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Long wheat results after 3 days

Hello Mr. Shooter george,

I think this must be due to long wheat itself i cant find any other reason

2 week ago FBS: 126 , PPBS: 183

28th Feb after 2 hours using machine : 220[had very heavy lunch with rice]

Started Long wheat 9th/March Wednesday night fro dinner

Today 13th macrh i went for check up in Lab: FBS: 109 PPBS: 113

All the other thigns like walking and tablet as regular only Long wheat was difference.

Hence i assume this is long wheat effect, my expereince in last 5 years of diabets never seen ppb s go to 113

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This can happen with LWMDR. Since you are taking tablets also, BS may go down to hypoglycemic level also. So you should be watchful.

It is good to test PPBS 2 hrs after supper, till you are in a position to stop tab.


Dear George thanks for reply, some days i feel extremly hungry after starting LWMDR, but othere days with same amount i feel find, i donno whether this is hypo


By testing Blood Sugar when you feel unexpectedy hungry , the doubt can be cleared.

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After 20 days:

LWMDR+small bowl cooked vegetables+ 1 small coffee+ 1 glass of big glass of milk

No walking on this day

FBS: 103

PPBS: 123

MEdicine as regular

seems working for me,

have increase 1 kg weight

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Congratulations. Please continue & keep reporting.

Wish you a speedy recovery. 


Thanks george , see that i took this ppbs at 1 hour 45 minutes, at 2 hours i think it would have been more less i guess


Yes, you are right. Till 2 hours blood sugar keeps coming down.


Todsays number:

FBS: 104

PPBS at 1.5 hours : 116

May at 2 hours it would much less i guess, i took it at 1.5 just to see efficiency


may i ask where from do you obtain your Long Wheat? what city U based? thnx in advance,


i am in bangalore, we get it at Niligirs superstores,i usally buy there 100 per kg


thanks for sharing


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