Blood sugar spikes on lchf

I took 2 spoons of ghee before having 2 uttappas.(56 carbs). After 1 hour ppbs was 129. Felt happy. After 2.5 hrs it was 250. I don't know what to do. I searched the net and I thought first phase insulin was blunted so even second phase also might have blunted. So just blindly took a dextrose tab. Sugar level came down to 199. Did I miss anything? Or my move wrong? I am on lchf and no meds.

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  • If you have eaten two uthappas ,I think you are on carbohydrate overload.If you are on LCHF,better review your diet.Your testing will give better results if get tested at a reputed lab for FBS,PPBS and HbA1c.

  • in october my hb1ac was 7., and 3 months earlier to october it was 7.2.

  • Your numbers are not satisfactory.Please go for immediate check up.This is the time when you can take steps to avoid medications.

  • Yers sir. thats the reason i am trying to follow lchf. earlier my b.s used to be above 160 and now it looks manageable.

    thank u sir.

  • may be bs increased due to 2 uttappas

  • Two uttappas are too much for you. Some food items take more time to digest depending on individual. So your spike is delayed.

    Dextrose for what?

    On low carb you should not eat items like uttappa.

  • Yes sir.

  • Yes., Meetu., looks like you hit nail on head. my b.s before eating was around 110. At 9:00 i took 2 uttappas. Around 11:00 i found my bs high. I cam across a web site saying on lchf the first phase of insulin is blunted, and so the second phase also wont activate. i shall post the link again. i have to search for that. then i took a pot shot of taking dextrose tab. i dnt see the mg. then within 15 min the b.s. started cooling out. and right as i type this my b.s. is 119. but when my b.s is high also i was noit feeling drowsy etc. the symptoms which i used to have when b.s. crossed 180 earlier. i experienced this drowsiness number of times. i was feeling energetic as usual. from 1:00 nwards the b.s is well below 150. and stable around 140plus or minus 10.

    thanks for giving me a patient hearing my fellow lchfers. At 1:00 i had 4 urad dal vadas., and b.s if very fine till now.

    so somehow i think that the web keto...something like that is correct.

    my daily intake of carbs is below 100 carbs., protein in form of cheese around 20 gm. rest somehow i manage with butter(pasteurised and fiberous leaves/isapgol.) isapgol may be 1-2 teaspoons i take., but it fills.

    thanks again.

  • But the fact of 2 sppons of ghee before eating the uttappas could have blunted the insulin response? i am just wondering.

  • these were samll canteen uttapas. and may be around 100 gm each. i am not sure., but my just hunch is together maybe 60 carbs or so.

  • ok. shall try next tuesday as tuesday is uttappa day. :)

  • @Meetu77., today being uttapp day., again tried., the only difference is today i ate only one., preceded by 1 spoon ghee. ppbs 145. each one weighs 100gm.

    looks ok so far. thank u.

  • @sridhar1

    Count Carbs, restrict to 100 grams/day (20% of energy intake) and do whatever you want to do man! Imperative to say that keep proteins unchanged as proteins also trigger same insulin response as carbs, which means carbs have to be replaced with good fats.

    That's what LCHF is all about ;)

    How about trying a "paper masala dosa" filled with mix of paneer, cheese, coconut shreddings, cauliflower mash (no potato) and lots of chutney made from coconut + peanuts :)

  • I will. :) :) :) . u made my day.

  • ok. i understand that first phase of insulin is already affected in type 2s. so. may be some response wasnt better.

  • What is Insulin blunting and how dextrose helps.

  • Please go through the whole thread to understand. It will not work every time and for everyone.

  • Still confused on LCHF. Side effect could be weight gain.

  • Yes Meeetu., i got the site now ..

  • and by the way., my b.p is really coming down., it used to be 170/110 ., nowadays somehow its around 152/98. nowadays am taking aten 50 once a day. earlier twice a day. :)

  • I too had the same experience and even mentioned it in one of my messages here.

    But there was no encouraging reply on what to do or whats happening.

    Ditto same experience. At the 2 hour mark sugars are at 200 and at the 4 hour mark around 280!! When I eat something again the sugar comes down.

  • @Thri., so my case is not isolated. i am feeling if we can avoid carbohydrate breakfast/sugared coffee/tea., this problem my be less. Bcos as soon as we eat something sugary., i find no reason why bs falls down. anyway., it may also be dawn effect as told by some guy., but right now,.its bit confusing so its better as what Meetu told to stick to less than 30 carb per serving. lets see.

  • Sir Please reduce the uttapam to only one.Try chutney with coconut,puddina , some salads with buttermilk. Measure once again. Follow LCHF strictly. Restrict carb to 100 to 120 grams from all sources and split your menu in to four meals.You will be perfectly alright. Thanks

  • Thanku Makarim. I shall follow.

  • Thanks for the reciprocation.

  • Follow this very basic food eating tips:

    1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

    2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

    3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

    4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

    5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

    5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


  • Thank u rajesh.

  • Ur welcome sridhar! Practice this for 2 weeks or 4 weeks and do the test and share your feed back. It will be useful for all!

  • i shall. incidentlly i observed yesrtday ONLY that the first few bites of food taken very slowly and followed by normal speed(optional) myt b.s did not cross 159. i ate ghee sweets also to test the method. looks promising.

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