Fruits for diabetics

All seasonal fruits when taken in proper amount are beneficial to people with diabetes. Fruits contain sugar in the form of fructose. Unlike glucose, fructose doesn’t require insulin for metabolism. Fruits are rich source of vitamin C & potassium. Moreover they contains other vitamins & minerals. They have high content of fibers as well as water, which gives feeling of satiety very early & at a low calorie intake. Consumption of fruit along with skin is advisable. Fruits like mango, sapota (chikoo), banana, custard apple etc. are rich in sugar & can be taken in limited quantity when diabetes is well under good control.

Avoid preserved, processed & canned fruits.

It is advisable to avoid fruit juice as it may increase blood sugar levels. It can only be taken during illness, replacing the regular meal.

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  • Don’t worry that you are diabetic and if you will be entitled to eat fruits or not, You can eat many of the fruits !! Don’t look at me puzzled please, I understand your question how fruits can be good for diabetics which taste sweet !!! Firstly what we need to understand is – Fruits are a source of Sugar But ,The natural sugars in fruit and fruit juices(without added sugar) raise blood sugar levels slowly than many refined, starchy carbohydrate-rich foods. So to keep it simple -” 100gm of white rice can release more blood sugars than 2 apples”

  • When rice is eaten combined with curries and sambar which have high fiber veggies, lentils etc, should it not be safe to eat rice. By doing this, does not the sugar get released slowly?

  • That;s what happened for hundreds of years in many countries . Now the problem of diabetes has MANY CAUSES , WHICH HAVE TO BE ATTENDED AT WAR footing.

  • Well said.

  • It is my experience that Mango is not advised for diabetics . I have controlled my blood Sugar within normal limits without any medicine . I am 63 and and my sugar raised up 186 Fasting and 278 PP and fluctuated between these figures four to five times last year. I am paramedical professional so thought of diet and exercise to control it. Now every time I get it done it is between 108 or less fasting and 136 or less PP. Thanks to my diet and little exercise which is simple.

    I get up at 6 AM and take one littler of normal water at a stretch. finish my routine and start my day with .

    1. 2 biscuit (Mari or Britannia cracker ) 5 Almond socked and night skin removed , a cup of tea with sugar free 2 pallets

    2 2 slice bread with sprouted moong , chana or beans partially cooked one cup in at 9.30 breakfast.

    3. one cup of coffee sugar free (2 pallets natural sugar) at 11 AM

    4. One Banana at 12 Pm

    5. freshly prepared and half cooked Salad ( carrots. onion, leafy veg. tomato lime etc} at 1 Pm with small cup of cooked rice with one cup Dal.

    Between lunch and dinner I normally take Biscuit or nuts .

    .6 dinner 2 phulka ( chapati) 1 cup dal and one cup veg.

    these all are prepared using little or no oil.

    7. 1 hour exercise like cycling, yoga and free stretching morning before breakfast. and 30 minutes brisk walk in jogging garden with equal time rest.

    Take 6 to 7 ltr of water daily

    sleep at 10.30 pm

  • Do not advise to take 6 to 7 ltr of water daily. More than 3 ltr water should be after consultation with Doctors only when you are a senior citizen with diabetic. This is my own opinion.

  • My dear Sir,

    I have not advised anyone to do anything including water intake. This is information what I have done and got cent percent success, Water intake depends on individual.

    I have written this only for information and not asked anyone to follow me.

    Thanks for your advice. I do keep my doctor informed what I am taking.

    Thanks n regards

  • Dear Sir ,

    Your reply is excellent,

    There are simple formula for water intake is your weight / 20

    This is minimum required quantity of water intake. More the water intake good the health because water clean the whole body and toxins done out.

    For more detail and reduce diabetics contact at

  • Thanks Mr. Shekhawat

    Water in take = Total liquid taken in form of plain water, tea, dal, vegetables, soft drink, fruit juice etc. and this differ from person to person because of height weight, BMI and activities.. So there so no fixed quantity.

    Most important factor to fight against any ailment is to have firm determination, disciplined diet and exercises, yoga and meditation. Have no habits of alcohol, smoking etc.

  • Most of the articles on diabetes and other stomach problems , I have read that 7 to 8 glass of water during the day and night is enough ,which means 200 ml x 8 =2 ltr of water is advisable .Water therapists have also advised the same .Taking 7/8 ltrs of water may also put a load on kidney for filtration of high quantity of intake of water daily on regular basis .that is want I think .

  • your reply is right, 6 to 7 lit of water daily is enough, because we drink tea, two to three cups also and some times drink some juice also.

  • Just as too little water is dangerous , too much water is also dangerous .

  • Thanks for sharing your diet & exercise for sugar level Control

  • very good plan and thank you for sharing

  • your routine is very good.

  • very good plan and thank you for sharing

  • good.

  • It may be followed by others also.......

  • Your diet plan is excellent but 6 to 7 ltr water??? It is not advisable....

    as you said it is individual decision of taking water...

  • A good of tip. thanks

  • Fruit as substitute is good for diabetics. Everything depends on the calory intake. ...vjk nair

  • Very Good Information.

  • Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • the fruits also have glucose and minarals like to eat calucate calaries and sugar in fruits intake other wise take food calaries alsocaliculate your body identyfy the food pl lission body language.

  • It is said pappai fruit in particular advised for diabetic?

  • yes that is true, papaya is good but do take more thank one cup a day, orange is very good, apple is also very good, it is my doctor's advise.

  • A good sugegestion . i hope i do it and am able to control my bs as i also dont take any med.

  • if u don't take medicine, take kerala, kadu (louki) and tomato juice in the morning and one tea sp. of methi seeds, every day, so you don't need medicine.

  • Thanks for your very good suggestion.

    I like it. Let me try and do as you suggested.

    God bless you with good health without any other problem.


  • A diabetic may take a tsp of ashawgandha + shilajeet ( 10:1 ratio ) with one cup of milk

    to keep fit and healthy

  • what is ashawgandha, is it ayurvedic medicine, so i can get from india, and shilajeet also, suggest.

  • Ashwagandha and sheelajeet are aurvedic medicines and are available with aurvedic medical stores. Divya Aurveda Pharmacy, Haridwar , of Baba Ramdev is a good and reliable place to get these aurvedic medicines. They have various combinations of these medicines , good for diabetics

  • If one needs to eat mango, mix it with full fat milk curd which is more than a day old and add some cream to it. Fat will reduce spike. That's how i eat my mangoes and i don't take any wheat or rice. I am drug free and control my sugar well. Last A1C was 5.2

  • Thank you Doctor for the piece of info on fruits.

  • TQ Doctor for giving Good advice in taking frutis by diabetics.

  • Just one caveat; you can have too much of a good thing. Just because fructose is metabolised by the liver doesn't ensure that it is safe if consumed in too large an amount; it can contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for instance, and it increases platelet stickiness. However, people don't tend to eat too much wholefruit, it is other sources such as processed food and drink that tend to cause problems.

    Sticking to 10 to 14 portions of low GI carbohydrate per day (a portion being 10g or carbohydrate) is the best way to ensure blood glucose control.



  • Thanks for all information of all individual...

    I want to know ,whether replacement of pancreas in medical history has started or not?????

    This will solve all problem of diabetic person.......

    I have read in some news paper that replacement of pancreas operation is near by and it will creat history.....

  • Eating mango, sapota (chikoo), banana, custard apple -in limited quantities when diabatis is under control .Please take some laddu,jilebi,kalakand etc-- IT IS SURE WAY TO DISASTER OF U R HEALTH.- Read the nutritional values of fruits published by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION. calculate the caloric values of the foods. Don't listen to such advise. Follow the doctors advise.

  • Eating of banana and mango indulge BS to rise vertically that what I have been advised by a very senior and experienced doctor. One small mosumbi orange and 1/4 th part of an apple were allowed, but not both the fruits in a single day. Thanks Mr KSREDDY your information.

  • You mean to say,small quantity of fruits,may be varity of fruits which are not much sweet,one should take daily,Am I right?

  • Means doctor will take advice first and then will advice others.Just laugh and bring sugar level tension please of any kind.

  • I agree with you sir ,taking any fruits with closed eyes may be harmful to our valuable organs of the body .Need to take proper care ,before taking any sweet item or sweet fruits .One of my relative was always taking sweets and ample fruits saying "we have to die one day then why to put lock on our mouth " he died at very young age leaving young wife and children .

  • `hello sir if 90ml whisky take daily it raise the suger level tell me sir it good or bad

  • Any thing said about good by users are proved false. Some guy documented that more than 260 diseases are caused by drinking of alcohol in various names

  • Never say anything good about alcoholism .

  • Sir,Please guide me what fruits i must take and which to avoid as by blood sugar is between 7 to 10. i am 57 years old

    Also guide me about food to avoid.



  • Avoid eating mango, banana, chickoo, grapes, pineapple, sitaphal, jackfruit etc. All these fruits are bad for diabetics. Eat watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, lemon, orange, musambi, jambul etc. Less carbohydrate content foods are taken. Leafy vegetables are good for diabetics. Eat cucumber and carrot as salads.

    Krishnan Maniyambath

  • it is good to hear diabitic patient can take fruits.

  • Please read this from internet:

    Fructose metabolism occurs entirely in the liver. Through a complicated process called fructolysis, fructose undergoes several chemical and structural changes with the help of aldolase B, an enzyme in the liver. The end products are similar to a different sugar called glucose, your body’s primary source of energy. These glucose-like molecules then enter the same pathways as glucose, either aerobic or anaerobic respiration, to produce energy.

    The sugars found in food provide energy because your body can digest and absorb them. However, sugars provide only energy and do not contain vitamins, minerals or fiber. Ultimately, all of the fructose is broken down into glucose -- blood sugar -- which enters your bloodstream where your body metabolizes it or stores it as glycogen for future use as energy

  • If you get your readings under control ( through diet and exercise), you can take small amount of fruit on a daily basis. Fruits have minerals and vitamins as well and are helpful for good health.

  • The advice should be taken in its right spirit; that is natural fruits can be taken if the BS is under control. If it is not under control or patients having higher counts may not take. My experience is that when fruits with higher sweetness is taken regularly, the BS level may rise. Normal banana, mango (except daseri type) etc are not that sweety. Taking limited quantiy of seasonal fruits will keep you healthy and add to appetite and above all help in good motion. Please avoid adulterated fruits (artificially sweetened).

  • Plse. Exercise caution while taking fruits. It is just to kill the temptation towards fruits. Take a piece and get away from the place. Don't be near the plate where the fruits are kept.


  • Very good

  • We can take 1 mango preferably in morning time. It will not disturbed your sugar level. It is seasonal fruit with full of vitamins good for health

  • Fine. and Don't take breakfast.

  • One mango! My God! Never , my experience.

  • helpful advice specially about fruit juice concept

  • liver absorb only 8ml alcohol in one hour if we take one glass of alcohol damage 10,000 brain cells I don't no its right or wrong but I think its facts

  • This is ok. But When tryglyceroids are high it is not suggestable to consume fruits as per our doctors advice.

  • Sir, it is my considered opinion to try the following! it gives amazing results:A churna with the following compostion (each 100 gm): Mamrevja 9.3%,Gudmar9.3%,Karela 9.3%Neem beej 9.3%,Jamun beej 9.3%,Galo 9.3%,Kalijire 9.3%Bilva 9.3%,Methi 9.3%,Kariyatu4.65%,Amla 4.65%,Indrajav 4.65% and Kadu 2.32% has given excellent results: Dose : 5 gm each before breakfast and and just before bed; No need to stop any other medicine, practice or regimen that you follow. God is great

  • Good suggestion,Karela, Neem beej,Kalijeera, Bilva, Menthi,Amla, are understood,The others not understood, some identification please

  • sorry ; it is Mamejva; there is spelling jumble;

  • the>,,is..coming..throgh..blood.&.urine..affects..kidney..then..eyes,foot...etc.taking..proper..medicine,,under.the.doctors..advice..with..regular..walking..excercise..will..control..diabetes.and,its,,, betes.research,,centre,,gopalapuram..every..6..monthes..v.krishnamoorthy/ gobichettipalayam.......28.4.2013

  • Thanks for all to give their experience and sugestions.

  • The article is full of personal experience and by a person who succeeded in controlling his blood sugar and we have to appreciate him and also to understand that every human body is differ from each other and every one suffering from diabetes having his own way and means to control his sugar and no one wants to suffer . It may be possible that one may differ with any one . However , the experience shared Bhardwajh is very educative. thanks

  • Its very good to know one's own experiences and practices in connection with diabetic, am a diabetic since 2 years.

  • Its very good to know one's own experiences and practices in connection with diabetic, am a diabetic since 2 years.

  • Thanks. good advise.

  • Dear Bharadwagh! First I must appreciate you for taking pain for giving elaborate narration on the steps and care to be taken for controlling diabetis. But regarding your mention of taking 6 or 7 litres of water I have some reservation.Once I also used to think that the more one takes water the more one would be healthier.But I was proved little off the mark.One doctor by name Dr Samaram from AP made a comment that too much intake of water would have bearing on the functioning of kidneys.I agree with him for the reason that any thing that is too much would certainly involve one kind or other kind of adverse impact . Please consider this point also.

  • After lunch, I eat 1 or at times 2 Ilachi banana, depending oin the size, the special gift of Karnataka horticultural research. Every alternate day, for dinner, I have only fruits one night and boiled vegetables on the other. After dinner I have a gap of 1.1/2 to 2 hours and I drink about 200 ml of butter milk, before going to sleep. Most nights I sleep comfortably and get up no more than once to ease myself.

    I am glad that the false scare about fruits for diabetics, has been cleared. I am now comoleting 73 and 31 years as a diabetic, and an insulin dependent one for the last 18 years. I avoid mango, chikku, grapes and rarely eat jack fruit. I di not consume fruit juices.


  • thanks for nice posting ...information is good for people

  • What about Papaya, Kharbuja, watermelon, adu, lukat. Can thy be consumed by a diabetic patient?

  • u all say avoid fruit juice,But I take REAL Active juice which has no sugar added Is it harmful.Can I have Watermelon?

  • This has indeed been an excellent day. I read everything and got a lot of information.Special mention of the contribution from BHARDWAJLH.This person described the daily routine.I thank you very much.We know 80% of our body is water.We need water especially in hot Indian summer.How much do you have to drink?Many opinions expressed today.I drink a lot of water.Excellent day.Thanks every one.

  • Hi

    I am diabetic and of late i am experiencing heavy itching on my legs above my ankles and also color of the skin is turning out to be black. let me now the reasons for this and how to avoid this.

    kindly advise good medicine.

  • all diabetics please go into sun to get vitamin D which is very helpful in reducing bs

  • ok sir. but what about kidney pat.. ,serum creatnini morethan 3.5%

  • just like mango, what are the othr fruits,even during season, shold not be taken by dibetic

  • Good info - FBS reading above 125 - I was told to cut out all Fruit till BS was under control - As a vegetarian fruit formed a very big part of my diet till i looked at LCHF diet

  • foots like apple, black jamun, guava, starwberry etc are found to be good for diabetics.

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