CSIR develop a promising, safe, non-toxic Medicine for diabetes patients

CSIR develop a promising, safe, non-toxic Medicine for diabetes patients

By launching BGR34, Aimil Pharmaceuticals has raised a new hope among people suffering from diabetes mellitus. This is a 620 mg tablet claimed to contain certain herbs which controls blood sugar. BGR-34 is an anti-diabetic medicine which a patient should take without facing any side effects. BGR-34, a Blood Glucose Regulator brings the revolution, with a breakthrough Phyto-research of decade, jointly developed by scientist of CSIR-NBRI & CSIR- CIMAP.

BGR-34 manages the lives of suffering Diabetics. It is an optimized concentration of synergistically acting herbal extracts makes it highly efficacious in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus. This Ayurvedic medicine is scientifically proven, clinically and toxicologically tested with exclusive benefits. A person with healthy diet and regular exercise can consume this medicine. This medicine is totally based on ayurveda. As we all know that Ayurveda shows results slowly but it can treat any disease with roots. This medicine is 100% safe and effective.

BGR-34 modulates insulin release & strengthens β-cell functional capacity. It also exerts powerful anti-oxidant action which prevents the development of diabetic complications. This medicine is not in high price. Any person can consume this medicine. Not only this, BGR-34 boosts immune system, reduce chances of complications due to persistent high blood glucose levels, impart a good quality life to patients with high blood sugar levels and check for free radicals, also it acts as antioxidants. This Ayurvedic product imparts the much needed good quality life in the patients.


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71 Replies

  • K K Sharma will be richer by Rs 10 crores by the time this is proved useless.

    Diabecon / Diabecon DS from Himalaya (far more famous wit 8+ decades of existence than this relatively unheard of company) also never helped much. Diet is the key. Is Mr K K Sharma having some political backing?

    I looked at their contact page and there was no way i could go back to the site homepage -


    They should first invest money in a 21st century website.

    DPP-4 is a Tumor Suppressor so suppressing DPP4 is not great news.

    Continued DPP4 inhibition may open the door for cancer.


    So, people should be careful.

  • ISO 9001:2000 Standards Certified Company #AimilPharmaceuticals (I) Ltd. has also been honoured with the three National Awards by the Govt. of India as per the details :

    #NationalAward - 2000 honoured by then Finance Minister of India, Sh. Jaswant Singh for Efforts in Research & Development from Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Govt. of India.

    #NationalAward - 1998 for Quality Products - Herbal Preparations from Ministry of Industries, Government of India, honoured by then Prime Minister of India, Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

    Recipient of Special #RecognitionAward for Outstanding Entrepreneur – 1998 from Ministry of Industries, Government of India, honoured by then Prime Minister of India, Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

  • ISO 9001:2000 can be purchased for Rs 25000 -- all it needs is "JUGAAD"

    On awards, that's why I asked, has he got political backing?

    Lutyens Delhi contact in cocktail circuit can get many awards.

  • Any national award?

  • dear anup,

    kindly help me to adopt to the lchf, i am i confusion what to eat and what not to eat, I am diabetic since one year, this is my mail address:


  • dear krishnavenimanjunath,

    Pl check my posts and replies:


  • Diabetes can be very well controlled with LCHF.. No need to spend any money on any drugs.. With LCHF one will be 100% sure on what he is eating and thus will be safe from side-effects.. With medications who knows what is inside and what long term side-effect it will have (if it has any effect in the first place) !!!

  • Show us the PROOF of CURE.

    Its not Rs 5 but Rs 20/day.

  • @auyshijain

    The cost Rs 5 per tab

    Dose: 2 tabs twice a day.

    Cost : Rs 20 per day


    All herbal magical products have same stuff -- fenugreek, jamun, gurmar, neem and few other concoctions. They have always failed and this one is also guaranteed to fail. Just wait for some time. By then K K Sharma will be richer by 10 crores, just because every diabetic is being fooled into being CURED.

    Some University in India claimed around three years back that wine made from jamun is great for diabetics. Maybe this company should buy the rights to make Jamun wine also. Will be favorite with diabetics who cannot give up alcohol and thus will sell by tanker loads.

    CURE is a sexy word to sell. Only the diabetics stand to be the loser in the end. Seller laughs all the way to bank for having fooled.

    BTW, where's the PROOF of cure?

  • Firstly, You use this medicine then you will be find out YOURSELF PROOF of cure....

  • No. You claim CURE so you should show the PROOF. ONUS is not on diabetics. ONUS is on the claimant. Else you are just fooling people if you cannot provide proof of CURE. Don't treat diabetics like lab rats.

  • 3 months regularly. Still continue. No cure, no benefit yet

  • They will hold camp in Jhumritaliya and post on diabetes forums. These things are bound to fail, specially when they don't even have any data on Human Trials. Even on Animals they had 33% FAILURE and what was the parameter of measuring "SUCCESS" is a closely guarded SECRET.:)

    When Diabecon and Diabecon DS doesn't work much, AIMIL is an unknown entity versus Himalaya.

    All they need is 1 lac hooked for a year and they would mint Rs 10 crores profit. Enough to diversify to new business . It's a scam :)

  • Mr anilgupta you were following long wheat mash diet ,what happened did it benefit you were your tablets reduced kindly let me know. I am also using long wheat ata Roties since 9 months in the begning helped me my sugar levels came under control ,but not any longer ,now my post prandial reaches 250 if I eat 2 chapatties for breakfast. So kindly guide r u still using it thanks

  • No. Insulin injection is best.

  • Its true the ingredients of bgr34 are already available in market since long nothing new in it

  • AIMIL is trying to make some quick money by using CSIR logo. Nothing but a SCAM. Everyone wants to make quick money out of a diabetics plight and they are most vulnerable to be CONNED with these CSIR, NBRI names and FALSE claims of CURE.

    Their marketing team spammers are active here or maybe social media marketing is outsourced to spammers. Let's see if they make an appearance on my forum.

  • Endorse 100%

  • I like your openness. but where is your proof to disprove the claims. Please don't shoot and scoot . I also suggest you take up a case filed against the company for misleading the company. By that way you will be doing a favour to the patients. I don't think more than 10-15 people would have heard your tirade against time tested herbs.good luck

  • Wheres their proof of trials on humans? Even animal model trials failed 33% and they haven't made data public. They didn't even respond to emails for a query on the same. Well, 90% of failed with this BGR 34. It's cousin Ayush 82 will be coming to town soon. It's a useless stuff. If Diabecon DS/Diabecon from Himalaya doesn't work, there's nothing new here.

    At least 176+ followers on my profile must have noticed what I wrote.

  • They have not claimed any cure. But as a medication. They also mention that BGR has to ne taken with allopathic medicine you are taking.

  • Shashikantiyengar -- This drug is only tried on ANIMALS and there also it only has 67% success rate. Pathetic that such things are allowed in India.

  • Used 2 bottles already. No benefit yet.

  • Delhi you will find such herbal companies around every nook and corner. Tall claims and no result. If you have political contacts you can get some awards also and then use that for minting more money :)

  • National awards are not given based on political backgrounds, according to your statement our Indian govt is foolish!!! Hats off you @anup

  • NDTV gave Sonia Gandhi some award (as if NDTV awards hold any value) and Sonia Gandhi gave Barkha Dutt of NDTV Padma award as "RETURN GIFT".

    Same applies to Rajdeep Sardesai's Padma award for chasing Narendra Modi for 12 years . So, let's not gloat over these so called awards.

    So, if PADMA awards can be INSULTED like this, all other awards become irrelevant.

    Show me the proof OF CURE :)

  • I am already talking to their marketing team here. :)

    I don't believe in HOAX of CURING diabetes by giving some mixture of methhee, jamun, gurmar, shilajit, neem and packaging it with a HEP name. Thuggery in diabetes care is a big industry these days. Everyone wants a share of the PIE by claiming CURE. Whole world knows, diabetes cannot be cured.

  • Herb Highlights :

    Daruharidra - Improves health & functioning of pancreas, naturally.

    Vijaysar - Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain normal blood glucose level.

    Giloy - A unique herb to improve immunity. Helps improve resistance to infections.

    Majeeth - Powerful anti-oxidant activity. Helps protect vital organs from oxidative damage.

    Methika - One of the best sources of Micro-nutrients. Nourishes &tones the vital organs.

    Gudmar - Maintains post-prandial blood glucose level by delaying glucose absorption.

  • LOL. Same old concoction with a new name. I have tied 8 herbs for over 6 months. None worked. :)

    Your claims on Vijaysar is still being researched by an Indian lady scientist in Australia and she hasn't yet concluded. Someone posted today that Vijayasar tumbler was USELESS and what a great waste of money it was :)

    (1) Giloy -- Gudduchi from Himalaya. Tried it for 8 months

    (2) Gudmar - Mesha Shringhi from Himalaya. Tried it for 8 months

    (3) Daruhardira - I take raw turmeric daily :)

    (4) Methika ? Is Methhee i guess. Used daily in cooking. Had even tried Methee tea for a long time. Some company sells it with a HEP name FENFURO

    (5) Majeeth -- Is this manjistha? If yes, have tried that also, again from Himalaya

    Anti Oxidant? I take Alpha Lipoic Acid daily (just Rs 4 a day) and CoQ10 sometimes. Lemon (Vit C) in green tea with tulsi also works great as anti oxidant. Vitamin E is one of the strongest anti oxidants :)

    BTW, since you guys don't know -- TYPE 2 is not a problem of pancreas to begin with. It's a problem of over-secretion of INSULIN. So pancreas stays healthy for a long long time as a Type 2 unless the STUPID HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet burns it out completely, which it does. That's why we don't like that diet too.

    So, BGR 34 is nothing new. Same old wine in a NEW bottle. You are talking to a diabetic who has done all trials with all these herbs and never believed in PROMOTIONAL campaigns and sales pitch of companies. I am a diabetic now running SIXTH YEAR DRUG FREE and only herb that I take is Ashvagandha. Rest all proved useless.

    Show me the PROOF of BGR 34 CURING diabetes. Many have reported that their blood sugar shot up.

  • And stop spamming here as company team. I am happy that I am a Himalaya Kid. At least they don't pay spammers to spam on diabetes forums for selling their product. Tell K K Sharma to get in touch with Jiva Ayurveda boss Dr Prataph Chauhan in Faridabad. Even Jiva doesn't spam anywhere and are pioneers of tele-medicine based on Ayurveda :)

    Tell your boss to have a 21st century website first. Currently the site SUX. News not updated since 2008???. What a company.

    Looks like some close relation with BJP company. All awards only during BJP regime and this license transfer of same old wine during BJP regime. What a coincidence. No awards during 10 years of Congress regime?

    Feed BGR 34 to Arvind Kejriwal and CURE his diabetes in DELHI. He is diabetic :D :D

  • Show the research document. More interested in that than spammers employed by the company who join on 18-22 feb and start spamming with BGR 34. And heck, 21st century website based on Wordpress :)


    Free camps are a well organized scams:


  • Quote - "Feed BGR 34 to Arvind Kejriwal and CURE his diabetes in DELHI. He is diabetic :D :D "

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • When on a visit from Gulf, was told by a politically well connected industrialist he paid money to a President who got a Padma award for his VIP customer. Amount was quite reasonable. I know others prepare list of but Lutyen's Delhi is full of Monkeys who will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

  • Yup. Lutyen's Cocktail circuit has many stories. Maybe someone can tell us what Barkha Dutt had commented about her boss Pronoy JAMES Roy in one such cocktail circuit party. That circuit is full of filth :)

  • BGR-34 is an affordable medicine for every common man. Now everybody can purchase this medicine because it is not expensive rather than other diabetes medicine.Dreams come true....for every common man who are suffering from diabetes.

  • Rs 32 per day is the line that defines poverty line in India. One day's dose costs 20 bucks. Cheap?

    Oh this can never CURE diabetes. At least Himalaya Herbal is honest. They don't claim cure with Diabecon and Diabecon DS. They have been around for close to 90 years in market.

  • As per your information, Aimil Healthcare and Research center launch medical camps every month & also offers free medicines and doctor consultation for such type of persons..

  • More on these free camps :


  • Go to their site. You will find many research papers. Show one of YOUR OWN research paper on everything that you sell. Don't quote CSIR.

  • What is clinical trials standards as applicable to Ayurveda? Where is YOUR proof that BGR CURES diabetes?

  • himalayawellness.com/resear...


    How many do you have for BGR 34 or even Neera or Neeri?

  • Well, I don't sell anything.

    Where's your research document?

  • Seller provides it. Customers don't go to CSIR as CSIR isn't selling BGR

    In short, you have no proof to show. Just tying to fool diabetics.

  • We want the study document, not the marketing literature. want to see where the study says it can CURE as one from your team of spammers claims CURE in this thread.

  • NO TRIALS on HUMANS and you make BIG CLAIMS:


    There are many Ayurvedic drugs for diabetes available in the market but the BGR-34 claims that it was scientifically proved on animals and "achieved 67%" success, while no proof of it has been uploaded by the NBRI on its website.

    So no one is willing to give the STUDY details even done on animals. Just mentions 67% success on animals. 67% based on WHAT start and end points? If no one is willing to provide even details on animals, it's just equivalent to making fool. Humans as it is YOU have no data.

    So, stop claiming that it has no adverse effect. This drug hasn't even been tested on HUMANS. Some one is out to make quick money. Might as well sell it only for ANIMALS and not for HUMANS as there's no trial data on HUMANS.

    HIMALAYA at least has multiple trials on Humans for Diabecon/Diabecon DS available in public domain.


  • Yes, any comment that exposes spammers is USELESS. All third party news site which are talking facts wrt no trials on HUMANS are useless :)

    Tell your boss to upload the study document (on Humans if he has one) to site instead of keeping it secret and only to be given if contacted. Let it be in public domain.

    PAID marketing stunt and me? One can very well see who is doing that stunt here. 3 or 4 guys and gals join and within 2 days of joining start promoting BGR -- a drug that has no data on Human trials -- in different forums :)

    I have sent a mail to AIMIL. Let's see if they send me the document on Human trials. I am waiting.

  • It is of no use i tried two bottles

  • CSIR launched First anti-daibetic medicine approved by govt. of india i.e. BGR-34 in chandigarh. It will be very helpful for type 2 diabetic patients. AIMIL phramaceuticals is manufacturing this medicine and very soon it will be available on every medical store in India.

  • First diabetes medicine approved by Govt Of India? So rest are all unapproved? So what's the status of Diabecon and Diabecon DS from Himalaya seling in market since close to decade now (maybe more). They have done extensive in-hospital trials and i can at least go through all the papers as they have posted on their site. I can't even find any detailed data of trials on BGR 34. Everyone is just advertising and gloating over CSIR name :)

    Can you post the link to the trial data where only 67% success was achieved. Success to what level of bringing down blood glucose. Did anyone hit A1C of < 5.6 during the trials?

  • It absolutely astonishes me that people will place their faith and pay money to these charlatans in the absence of gold standard clinical trials.

    It just underlines the depth of ignorance, unwillingness to research the subject and the reluctance to change a lifestyle that has got them to the woeful state of untreated and unmanaged T2.

  • So take them. You will be CURED as per their claim :)

  • So? Where's the proof that BGR 34 CURES?

    It won't even help in reducing MF dose.

  • No, because researchers are busy feeding hydrogenated coconut oil to Lab rats and continue to speak the same LIE over and over again. They love rats as rats cannot oppose them with their science. These so called researchers don't like to do real LCHF trials on Humans. So, you should be asking them why they are so scared to do a tial on 20:20:60?

    If they really did the trials, diabetes drug industry would crash from $650 billion to $300 billion in 3 months. Are they ready to lose this amount of money? NO. That's why they make stupid conclusion while playing with lab rats at the behest of Drug company money.

    As for Dietary FAT/Cholesterol and CVD/CHD relation, there are many studies in favor of FAT, including SFA. Just hunt for them with an open mind. You look for one you will find 10.

    BTW, where's the clinical trial to prove 60% CARBS is the thing? Don't quote that FUDGED Ancel Keys study. It's long stale and proven to be wrong. That's why this renewed "playing-with-the-lab-rats" games are on.

    But, a registered doctor on my forum is now handling her 10 yer old Type 1 daughter on LCHF and reported excellent results. She is also going thru Dr Bernstein videos. Nothing more needed as a proof. 500+ Indian successes on LCHF are a far bigger number than few rats in lab being fed hydrogenated coconut oil to prove that FAT is bad.:)

  • LCHF is not a miracle cure medicine, it is a way to eat enjoyably whilst eliminating the foods that cause type 2 diabetes - sugar and foods that turn to sugar. Simple!

    However seeing as you are keen, you might like to start your research here:


  • I had posted on trials part way back during my first innings here -- more than 3 years ago -- 20% carbs and High Fat and all those who were insulting and attacking me, didn't even bother to read that, or if they did they weren't ready to accept it as they had already made up their mind not to accept come what may:


    On LCHF my memory is also so good :D :D

  • Dear All:

    I see some flaws in the discussion above.

    The company has not claimed any cure.

    Rather it has to be taken regularly alone or with the allopathic medicines currently taken.

    What they are claiming is that it is devoid of side effects.

    Let's understand this.

    Also they say that it's cheaper at Rs 5 per tab.

    But dosage is 2 tabs twice a day half hour before meals.

    So the cost is Rs 20 per day which is not cheap.

    I was taking this for some time and just stopped.

    Controlled with metformin 500 bid + LCHF diet.

    I am not against any herbal medications.

    I myself make a powder of jamun seeds+methi seeds , pinch of ceylon cinnamon and take twice a day.

    I also take karela+amla juice with ginger+haldi freshly prepared. Also I take apple cider vinegar

    My HBA1C two weeks back was 5.2

    But I am against any preparation where we don't know the contents and which may contain heavy metal bhasmas which can damage our kidneys.

    So LCHF diet with some home remedies is the best

    Forget the cures. None exists as of now.

  • Diabetic patients should not get carried away by such claims of cure.All over the world research is going on for cure.If really some breakthrough comes,nobel prize will be awarded to the reseacher.

    I am diabetic since many years. I have come across many such claims of cure. I never believed it.

    Till date only LCHF has given me sugar control.

    Buy glucometer.Check blood glucose and see the effect of medication.

    By eating lot of sweets,if sugar is below 110 after 2 hrs then such claims have some standing.

  • I have read the debate about the efficacy BGR 34 wit interest. At the very outset CDRI and manufacturer are themselves not sure about its efficacy as the medicine is to be taken in addition of all medication and not on replacement thereof. As regards it's cost it is misnomer that it is chrap. The medicine is costing Rs 5 per tablet, 4 tablets are to be taken per day I. E. Rs. 20 per day or Rs 600 per month in addition to existing medication cost.

    I have been taking it for last 2 months without much effect. However I am likely to continue it for some more time and after testing Hba1c I will decide whether to continue further or not

    It may also be pointed out that this medicine is only 4 to 5 months old and to know it's effects or side effects it is too short a period to decide.

    I agree with An up that it has nothing but changed the fortunes of AIMIL promoters who nearly bankrupt before launch of this medicine.

  • Few RED FLAGS:

    (1) This company's parent site has not even updated news since 2008:

    aimilpharmaceuticals.com/ So looks shady. Maybe bankrupt as u say.

    (2) Even the research team (NBRI/CSIR) haven't made public the Animal trials data. As such there's no Human Trial done on this so called wonder drug.

    (3) All so called awards won by the company is only during previous NDA rule and surprisingly the company springs into action in NDA rule

    (4) They change their biz to new domain -- AIMILHEALTHCARE.COM -- with new term of BJP and this they do on 2014-09-04, just a year before the so called research of BGR is out in media in October 2015. Smells fishy.

    (5) For the new site, they don't even have money to spend on a commercial CMS and leach on to FREE & insecure Wordpress. It's well know that Wordpress and Joomla sites get hacked in great numbers every day all over the world. No sane organiztion aiming to transact online will ever have their site on these two S/W. So, transacting on such sites is a big gamble when it comes to CARD details being stolen.

    (6) Add to this the fact that login is on INSECURE URL. So they don't even have 30 odd dollars for a SSL certificate? Who would want to financially transact over NON SSL Connection where the CARD data can be intercepted by anyone who wants to as it is being transmitted non encrypted?

    (6) Social media marketing is outsourced to a bunch of spammers, who have no answers to simple queries. So, I don't think they are spending on Google Adwords.

    So, to me this looks like a well planned SCAM and they are in a great hurry.

    Just my opinion.

  • 100% agree with your observation anupji.

  • Any cure or supportive medicine without side effects should be supported by research papers, be it CSIR or any other NGO. Every one in this forum knows what it means by "approved by Govt. of India". If people are not prepared to control high carb diet better switch over to Analog insulin.

  • It's only tried on ANIMALS and now being Sold to Humans. I thought Animals are not same as HUMANS but this company proves me wrong. After all, didn't Shashi Tharoor call AAM Janta "Cattle Class" :(

    Pity the diabetics who will now be subjected to all the trials in with ZERO accountability in name of FREE CAMPS.

  • just I am writing some thing on this from my own experience. in the year 2014 from June I have bought an ayurvedic powder from (Bhupinder Singh" bspadam@gmail.com) for my diabetic Type 2 control after using it as his direction my sugar got to normal level with in very short time just by 1 month after continuation of 3 months I got severe skin allergy at leg lower part skin on asking Mr. sing he told it is due to overdose of medicine , and then gone to a dibetologist he done all the test again and prescribed Metformin 500 SR with Elegra 120Mg and one ointment name for got. on stopping of using powder and continuation of allopathic medicine with control diet helped me to overcome from skin allergy.

    After seen the advertisement of BGR34 I have bought it online and started using from 20th Jan 2016 and last 10 days I am suffering from same kind of skin after using 2+2 tablets before meal and dinner if any one experienced this please report here, smell of Mr. Snigh's powder and this BGR34 are same so I don't think there is different of composition but Mr. Singh's powder was less costly than this BGR 34.

    I want attention of BGR34 Manufacturer to look into my problem

  • They will say call customer support.

    All this "UNTESTED ON HUMANS DRUG" is nothing but a SCAM being played out. Same old WINE is a NEW bottle and name of CSIR, NBRI being used for campaign to sound "CONVINCING" . I have sent email from their website asking for HUMAN trials reports. Been over three hours now. No reply.

  • Some people take advantage of the growing diabetic patients. Diabetic clinics are mushrooming around the streets and trying to make easy money. Some people try to make money in large scale by marketing their products with no relevant revelations with some political background. It is a pity to note, some people are not able to accept and recognize the relevance of LCHFdoctrinedd by Mr.Anup and long wheat by Mr.Shooter George.

  • This tablet doesn't work i am taking it from last three month and found no any good result dont waste your money

  • And some person known to hate me and LCHF since long was supporting the SPAMMERS trying to market the dubious drugs here just because I was opposing their TALL CLAIMS. I never knew that personal hate could drive someone to support JUNK DRUGS WITH NO HUMAN TRIALS data. Weird.

  • I know of one who had rash reactions.

    Other who bought but before opening the bottle switched to LCHF so most probably will flush the BGR 34 down the drain. RASH as side rxn seems very common complain.

  • Except advertisers,no body in this forum has claimed so for any significant effect of BGR-34!

  • I have been using BGR 34 for the last 20 days. I test FBS everyday. I did not find any significant change in FBS. Instead, Tablets like DiabeconDS and Goranchi are cheap and useful. Also traditional ayurvedic medicines such as Nishakatakadi kashaya and Kada khadiradi kashaya in empty stomach is effective for me. A bottle of any of these cost less than 100 Rs and all are free to manufacture it.

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