Diabetes is controllable!

Type II Diabetes is very common among south Asians and the Chinese. Indians and Chinese may easily constitute 75% of world population of diabetics. It is a life style disease among sedentary and obese people which if not controlled can lead to devastating complications affecting practically all important systems of the body like brain & nervous system, eyes, heart, kidneys, arteries and so on, Control is not impossible but not very difficult to achieve. Diet and exercise are the cornerstone of management. One has to discipline oneself and that is most important first step.

Simple brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is enough. This can be done in one go or in two or even three parts during the day. One should start walking at normal pace and gradually increase the speed so as to reach a level to cover one km in 6 minutes. This may take one to three months.

Diet should include lot of proteins with minimal fats and less carbohydrates. Best would be to avoid both deep- and shallow-fried stuffs at any cost. Extra Virgin Olive oil is the only good oil. Desi ghee is the least harmful followed by Kachi ghani mustard oil. All other oils including sunflower oil are definitely HARMFUL. Avoid sweet fruits such as grape, banana, chikoo, mango, and dates. Citrus fruits and all sorts of berries can be taken in any quantity. Blueberries are the best among berries. Apple, pear and apricot in moderation. Nuts are good especially walnut and almonds.

We can discuss this further if somebody may like to enter a dialogue.


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  • You said it right. Diabetes can be managed by proper diet and exercise. We know Yoga & Pranayam, which is easy to learn from trained and knowledgeable teacher. Similarly, regular brisk walk of 30 min. can assist in controlling diabetes.

    Interestingly, Chinese practice a specific soft exercise called Tai Chi Qigong. It's practiced by millions all over the world. It's easy to learn & practice and of non-impact type based on martial arts. Tai Chi is useful for many ailments including stress management, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis etc.

  • Thanks, well said!

  • While what you write is logical, it does not seem to be working for me. I walk atleast 5 times a week for about 40 to 45 minutes. Inspite of my travel, i walk almost everywhere in the world. In Mumbai I do yoga & pranayam (60 mins) on alternate days & also to physical training with weights etc 3 times a week ( 45 mins ). I do travel 10 days in a month. In Mumbai I eat a reasonably light breakfast & lunch. I do eat out a lot. I am very regular in my medicine. I take galvusmet 50/850 twice a day. Reglide before dinner & Eurepa if I eat a heavy meal. I rarely eat a sweet dish( with sugar ) & if I do in a very controlled measure. Yet my HBA1C is around 7.5 refusing to come down. My post meal is always high ( from 160 to 210 ) My fasting betweeen 120/140. Pre lunch & predinner ranges fro 90 to 140. 140 only at times when I have eaten some snack a while back. I eat methi in the morning. along with some natural/ayurvedic anti diabetic prescription. At 5'7" & a lean frame I weigh 67 kgs, with a bulge which i am not happy about.

    I have fibromyalgia as well as a very stiff body.

    I would be interested to know what else I could do do bring my sugars down.

  • Must concentrate on diet. Your weight is close to ideal body weight. If you are a male your weight should be 66.1 kg. If female, it has to be 3,5 kg less i.e. 62.6 kg.

  • I am male. thank you for your response. Will make further efforts

  • Are you a male or female?? This info will help me to prescribe your some kind of green tea, detox of the body, herbs and vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your condition

  • Galvus met is not for twice daily. Galvus plain 50 mg is a single dose medication and metformin 850 can be taken twice daily. I was like you , when I was not with Galvus50(Vildagliptin) I had the same sugar levels like you and A1c was 7.1. My doctor precribed me Dianorm-M Twice daily and Galvus 50 Once daily. But as this was not sufficient to bring my sugar levels I tried Galvus50 once daily , dianorm80 and Gluformin(metformin)850 twice daily and I got a result of 98 and 124 mg/ dl fasting and PP. after 10 days..I am therefore continuing it and will be reviewing HbA1c levels after 100 days of adminstration of the drugs.and i am yet to discuss this with my doctor when I will visit him next. You may consult this with your doctor too.and get his advice.

  • HbA1C should ideally be less than 6 but diet and proper exercise remain more important than drugs. Your weight should be close to ideal body weight for your height and sex.

  • I am now only able to reduce my sugar levels and I can review the A1c levels only after 100 days of continued medication with the present pattern..What you have mentioned as A1c level below 6 may be for non diabetes or borderlines. But it is said that anything below 7 is acceptable .

  • Yes .It is controllable life long but complete CURE is not possible and researches are still going on to find a100% CURE for both types of diabetes

  • Hundred percent cure is not possible and may become reality with pancreas transplantation or regeneration when that approach becomes feasible..

  • That is what I am insisting.If somebody offers to cure you diabetes free, you should not believe it as it is since no cure is still available in spite of vast researches.


  • As I wrote earlier, Olive oil, Desi ghee and mustard oil are the only choices in that order.

  • In south no body uses olive oil for food. Sunflower oil, rice bran oil are the alternatives. Avoiding ghee,hyrogenated vanaspathi, palm oil,cocoanut oil for cooking willbe helpful in reducing the fats in your body. Mixed oil with balanced oil content of different oils is stated to be good, but there is no proof on its reliability.

  • Thanks, well said!

  • Now blended refined Olive Oil and Refined Corn Oil is available in the South Market. Also Gingly oil also best. A person requied oil per day is 3 to 4 Teaspoons only. s.r.k.

  • Agree with your suggestion.

  • diabetes can be controlled if you take one glass of bitter gourd juice everyday in the morning with empty stomach and keep observing Glucose levels once in 15 days till you achieve a good result. your symptoms will disappear gradually slowly and steadily and you will find a stable results. Keep away from sweet food. If you see positive results tell this to your friends who have similar problem. All the best.

  • I fully agree with your views.My suggestion is to add Yog and Pranayam

    also for about one hour with it and I am sure,if you follow this as suggested by USHA 51,you will be able to control Diabetes and live a normal active life.

    I had been to Patanjali,Yoggram in March for 8days and going again in the month of November .The Yog plus treatment, which I learnt there , has brought my Diabetes almost normal.

    Consulted my Doctor and he advised me to reduce the Medicine and see the effect .I take now JANUMET 500 one Tablet daily in the evening only.

    HB a1c has come down to 5.6 which was 6.1 earlier.

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