are on low carb. That said, guidelines are published many a times but it is impossible to answer it specifically each and every time and that's why you have "Search" feature. There must be hundred times that people have asked LCHF vegetarian diet and this must have been answered more than 10 times. So please search, read through posts patiently and then innovate and test on meter. Learning unfortunately has no short cut.

    One cannot be sarcastic if looking for free help where people come and try to help in their free time. You can try paying your dietician and then ask him/her to design a LCHF menu for your region. Dietician should be able to do but they won't do!

  • thank you for your free reply.

  • Search and Spend time going through posts here and also on Google.

  • I do not have that much time like you.

  • Then you are at wrong place. Better get in touch with a professional who offers paid consultancy on LCHF. As no one is going to do your part of work for free. That isn't possible. Sorry.

  • Oh thanks for your unwelcomed suggestion. But who are you to tell this dear. It would be better if you do your part in a RIGHT WAY in this prestigious group. You are one of us in this group but not the one who is maintaining it. Please do not do unnecessary correspondence. We are into Health Unlocked not into medfree group.


  • Then pl avoid sarcasm when you are looking for "FREE" help and want everything served on a platter just because your don't have time. And if you do then please be prepared to have such comments.

  • I am avoiding you. ok.

  • But i won't be if your posts have any hint of sarcasm!

  • The impression I get is

    'This is a very good forum in which we get very valuable FEED BACK Ashvini'.

    Please take the right suggestions and ignore the ones that you feel incorrect. I have read extremely good inputs from MEDFREE and grateful to him as well.

    My very humble suggestions to you would be.

    Pls check your BP....... you seem to get worked up for minor matters.


    Good Luck

  • BP mixed with harmful EGO !!!!

  • Thats why ur hidden ,bcause u dont like to be spoonfed....comon man this is not a who got it better than me case....its a help platform....ver sharing ur experiences helps others ...ver u hav already tread others dont hav to tread wasting time.....if u hav recipes share ....simple ....leave it to the people vether it benefits them or not......and u also benefit from others who post recipes,,,,,hope that cant be difficult

  • I am a pure Vegetarian.

    I take

    1 cup of Oats with 'well boiled' SPROUTs and Almonds for Breakfast.

    1 cup of Coffee (trying to do away with this fully..... not doable now)

    For lunch, I take some Boiled Broken Wheat with plenty of green boiled vegetables.

    (or Bansi Rava or Raghi)

    I have a tea with some Biscuits around 3 PM (with some Papaya).

    For dinner, I have 1 1/2 cup of rice with boiled Palaks and some boiled Peanuts.

    I make sure that food items dont get stale for me by changing the combination.

    My age is 63 and so if I cut down on food may not matter.

    I would think that depending upon the age, the intakes would vary.

    We have to make sure that we get adequate calories and at the same time spend the calories as well to ensure we stay within limit (Probably through exercise and medication)

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck

  • I have ENDOCRINE PANCREATITUS, and have a low fat tolerance. How do i overcome this with the LCHF diet.

  • It is always said that chicken, fish and egg omelette for non-veg LCHF followers. Similarly I thought some noble soul will offer veg. diet followers. If I myself have to search, no problem. For this, MEDFREE need not be attacked by anyone since he has all along been offering invaluable guidance and suggestios. I thank MEDFREE as a eye-opener for LCHF diet.

  • I did post my vegetarian lunch y'day. Pl remove the vada from dahi and add lots of salad and try. As a thumb rule for vegetarians i have been mentioning restrict rice+wheat+corn+maize+barley+ragi+jau or whatever to 60gams per day. The tweak based on your meter readings. Add good fat to your life. Coconut oil is one such good fat.

    Vegetarians do have limitations but it is not impossible. They do have to walk though.

  • In fact, I feel Non-veg have limited scope, whereas, when it comes to vegetables, there are n number of options.

    One just has to list down the names of the vegetables ( except root vegetables ) & I think, it will work out to more than 10 names at the least. Then, just attach a recipe name to each vegetable ( will work out to at least 2 per vegetable & if you move ahead with kofta; pakora, etc, it might even end up to at least 5). That gives us a minimum of 20 vegetable varieties. I suppose 14 varieties per week should take care of the taste buds.

    Keep the grains input to a maximum of 100 gms per day.

    Avoid all processed foods, if possible.

    If not possible to avoid fruits, go in for papayas, oranges, etc in a limited manner.

    Add nuts, cheese, butter,..

    Use coconut oil for cooking, if possible.

    Use Glucometer heavily, during the initial stages, to see the impact of each food & timing on your sugar levels.

    The sky is the limit, provided we don't see the word "Veg Diet" again & again & limit our thinking.

    PS : I liked the way you have responded, with an open mind.


  • You are right if one can diligently count carbs in the first month or so and stick to plan then it is possible. One example where non veg can score is for example a breakfast of 2 egg omelet that I talk often. This allows me to cover around 400kcal for the day with just around 15gms carb. On Tuesdays i am pretty restricted with wheat upma that I take in breakfast. Tuesdays carbs are on higher side as that's a no non-veg day for me.

    But, if vegetarians do a very strict carb counting, as you have rightly said, they have lots of variety to experiment with. No experiment would be complete without a glucose testing meter and testing regularly during initial phase of diet changes and adaptation.

  • well said , every body should be thankful and suportive to MEDFREE he has contributed lot of TIME ENERGY KNOWLEDGE for LCHF

  • Coconut oil probably may have more negatives than fresh desi ghee. Coconut milk has positives...

  • There's a catch -- the use of word -- "probably" -- which is almost as good as scaremongering.

    I have already answered this fe posts above but will repeat it here again. No. Coconut Oil is MCT and MCT isn't processed like LCT Fats in body. This has been posted many times so please go through reference links. P&G CEO spent hell lot of money advertising against CO when P&G came up with most dangerous stuff -- CRISCO fe decades back.

    In fact even Desi Ghee (or saturated fat as a whole) is good. Anti SAFA lobby has been struggling for decades to find any relation between CVD/CHD and saturated fat. They are still not successful. I have posted links so many times. So please go through them. For Mayoclinic, everything except Orange Juice and Toast in breakfast s bad.

    In fact Canola and Safola are more bad as compared to Desi Ghee.

  • Can we eat eggs daily throughout all seasons.I am under impression that egg produces heat so should be consumed only in winter and definitely not in summer. Pl guide.

  • I eat 12 eggs (with yolk) per week 12 months a year. Never found any problems. Only thing is i don't eat HIGH CARBS.

  • You said it medfree. Since January 11, I have reduced carb intake by 300 grams per day. HBA1C down from 11.6% to 7.9% in ten weeks. Current random PP 185 - 128. Next A1C due around April 19.

  • Hba1C of 7.9 is very high. Try reducing carbs as low as possible. It would be best if lower it to 5 - 5.5.

  • Great to see the aim as 5 - 5.5. You are spot on. Even ADA limits are dangerous. Every diabetic should aim for < 5.6

  • Agree with you. GeorgeShooter achieved it after being Diabetic for over 17 years.

  • With restricted LCHF diet , I have been able to reduce the HBA1C to 5 and it is the same for the last on year. Thanks to medfree and others for providing the knowledge and I use it to my diet and regular testing even after hitting hba1c at 5. Currently I observed that vinegar onions given at restaurants contain sugar and my levels used to spike whenever I had those and later I came to know that they mix small sugar in the vinegar to make it red . I had to stop that . so the purpose is a continuous check is mandatory if you eat anything different.

    Thanks for sharing knowledge and specially to medfree. We appreciate your continuous advice and request others to only share the knowledge and not sarcasm.

  • Dear Rajiv, Thank you for Diet Chart.

    But being Vegitarian, I have to devise alternatives in place of :Egg Omlet for B/f & Chicken Tikka (Dinner).

    May be some Vegitable Soup. Hal Boiled Vegitable I haveto try.

    Can I have TWO small size Iddlys with Dal Powder with Virgin Coconut Oil for B/f? Pl advise.

    Can u pl reply to

  • Can you please send the diet chart to Thanks.

  • Thanks a million for yr LCHF Diet Chart.

    Pl recommend some alternative to Egg Omlette , Chicken tikka.

    Can I have 2 small iddlies with Virgin Coconut Oil.? imbu2008

  • Thanks a million for yr LCHF Diet Chart.

    Pl recommend some alternative to Egg Omlette , Chicken tikka.

    Can I have 2 small iddlies with Virgin Coconut Oil.? imbu2008

  • You can have anything as long as you restrict your carbs to 100 grams/day (20% of your energy requirement). 60%+ energy ha to come from FATS on LCHF. Sources of fats diabetic on LCHF must have repeated 30 times if not more on this forum.

    Rice, wheat, ragi, oats, corn, maize, millet centric diets can never be LCHF.

    Contact user atma... i think he is from south and a vegetarian and dropped 5 drugs after switching to LCHF. Even his high flying doctor could not solve the problems that he was facing and all ere taken care of on switching to LCHF diet.


    This is the kind of article that might put the enthusiasts take a step backward. maybe the more experienced would like to give a fitting reply after careful analysis......

  • 160 enthusiasts here have proved that crap wrong with their blood reports, LIPIDS. It is same old nonsense coming from same old quarters. Millions of diabetics have been living on LCHF with happy numbers, despite that article. How about taking a peek at following :

  • And I remember a report quoted by you regarding the cessation of a study since they could not corroborate Cardiac problems (nearly 11.5 years!!!)...........thanks for your reply.

  • Here it is:

    They were trying to prove that on HIGH CARBS + DRUGS walking will reduce heart attacks. It didn't so they dropped the study silently -- tipping over the chessboard when they were about to lose the GAME!


    FAT on LCHF Diet is best drug for heart as LIPIDS improve, insulin circulating in blood reduces!

  • The study was limited to 27 persons and was carried out for 8 weeks only.

    Lipids are in favour of LCHF diet.

    Only the point on which the claim is made for increased CHD/CVD is


    The change in AIx (a measure of overall systemic stiffness) was significantly more favourable with the low-fat diet with a significant and favourable reduction in AIx compared to a nonsignificant increase in the low-carbohydrate

    diet group.



  • They will try and find even minutest reason to bash LCHF. The failed study of high carb + walks + drugs impact on CVD/CHD found very little mention in press. No mention on homocystein, lipoA/B, trig/hdl ratio. Sample size and duration of study statistically irrelevant. It should have extended to a duration 4-8 week after weight had stabilized.

    As for artery hardening:


    In a new study, 443 Swedes between the ages of 70 and 88 were given either two daily supplements — 200 mg of CoQ10 and 200 mcg of selenium — or a placebo and then tracked for up to five years.

    In that time,12.6 percent of those on the placebos died — versus just 5.9 percent among those who got the supplements, a difference of better than half.


    This brings us to CoQ10 :)

  • thanks...i think it is perfect for Diabetes people.

  • I've started LCHF diet with daily intermittent fasting (16:8)

    Doing Cardio & Weight Training 4 times a week.

    Eating only

    1-boiled chicken legs & thighs(Approx. 500gms a day)

    2- Egg omelette & poached with Olive Oil, capsicum & onion (6 eggs a day)

    3- Butter(approx. 50gms a day)

    trying to keep carb intake under 20gms



    1- is this diet OK or do I have to add or remove anything ?(PS. I hate Vegetables)

    2- The butter available in market is safe or do I have to make it at home ?

    3- Can I have a cup of Coffee with milk & sugar in the morning, if it doesn't affect the LCHF or intermittent fasting in any way.

  • (1) Reduce eggs to 3.

    (2) Carbs to 50-100 grams a day. This is because doing a keto diet may impact LIPIDS negatively if you are a hyper-responder. However, before taking a call, if you want go for a LIPID panel after 8 weeks of this diet and see how LIPIDS behave. If LIPIDS go awry, up your carb to around 80 - 100 grams/day range.

    You will always be in "nutritional ketosis" even if your carbs are around 30 to 40 grams/day, but you have to see that excessive proteins don't throw you out of ketosis. You can do spot tests for ketosis using strips available online for that purpose.

    (3) Add VCO to your life. 2TBSP/day in lieu of reduced 3 eggs per day. You can also add home made coconut milk with coffee.

    (4) I start my day with black coffee + VCO. This way, I ensure that my body persists in fat burning mode from overnight fast. That's one of the idea of IF. I don't take any carbs from dinner till lunch. Morning till lunch is only black coffee with VCO.

    (5) Add walnuts+almonds to diet. Can start with 50 grams a day.

  • how much protein & fat should I eat?? I'm 245lbs

  • Depends on what you are finally wanting to settle down with.

    For LCHF that we follow and preach on my forum, we are on 20:20:60 C:P:F with F being 60% minimum.

    If you want to be doing Keto then:

    Excessive proteins can throw you out of "nutritional ketosis" because proteins have 0.58 as anti-ketogenic and 0.46 as ketogenic multipliers -- and equation as designed by an engineer:

    Ketogenic/Anti-Ketogenic = (0.9F+0.46P)/(1C+0.1F+0.58P) > = 1.5 to stay in "nutritional ketosis".

  • thanx for replying so quick>

    can u please suggest me a non-veg diet plan. I want to have a lean muscle body & working hard for it.

  • hey

    u told we can eat peanuts. but the haldirams peanuts (small packet) contains 24 gm of carbs as against 44gm it ok??

  • We avoid Haldiram -- at least most of us on LCHF.

    We buy peanuts and microwave them at home.

    Yes on Low carbs, Good Fat is GREAT, that's what LCHF is all about.

  • Never trust market fried stuff.

    It could be trans fat loaded.

    Obviously real food needs no advertisement:

  • so we can have plain peanuts?? like a handful per day..

    I am 23 years old and weigh 64 kgs now. I want to reduce it to 55kg...

    Started LCHF two days back.

    Along with this I do cycling and one hour of initial swimming learning.

    I am vegeterian.

    I take 2 eggs for breakfast, omlette with salad in lunch and panner in dinner.

    Can u suggest more options. Also can I eat papaya ??

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Yes.

    Since moderators/admin allow multiple links posting in profile, check my profile as it has links to more than 170 options posted by Indian Diabetics on LCHF diet:

  • yes to what..papaya or peanuts?


  • U r telling to take peanut many time but it is grow blood sugar very fast and cheese also not good for me cause chlostral is high as if now.

  • My experiments with LCHF has been mixed , but effective.

    I am on insulin over and above the usual ineffective medicines that I continue to take out of fear , albeit my doses have been a lot milder now.

    For me the sin food is rice, lokwan wheat but oats works wonderfully well & boiled potato doesn't surge sugar, but friend raw potato taken it to stratosphere of 300 plus level.

    I have come to my diet plan by religiously monitoring my sugar thrice a day and have even undergone ambulatory continuous sugar reading (it reads every 20 minutes) and management.

    My early morning after checking sugar, which often drifts to sub 100, is tea or coffee with milk & water ( generous 50:50) with sugar free + 1 teaspoon sugar & 3/4 biscuits ( digestive or Nutri Choice) if sugar is below 70. if above 100 , then no biscuit.

    My breakfast diet is Quaker Masala Oats mixed with a mid size bowl (about 200 Grams) of mixed vegetables consisting primarily or English Carrot ( orange colour), coloured bell peppers ( quarter of red, green & yellow), a fistful of beans or chopped french beans, onion, & ginger shreds fried & then oats also added to it and fried & then cooked with adequate water to have a thick consistency but not sticky. I also add a tablespoon of Nutrela Soya granules to it while frying.

    I also check my sugar after breakfast

    Lunch is 2 chapati made out of Pillsbury 9 grain atta & mixed vegetables , one dry & one a bit syrupy with 100 gram curd (Amul Pouch) , about 70/80 grams of fried chicken/ 2 piece of fried fish about 130 grams. Non veg only 3 days a week. Rest of the days its normal diet with paneer or rajma or moong dal etc.

    Evening snax is just nuts & some sev bhujiya ( Balaji / haldiram 5 rs. packet).

    Dinner could be a repeat of lunch in different style.

    I take a cheese cube Amul everyday.

    I also take Khimasiya dates and a handful of raisin, 3 figs plus about 10 almonds everyday. thrice a week raisins are replaced with khaboos or dried kiwi or dried oranges.

    I eat a portion of salad ( lettuce, tomato and paneer (home made) everyday.

    My HB1AC that was more than 9 one year back , today is between 6.2 & 7

    Key to management of diabetes, diet apart , is REGULAR MONITORING & IF POSSIBLE 3 TIMES A DAY.



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