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Top 15 Super Foods To Curb Diabetes

Nuts contain many vital nutrients which can help to stabilize the blood sugar levels. As diabetic people are recommended to eat smaller meals and snacks more often, nuts can be healthy snack options.


• They contain healthy fats

• They contain fiber, vitamins and minerals such as E, magnesium

It is best to soak nuts in water overnight and then consume them. That helps to release the enzyme inhibitors that they contain.

7. Olive Oil

It is imperative that one uses a healthy medium for preparing foods. The oil that is used to cook meals and even salads should be healthy. Olive oil in the extra virgin form is the best oil to opt for.


• Such oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants

• Heart disease risk is averted

• Blood sugar levels are kept steady

• Insulin resistance is reduced

Olive oil is a healthy choice for diabetic people, especially those who wish to lose weight. When extra virgin olive oil is used it is the first press form of the oil which is minimally processed. It is known to contain more antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds.

8. Yogurt

Yogurt is known to have many beneficial properties that make it ideal as an accompaniment with meals, especially for diabetic people.


• It is rich in protein

• It contains high amounts of calcium and vitamin D

Those who consume calcium rich food are prone to lose weight faster and are least likely to develop insulin resistance which leads to diabetes. It is best to consume the low fat and plain version of yogurt. This added with fruits or berries makes a healthy meal or snack. It will surely help one to feel full and reduce the urge to eat something sweet.

9. Cinnamon

Among the spices, cinnamon is a great spice which offers many beneficial properties for diabetic people


• It promotes glucose metabolism

• Reduces cholesterol levels


• One can add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to their tea or milk

• One could add it to oatmeal or chicken and fish dishes

• It is used to make healthy desserts

This spice will surely work for one in order to keep the blood sugar levels under control. Insulin sensitivity is increased and that helps to keep the blood sugar levels steady and reduce the incidence of diabetes.

10. Sweet Potatoes

This is a starchy vegetable that offers several health benefits to diabetic people.


• It contains antioxidant beta carotene

• It is rich in vitamins like C, A and fiber

• The low glycemic index makes it a great carb food to have which is safe for the diabetic people

One can try and consume baked potato in different ways. They can grill it or bake it. It is best to keep the skin on as most of the nutrients are near the skin. One can use it in salads, casseroles, soups or as side dishes as one likes it.

11. Onions

Onions are usually used in the preparation of most meals. It has many beneficial properties that make it ideal for including in the diet of diabetic people.


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11. Onions

Onions are usually used in the preparation of most meals. It has many beneficial properties that make it ideal for including in the diet of diabetic people.


• Onions contain the trace mineral chromium

• Chromium influences the more efficient use of insulin in the body

• Chromium deficiency is often attributed with diabetes and that can be solved by including onions in the diet

Onions can be used as a spice in most cooked meals as well as consumed in the raw form to flavor snacks. Onions added to burgers, salads and soups help to step up the nutrition value of these meals.

12. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are usually added in most of our meals and it is a great food item with nutritional benefits for diabetic people.


• It is seen as a rich source of iron, vitamin C and vitamin E

• It has fiber as well which ensures that the blood sugar levels remain steady

Tomatoes are beneficial in every form that they are consumed. From being consumed in the raw form in salads to pureed or as a sauce in different dishes or as condiments. It can be added in generous amounts in a diabetic diet


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