Diabetes at young age- is it a curse?

I'm a type-1 diabetic patient, suffering from diabetes at the age of 19 (since 2005). Suffering from diabetes for the last 8 years, at an young age. At the time, i got diabetes i was in a state of confusion, why did i get diabetes? there were lot of questions surrounded in my mind. Then i started researching on diabetes, i found there are lot of reason for diabetic attack, few are genetic, overweight, stress or leading wrong lifestyle. My parents were even more worried about me, than i was. I was admitted to hospital with high blood sugar, even the diagnostic person didn't believed in my blood sugar levels (FBS:390 & PBS: 410 approx), and he conducted FBS & PBS test once more. From then i started using insulin, started changing my lifestyle, doing exercise regularly, avoiding sugar to the maximum, consuming more fruits & vegetables. For the past 8 years, i'm healthy & didn't faced any side effects from diabetes.But only problem i faced with diabetes is, i'm a software professional roaming on my job roles to different locations in India, some times it is difficult for me to take insulin due to lack of time or feeling shy to take insulin in front of everyone & one more big fact about insulin is, it should be stored in cool location at room temperatures. so, it is difficult to find refrigerators every where & due to above reasons, my father restricted me from going to foreign countries for my higher education & for searching/doing jobs in different locations other than my native place (i.e. Hyderabad). Sometimes i feel diabetes at young age is a curse, restricting to do things.


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  • May be it is due to un matured pancreas at birth or heriditiary or damages due to drugs taken for some other cause. Get it corrected with a diabetologist.

  • Mostly it is auto immune destruction of the pancreas. Nothing can be done. There are a few tests available which will give clear indications regarding the % of destruction of the beta cells. This will confirm whether it is pure Type-1. It need not be hereditary. Some severe infections do sometimes cause this destruction to happen.

  • But you sell your product yeh?

  • Why are you so desperate for people to mail you. Post whatever you want on form and don;t ask people to mail you? Are you a clone of doctorarun?

  • Exactly I presume so. He / She is trying to self his/Her stuff junk and as this is a place for free blog

  • I am sorry to state that the comments are misleading and absolutely wrong. Type 1 has no reasons and it is not a curse. There are even some infections which destroys the pancreas.

    As on date only insulin is the best treatment. Don't deviate from insulin.

    If you feel that you shoul have the flexible life style then switch over to insulin pump.

  • Hi, I have been in the diabetes field for the last 22 years and I do a lot of teaching on diabetes and training as well for doctors, nurses and patients. Type 1 has NO CURE. Let us not debate on this issue. I have been country head for the most leading and admired companies in the field of Diabetes . I do NOT comment without knowing 100% what a patient need to do. I have been associated with many type 1 patients and I do know what trauma they undergo.

    As on date if patient is affordable insulin pumps works like external pancreas.

  • Wish you all the best. This is not judgemental. It is talking about truth and to prevent people propagating wrong things. Any let wisdom prevail.

  • Your registered trade address please?

  • Type-1 diabetes is a neurological disorder. I have been able to provide relief to 7 people suffering with this problem. We can help people to get out of insulin. It is long process and takes about a year.

  • Wow .. you should be awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2013. In 1 year i guess you will strip the patient by a lakh of rupees right ...? Type 1 (or 1.5 -- LADA) cannot go off insulin EVER. Stop spreading misinformation.

  • Agree they will get Nobel prize for the nonsense blogs they write. It just shows their ignorance about diabetes. another blog is doctorversha. Highly irresponsible blogs. If people do not know about diabetes they should learn but not put crazy comments.

  • doctorversha in all probability is clone of doctorarun who was selling Herbal Water and Anti Aging Snake Oil for every damn symptom and got banned finally :)

    Only a diabetic can know what diabetes is all about. Even doctors i prefer to discuss with only a "Diabetic" doctor as rest are all ADA brainwashed so called experts working on behalf of BIG PHARMA. It's only a diabetic doctor who will preach what he/she practices. Most of the times doctors don't practice what they preach when it comes to treating themselves :)

  • Hi im wondering if you can tell me more about why you think type 1 diabetes is neurological!!??

  • these days a lot of insulated boxes are available, which can also be battery/electrically operated. You can carry your insulin in these. There are thousands of people on insulin, who travel. If you feel shy of taking insulin in front of people ( there is nor reason you should ) just go to the toilet & take it there

  • Dear Sri rajasekharg! I have seen your detailed narration. I am impressed with your frank submission. In the first place please decide your own course of medines and your own of type of medicines after due observation.Please note that every kind of medicine wulod have it's own kind of good effect and adverse effect. Now coming to the point at issue let me make the point clear that suffering (if you think so) in life would not confine to one invidual onely. Suffering is part of life and we have no choice what soever except to receive as it is. But with a rider-we must always strive out best to find ways and means of redeemng the pain and it is our duty also. Now I come to the major factor- there are people and in fact more people who have been suffering for one cause of the other due to various kinds of illnes.God or the mother nature itself is always kind and graceful and there fore when ever there is one negative point in one's life there would be automatcally one corrosponding positve point and it is a matter of tiem for us to take note of the same. Please follow your doctor's advice to the extent possible and undertake regular meditation you will certainly see better result. AFTER ALL HUMAN LIFE IS NOT THAT MUCH MERCILESS AS WE SOMETIMES PRESUME TO BE. iS IT NOT SO MY FRIEND!

  • Dear Friend

    Diabetes, for any person is not a pleasant experience and all the more so for a young person like you who would like to eat whatever you want. Now that you are having diabetes, here are some methods which may probably help you to come out of Insulin. They are as follows :

    a) Take Karela ( Bitter gourd ) juice twice a day ( three tea spoons mixed with a glass of water ). The quantity of the juice can be gradually increased to six to eight tea spoons, depending upon how concentrated/diluted the juice is.

    b) Soak one tea spoon of Fenugreek ( methi ) seeds overnight in a glass of water. Drink the water next day morning in empty stomach. Do not throw away the seeds. You could mix it with Dal or rice and eat. This will also relieve constipation

    c) Kala Jamun seed powder is available in the market. Take one teaspoon of this, mix it in water and have it in the morning.

    d) Try having a Aluvera plant at home. Cut one piece of the stem and eat it raw

    e) Walk at least 45 minutes to one hour every day

    f) Practice Yogasans with specific emphasis on Pranayam. In Pranayam, you need to focus on Kapalbati, Agnishar, Bhaya Pranayam, Anulom Vilom. Please do it under a trainer if you do not know it yourself. In yogasans, you should do Mayur Asan, Dhanurasan, Sarvangasan, Maysya Asan, Halasan etc.

    Pranayam, I can assure you, will at least take you off insulin and enable you to manage with tablets.

    Take the Homoeopathic medicine called Diab Aid. This will be available in any Homoeopathic shop. Take 15 drops of it and mix it in half a glass of water, thrice a day. Do not have anything half an hour before or after this medicine. Even brushing the teeth should be avoided half an hour before or after.

    Practice above and I wish you great health and an even better career. In case you need any further guidance, you are most welcome to contact me at 09422315906. I stay at Pune and my name is Venkatesh

  • Mr Rajasekhar,I admire your frankness and direct approach to the problem.You are on right course.Do not listen to all kinds of advise and spoil your health.One has to accept what ever comes in our way and then with a cool mind control the problem Whether you call it a curse or not it is immaterial.Follow your doctor's advise and you will be all right.You are not just a diabetic,you are a courageous person.Best wishes.

  • Hello,

    Diabetes is not a curse my dear ! There are many reasons for having diabetes.I am having diabetes since 1989. I was on tour all over India for many years but I always take my insulin shot on DOT time without fail. I was used to take my insulin shot in train,bus & in flight also. I was used to keep my insulin in Thermocoal box at that time.Now a days there are many tools available to store insulin. I am retired man now. First of all don't skip your insulin shot & Medicines, take as per your doctor's advice. You should not shy to take your insulin shot in public, on the contrary you should inform your colleagues that you are diabetic.Also always keep card in your wallet showing you are diabetic ,with name,address,contact details and your doctor's detail.

    Don't afraid by diabetes. Three things you should remember- Do regular Exercise , Restrict your Diet & take medicines - These all are as per your Doctor's advice.

    All the best !!

  • Does this remedy help with type 1 diabetes and how??

  • D is not a curse. Type 1 is more of a result of Auto Immune Disorder and like every other type has genetic background. As for being shy ... to hell with people around you ... just take your shots whenever it is required. People around you don't like it they can close their eyes.

  • Well dear ,

    any disease at any age is a CURSE

  • There was a comment by realware. Never ever try and do that. Absolutely crazy comments and being a Type -1 you will land into all complications if you follow that advice.

  • Dear Raja Sekhar please contact 09313741870 for procedure to register. Thereafter, you can decide. We can help you come out from this suffering.

  • Most of the people commenting are not ready to believe that this issue can be resolved because of their unawareness and unwillingness to accept others view. Do they mean that there will never be a cure for the disorders which are devastating humans today?

  • I only advice people that try it yourself. You do not have to stop insulin. You have to follow a procedure and slowly reduce the quantity while monitoring sugar levels. The procedure takes a long time. It is not done in one shot.

  • What do you mean when yu say that you are shy of taking insulin? "novopen 3" is the pen system that is most convenient. I am using it for over 15 years. It is available in any good chemist shop. You have to keep the packet of 5 cartridges in the fridge, but, the one that you load into the pen, can stay in your pocket. Walk into the loo and give yourself the prick. You cannot be lax in taking insulin.

    Avoid herbal medication and Ayurveda like the plague. They donot work..........consider yourself lucky if they do not aggravate your condition.

    Good luck.

    N.Narasimhan .

  • Admin, Please take action on people propagating absolutely wrong information on blogs. Another serious blog is KamayaniNaresh talking that Type-1 is neurological disorder. You cannot allow such statement and giving false claims of cure for Type 1 and asking people to contact them.

  • THUGS try and Fool the innocent with High Sounding Medical Words. He himself seems to be suffering from some neurological disorder if he says Typ 1 is a neurologocal disorder. May not even know what is type 1.5 and LADA/MODY because his "Natwarlal guru" must not have taught him ....

  • @rajasekharg ,

    I can understand your feelings. But please remember even at very young age also (childhood) people can become Type-I diabetic. Since we can do nothing about it we should really concentrate on how to tackle it medically and psychologically so that it become way our life & NOT curse of life(I am type-II diabetic for the last 27 years -found diabetic at the age of 33). Initial years (after being diagnosed for diabetes) are always devastating. People say Type-I diabetes can be better controlled than Type-II- where the insulin management is erratic and produce different results at different times with same medication and diet. Since you are software professional and mostly you are likely to spend in air-conditioned atmosphere why can't you use Insulin Pump after checking with your Doctor. They would give you the correct pump/Insulin to use and the control also would be very good (Please see link). Unless it is very hot (>40 Deg.C) I do not think you will have problem with storage if using pen. This is from my experience (I use Insulin pen in combination with tablets). With Insulin pump it is no problem as it would remain with you in cool place).

    I have given a link which talks about Insulin Pump as an example. I am not sure whether it is available in India. Otherwise you may have to import which may not be a great problem.

    answers.yahoo.com/question/... .

    Wish you all the best and good health!

  • If you need to know about insulin pumps do let me know. It is available in India and I have part of establishing insulin pump in India. This is the best available insulin delivery device as on date.

  • Insulin PUMPS cost a great deal. Again it's attempt of PHARMA LORDS to skin you. There's nothing so great in INSULIN PUMPS that it should cost 1.5 to 3 lacs.

  • @rajasekharg

    please read the temperature mentioned as outside temperature (as then inside temperature would be around 30-4 Deg.C). This is only on some days and it is likely to be much less on majority of days.



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