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Need Confirmation on Long wheat


HI Mr. George,

Greetings. I have read your article, blog on long wheat mash regime and was lot relieved to see that diabetics can be cured.

Appreciate your efforts to share this knowledge with everyone and your intention to help others to get rid of diabetics.

Recently on 02nd October 2013, I was diagnosed as a diabetic. On that day, My FBS was 137, HBA1c was 7.6 & average blood glucose was 171. I was advised by the doctor to change my life style to check, if my sugar levels can be brought under control.

For the next 15 days, I went on a diet without rice. I had Millets (any of these - finger millets, pearl millets, Little millets, Kodo millets & horse grams) for break fast and had Chappathi for lunch with vegetables and again chappathi's for dinner. I went for brisk walking for 45 mins every day.

On 18th October 2013, I went for my scheduled next checkup. My FBS was 112, PPBS was 155.

Now I'm planning to have Long wheat porridge for break fast for next 1 -2 months, just to make sure, I get used to long wheat. Starting Jan 2014 onwards, I'm planning to adhere to strict Long wheat mash regiment.

My next check up is scheduled for Dec 18th 2013.

Could you pls clarify following questions

1) Have attached picture of Long wheat, I procured from one of the stores in Bangalore.Could you pls confirm, I got the right one ?

2) Is it OK to have millets for lunch along with Long wheat, as I developed a liking for them in the last fifteen days ?

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From the picture it appears that what yo got is the right one. The background has come clearer than the subject. A closer & better focused picture would have been better. For clarity, I downloaded & enlarged it. It is the same. I could 2 -3 ordinary wheat grains here & there. ( Am I right?). What is the name with which you got it? The name may be of use to others.

Millets or even rice you can have for lunch; may not be a problem. LWM one should take twice a day & at about a gap of 10-12 hours.Our body extracts/prepares medicine, for repair of Pancreas, from LWM; hence you have to take it stomach-full twice a day. Then there will be no space for things other than taste-makers/curries. Take 1 gram of dry LW per 1 kilogram of body weight to cook each meal.

Please feel free to ask more if I have not answered your questions.

HI Mr. George,

Thanks for confirming.

Regarding normal wheat grains, I had a quick check and most of them, looks more like long wheat to me. In karnataka, it is known as Jave Godhi. In the label of the packet, they have mentioned as "Dicocom Wheat".

As I mentioned in my first post, I shall start with LWM for breakfast for few weeks and shall have it for dinner afterwards.

I'll be testing my blood sugar levels 15 days from today and shall apprise you on the progress.

Thanks again for swift response.

Hi NoToDiabetes,

Both the names Jave Godhi & Dicocom are in my table of names at Name in different languages. That is good, slow & steady wins the race.

Keep reporting. Wish you a speedy cure.

Hi George,

I am Sowmya 29 years developed disabities an year back that is July 2016 as a result of pcod many years,and my reading generally are


Ppbs 170

Hba1c tested a month back 5 .5

Taking gluformini .5 twice daily my parents don't have sugar

My maternal grandfather had

I tried lot of things hoping for cure

Aerobics,yoga,walking,millets, Ayurvedic, homeopathy ,dieting,nothing helping me in getting out of this it pains a lot to live with fear at this young age

I have a qn regarding long wheet is it gluten free?

If we powder long wheet ourselves can weake chapathis out of it ?

Is it has saw effect has ganji?

Please suggest me complete diet plan including fruits,tender coconut ,pulses,cerelas ,rice,millets,long wheet to cure this disease.

Hoping for a quick reply brother..

You asked several questions. I can understand your frustration if what you told are genuine.

1. People say LW has gluten. I ate it stomach full, twice daily for three years, ie till cure. I didn't have any problem.

2. You can make chapaathy and there is a study showing its efgectiveness.

3. It seems to depend on quantity rather than mode of cooking.

I have given the framework of diet at different places. Within the framework, a patient is the best person to decide the diet because


What should be regimen for 50 year old type 2 diabetic  h1bc 7.7. At 130, start feeling low sugar. Fasting 110-140. PP 200.

What is LW. Where i can find it ONLINE ?

I want to reduce weight also. It is 88 KG Atleast 10 KG more than desired.


Hi @ sanjay914,

Just scroll down to the response of @dialife for information on online availability. Long Wheat is a food grain - one of the oldest. Please read my posts here or google "George Cured Diabetes" and follow the link to my appropedia page.

Hi Sir. Thanks for sharing the valueable piece of information. It can save lives. Can you please tell me the Hindi name for long wheat? Where do I find it in Delhi.

I suggest Barley ( Jau) in place of Long Wheat,

Hi kclvbn,

It is good that a new suggestion has come up to the relief of Diabetic patients, but what is the basis on which this has come up? Based on your personal experience or that of some other Diabetic patients?

Hope you will be kind & generous enough to elaborate the grounds on which you suggest Barley in place of Long Wheat.

Your silence ( if it happens so) will imply to me that the suggestion was a passing remark on a lighter vein.

Reading on various papers on Internet, by using this since last 6 Months myself and many friends. as the glycemic index is very low , plus this has soluble & unsoluble both & higher than other cerels.

in reply to kclvbn

Jau is the same as Jave Godhi, which is whole barley.

Hi @ Krishnara,

In my place Common Wheat, Long Wheat & Barley are three different & distinct grains sold in grocery shops. I have published a photograph here some time back showing those 3 items as displayed in a local grocery shop.Please have a look at it.


Hi  @ kclvbn,

You have shared very valuable information to the community of Diabetics. Thsnk you very much for that. Some how I missed your response those days.

Now three years have passed & I hope that you and your friends taking Barley would have been cured of the dreaded disease Diabetes.

I am deeply interested in knowing your initial and present values of Diabetes parameters.

Hope you won't mind sharing those here in public.

Eagerly awaiting your response.

what is the difference between long wheat and barley.i think it is same .how to use it wheather we get any packet to make breakfast ?

HI Pushpa1416,

As far as I read, Long wheat is one of the varieties of wheat available. I have no inkling on the difference between long wheat & barley.

Long wheat is sold just like other grains. For break fast recipe, pls refer "Preparing the food supplement "suuji goothamb kanji" alias long wheat mash " section in following link.

Thank you @ NoToDiabetes for the clarification.

Hi @ pushpa1416,

Long Wheat & Barley are two different food grains consumed for two different purposes. Please don't think thst they are same. Have you seen either at least,  if not both?

Can u guide me barly and wheat are same. If it is different what is difference

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Thank you sir

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The question i asked earlier still remains unanswered. Is jouv and barley same ? the gujarati name for long wheat according to your table is "jouv". when i enquired at the local grocery store for "Jouv" he gave me a packet of husked wheat. when i asked him to give me jouv whithout husk , he gave me Barley , stating that it is the same thing. He never heard of long wheat as such. now my question to you is , is jouv and barley the same . please clear my confusion. also i would like to ask whether we can make chapatis of the jouv flour instead of making wheat mash..... will it have the same curing properties.... thanking you in anticipation...

Hi chotusa,

Unfortunately I don't remember to have seen a question from chotusa earlier. I am not from the Hindi speaking belt of India. The words "jouv", "java", "jau", " khapli", "pedda", "oosi/uusi" etc were given by my friends/colleagues/acquaintants belonging to other relevant parts of India. I know what is Barley. It's photo along with Long Wheat & Common Wheat is published in this forum ( ---MYPOST 12, Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary (common) wheat together.

) as well as in my Appropedia article ( right margin). You please visit the picture, click it to enlarge & see in life size; then you may be able to decide yourself.

While I was diabetic, had used mash only. Now a member swamyonline is using chappaathis. He finds it also effective. As I am not diabetic any more, I am unable to test it on me! Only diabetic people like you can find an answer to the question.

You are welcome; ask me more.

thanks george . i have started eating chappatis made from jouv without removing husk , because i have still not been able to find dehusked jouv. when i asked the grocery store for dehusked jouv he gave me barley stating that it is the same. so i am still searching for dehusked jouv. in the mean time can i continue with the husked jouv chapattis or is the husk inedible. i have stopped eating sweets , rice, normal wheat breads, cakes etc. in short all foods with sugar and high carbs.

Now 2 years have passed. What is the ststus?

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@ mpha,

Barley, Wheat & Long Wheat are three different food grains. Those ar different in colour, size, taste & purpose.

Sir where can I get emmera wheat (khapli gehu) in jallahalli area? Pls advice.

I do not know where is jallahalli or any place in Karnataka. Sorry sir/madam.

1. Barley thrives in warmer climates unlike wheat that favors cooler seasons.

2. Barley is more often used to make beer products than wheat.

3. Barley is a tougher grass, not to mention a stronger product than wheat in terms of flavor or taste.

4. Whole grain barley has higher fiber content than whole grain wheat.

5. Barley can be cooked whole while wheat has to be milled first prior to cooking.

Long wheat is thinner than ordinary wheat and used to prepare SUJI, actually due to thinner in size it contain more bran & fiber than normal wheat. Bran contain Vitamin B and fiber is also essential for diabetes. But as I think jau ( Barley ) is better than these wheat's. I suggested to avoid every kind of wheat & its products from use. I use my roti by using mix atta of Black Gram + Jau in equal amounts + I add some Fenugreek powder in roti, its taste is very good and have low glycemic index, I find this is very much useful in diabetes,

Mahesh Khandelwal

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Where can I find long wheat in Delhi?

I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance and wanted to try your diet. I have a few queries -

1. Is oats and jau the same?

2. If not does anyone have an idea about the place from where we can get dehusked long wheat?

3. Can we take some cooked vegetables along with it?

Oats and jau is same

I have been using this for last 30 years

Making masala rotis onion garlic ginger salt spring onion Corinder mixed with jau atta

Only rolling has to be in between two plastics

In Australia I get oats bran add 10% eat this roti

It is also very good for cleaning arteries and big ruff age

I am diabetes. Type 2 for over 40 years

Also in between big meals eat yogurt

Pea nuts

Green salads

Green vegetables

The rotis suggested you can freeze take out and do the toaster otherwise is will give you raw taste

Hi NoToDiabetes,

Could you please let me know from where I can purchase Gave Godhi in Bangalore ? I mean in which area it is available ? Also, kindly let me know the brand name .

Thanks for your help

Hi blisslife,

I saw your response today only. If you have not found it yet, please see some responses in this site by other members at





" " "

"" "" "

" " "

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you will get it in Yeshwanthpur market. It is a super market next to Bombay stores. As you enter the market left corner store. Ask for Java Godhi.

in reply to Aiyaraj

Could u guide as to how far this is from Orion mall? Any other landmarks to the store? And is Java Godhi store name or local name fro the wheat? Awaiting ur reply ...thank u.

in reply to Sheensie

From Orion Mall come to yeshwanthpur police station circle. Go towards yeshwanthpur market. Just as you enter yeshwanthpur market Right at the coner ahead there is a mini super market. You can get Java Godhi there.

There are so many people on this forum discussing about long wheat, but no one else other than George comes and reports the impact on blood glucose after having long wheat mash diet. Guys (and girls) please report your impact. If it has positive or no impact your feedback will go a long way in helping others.

in reply to aneesh84

Yes. Mr. George is right.. long wheat is effective if you follow his instructions.

we have to be grateful to Mr. George for bringing this matter to us.. thanks George.



in reply to rvsiv

Thank you very much @rvsiv.

Long Wheat is available online at

Thank you @ dialife. The information you shared may be ou use to patients on the lookout for LW availability.

Read about ur experinece. Ur are truly an inspiration. I am a relatively new case and I refuse to take tablets. I will pass that Gtt with flying colours!!! Just like u did :)

That is it. Keep up the confidence and fighting spirit; victory will be yours for sure. All the best.

I am from Chennai. I saw the discussion about the long wheat and quite impressed and planning to try. Can anyone help/suggest me the places in Chennai where we can get this. I also tried the online link available above but seems to be its only available in Karnataka.

Please Help

Hi rsenthil82 

Try the Tamil names Chamba/Samba/Thuusi/Uusi GODHUMAI. You will get. Please report result for the benefit of others. 

where can I buy this long wheat ? Please reply ASAP


Long Wheat is available in grocery shops. One member has reported that it is available online.

Dear George Sir

I live in USA - where can I get Indian long wheat in California - i dont have a lot of faith on american wheat.


God Bless You Sir


Hi @ tiara9,

I do not know where in California the Indian Long Wheat is available. There you may have to look for Emmer Wheat. Picture of Emmer Wheat is very closely resembleing LW available in my town.

Emmer Wheat is available there online as per some website.

Here a member has reported that LW is available online.

Please report progress for the benefit of others.

Thank you Mr Krishnan for your prayers. Now a days I do not encourage private/personal communication.

Brother! which city U based/live in? just curiosity; if U Mumbai-based, pls inform source from where Long Wheat could be procured; thanks in advance, God Bless us ALL with good health!!! do share your recipes' and diet/meals info. i.e. what did you in-take in meals, etc. all appreciated deeply; it'd inspire many others too;

Thank you @tejkumar for the optimistic approach. 

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