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Our Deadly Diabetes Deception

Here is one nice article ..


it says...

Repair the faulty blood sugar control system. This is done simply by substituting clean healthy beneficial fats and oils in the diet for the pristine looking but toxic trans-isomer mix found in attractive plastic containers on room temperature supermarket shelves. Consume only flax oil, fish oil and occasionally cod liver oil until blood sugar starts to stabilize. Then add back healthy oils such as butter, coconut oil, olive oil and clean animal fat. Read labels; refuse to consume cheap junk oils when they appear in processed food or on restaurant menus. Diabetics are chronically short of vitamins and minerals; they need to add a good quality broad spectrum supplement to the diet.

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Thanks for sharing...author has given systematic method to reverse diabetes , but not shared any recovery case.

Now it make sense to reason why so many Indians are falling prey to diabetes ...as the market is flooded with Omega -6 loaded oils, which makes cell membrane stiff and people are happy thinking that they are using heart healthy oils ...

One more point to note that it is important to get the readings of insulin levels of healthy family members during medical checkup to avoid the trap diabetes

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Here is diabetic poem guys(found on internet) :) says eat less carbs ...more meat :)

I’m pleased to announce without further ado

Our findings, which I’m sure will all astound you!

For fifteen long years at considerable expense

We’ve tested our theories, now they seem to make sense!

We discovered diabetics, when their levels are high,

Feel grumpy and thirsty, and we think we know why!

It’s because it’s not normal to be in that state –

So keep levels normal if you don’t want that fate!

And in one of our tests we discovered that bread

Increased the blood glucose, so eat bacon instead!

An historic observation, I am sure you’ll agree,

And all thanks to the money allocated to me!

And thirty nine subjects who consumed only jam

For a week and a day, then replaced it with ham,

Found their levels would rise when they ate something sweet,

But their levels were fine if they ate only meat!

And our insulin study is a fantastic success!

We gave some subjects lots and some others much less –

If we gave them too much, they collapsed on the floor,

But giving them too little showed that they needed more!

So we hope you are pleased that you funded our tests,

Such groundbreaking results – I can see you’re impressed!

And all this achieved – as cheap as it sounds –

For the paltry little sum of two million pounds!


Hi Cure,

Do you know after how many hours of consuming fish or fish oil one can consume milk ?According to Ayurveda fish and milk should not be taken together ...



nah I don't know exact time....

But guess after complete digestion of fish oil...you can consume milk or vice versa....

Hey here is one nice link about combination of food to be avoided...


Most wonderful part is....in earlier version the author said haldi should not be consumed with mustered oil....

Read in comments one Mr Andrey Golovinov corrected him after giving correct examples from scriptures..


Tomatoe and curds should not be taken together , bananas and curds also should not be taken together according to some . We have to verify personally rather than going with hearsayin some cases .


what about fish and milk ...i want to take cod liver oil/fish oil ...so confused after long can i take milk products ?



Read here...


read last reply from Mr. meshram


fish and milk are not supposed to be taken together.


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