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Diabetes is in control past 15 days

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Hello All,

I have got to share my experience on how iam controlling my diabetes.

Past 1 year i HAD diabetes.

I have tried having tabletes, aurvedic tablets and even kapal bhati.

Most of the time i have seen my sugar levels dropping coming to 120 from 300.

i have also observed some times that after kapalbhati it hacome come down for 280 from 310.

i never understood what was going on with me.

recently i read some thing on our body harmones reacting while we are in stress and how our sugar levels are in sink with the same harmones responsible for while iam in stress.

then i realized that doing kapalbhati with stress makes no change in our sugar level.

and once more thing what i understood is we should put break on all kind of thoughts in our mind to avoid any kind of stress resulting increase in our sugar levels.

one solution what i found was "deep silence meditation" past 15 days iam meditating in silence. Silence in the sense silence in my mind completely ignore the thoughts that generate in our mind while meditating so that iam not dragged with the thoughts and story behind those thoughts after few minutes thoughts will start reducing.

And this is resulting in my stress level to come down and finally my sugar level comes down automatically.

iam observing that i eat all kind of normal food stopped tablets. and my sugar levels are within 150.

I have rice in the afternoon and if i check after 1 hour it is 250 and if i check after 2 hours it is 150.

please try to reduce the stress and definitely your sugar levels will come normal.

try checking this..youtube.com/watch?v=TWttCv0...



33 Replies
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you are absolutely right stress is a biggest cause of diabeties ,your suggetion is well i will try to follow you

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GracyVarghese in reply to nishi400

It is a very good information. Anyone can practice it. I will also surely follow it.

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Trying to control sugar level with natural food and in natural way will be a healthy practice. Yogas are also very useful towards this. Practice and follow the nature's rule and have a good healthy and longer life.

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yes what you have st ted if right reducing stress will reduce your sugar levels.

secondly i also suggest that we need to eat on time. as empty stomach will also increase sugar levels.

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May be true

will need to hear from more practitioner of this meditation benefit, hope more clarity about timing , duration and place of meditation.

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visitprabhakar in reply to

meditation could be done any where any time all that we need to make sure is we are not in stress.We need to try our best to be away from stress and iam 100% sure that sugar level is going to come down.

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Madhuvijay Capsules for diabetes contains processed extract of Pt. Marsupium alongwith Purest Extract of Ashvagandha & Gotukola. The Proprietory blend of this herbs provides wonderful results among diabetics. vijaysar.net

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Daily practice of meditation in the early morning is possible to all.This is a good way of controlling sugar and BP.

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I can recommend you "Ganoderma" Mushroom Power or Capsules to control your sugar level.

You can check in the net above this. More details please mail me: kukkunikki@gmail.com

in reply to sumol67

Dear all

I have very bad experienced with Ganoderma" Mushroom Power or Capsules iahve consumed 1/2 bottles RL and GL and got an alergy throughout the body and compelled to take allopathic treatment, remaining 1/2 botles is exists with me now. no refund gurantee as well for side effect responsibility.

Please beaware of Dahesan trading products.

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What ever u r practising appears to have no effect on ur sugar level. 250 after one hour of food is no good sign. Damage occur when ur sugar levels are high.It is no consolation if it is 150 after 2 hours. See good doctor. First get ur sugar levels to normal and do this and that but don't stop medication.

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visitprabhakar in reply to KSREDDY

it used to be 300+ for almost entire day and i feel now it is far far better compared to my sugar levels which used to be earlier and iam confident that this going to come down completely

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Stress effect blood sugar level. It also affects skin. Stress brings ulser, BP, heart deases. The meditation nulifiedes stress.

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Thanks for your sugestion n also revealing how to practice meditation. i want to blend meditation in my routine life.

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excellent superb presentation.

Please coment on this if any one have experience with it.

madhuvijay 19 hours ago

Madhuvijay Capsules for diabetes contains processed extract of Pt. Marsupium alongwith Purest Extract of Ashvagandha & Gotukola. The Proprietory blend of this herbs provides wonderful results among diabetics. vijaysar.net

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Mental stress and tension are prime causes for diabetes and BP. Reading of 250 after one hour of consuming food is not a healthy sign. I have read somewhere that both yoga and meditation help in controlling sugar level. But one can not entirely depend on yoga and meditation in controlling sugar level .Daily one to one and a half hours' brisk walk/jogging is essential to control sugar level.

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visitprabhakar in reply to Pottekkat

meditating and mind getting free from stress past 15 days has definitely made a difference in my health.

Past 3 years i have gone into terrifying situations and slowly stress has built in me and result was diabetes. i cant expect the diabetes to get cured immediately. definitely its a matter of time iam confident that my diabetes will get cured in another few months.

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nice to read about herbal food therapy. My age is 69 & since last few months I am feeling diabetic as my Hb1Ac is 6.5, FBS IS 115 & PPBS IS 183.. Kindly let me know how to control the BS i have full faith in Ayurved/ herbals. My e-mail is njmrig@yahoo.co.in

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Pottekkat in reply to njmrig

You should try to bring down your Hb1Ac level below 5.8. Go for regular brisk walk in the early morning for one and a half to two hours. Green tea is very good for controlling sugar level and consume 3/4 cups of green tea every day( lemon should not be added in the tea). There is one herbal powder called Oushadhi, manufactured by Govt of Kerala. Mix one spoon of oushadhi with water and consume it either before going to bed in the night or in the early morning before going for walk. ( Mix the powder in quarter glass water and swallow it ). I have found this quite effective. (Do not be under the impression that i am mentioning this herbal powder to promote its sale).

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to make yourself thought less and stress free is a training of mind.i have done a spiritual course of sirshree of pune. it is a life changing experience.

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visitprabhakar in reply to suru

you are absolutely correct.

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One can go for a Vipassyana course, either at Igatpuri or near Madh island at Golden Pagoda

vtaps profile image

Apologies. It is Global Pagoda

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Iam happy to know that stress also plays a major role in increasing the blood sugar level.Thank you and i will try to follow your experience.

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visitprabhakar in reply to rubytekala

In My case stress was the main factor.

And now iam feeling far far better after starting meditation. still my sugar levels are normal.

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What type of meditationcan U suggest?

thank you

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visitprabhakar in reply to rubytekala

Meditation is for few minutes or hours. But our thoughts come and go entire day i chk what kind of thoughts iam making is it a set of thoughts that are putting me down or R they set of thoughts that R making me to worry. If so then iam changing the pattern of thoughts iam not at all worrying about what happen in my past and iam not also worried about what may happen my future all that i beleive is god is their and he will take care no point in thinking abt smthng which is harming my body.

This is my meditation



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Excellent thoughts and really splendid meditation U Tube. Tks

Dr S K Kapur

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It seems mental stress is the root cause of diabetes, thanks for the theory of meditation which reduces diabetes. let's try it.

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For reducing mental stress, one has to change his attitude toward the problems. Belief in 'destiny' and 'Law of Karma' is of great help.

I take one leaf of ‘insulin plant’ in the morning.

I tried Ayurveda tablets for one month but did not find any improvement

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Best practice to start meditating!

Try Moving to Healthy Lifestyle altogether :)

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