Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary Wheat in SAME SHOP!!!

Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary Wheat in SAME SHOP!!!

Long Wheat, Barley & Ordinary Wheat in SAME SHOP!!!

FINALLY, the confusion about Long Wheat & Barley can be cleared now. I located a shop (an ordinary grocery shop without any name-board) who have displayed Long Wheat & Ordinary (or Common) Wheat in gunny bags side by side along with Rice, Daals, Chana, Pulses etc.

He had (has) BARLEY grain in packets (Barley powder is available in tins at Medical shop near by!!). He was kind enough to allow me to take a photograph (I had taken my camera to take picture as soon as I locate those) with the Barley packet kept adjoining the gunny bags.

Transferred the picture to PC, edited to add captions & it is here.

Now two stories studied during school days come to my mind. One is of a Jackal which fell in a tank of blue liquid at a Laundry & the other one is of 4-5 blind persons' discussions after SEEing an elephant.

I am open for discussion. Please feel free to ask more.


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6 Replies

  • You are right. And doing a great social service to the community.

  • A good job U are doing to the Diabetics T U


  • Hello George.. do you have a higher quality picture?? I know asking for too much, but will greatly help.

  • Brother , Praise GOD for this awesome food cure, Which will help me to cure my diabetes I hope it will do by Gods Grace, I prayed GOD for this disease to be removed and I believe i was redirected here to meet you Bro George, I purchased Long wheat and started having it from today, I purchased the Long wheat semolina from Hyderabad begum bazar, is it Okay to eat Long wheat Rava(semolina) Does it work?

  • Hi kannaera,

    I have no experience with broken Long Wheat or Rava of Long Wheat. I suspect that the static charge accumulation due to the dry grinding may destroy its curative ability.

  • I am unable to find barley in aundh, pune. Any suggestion where i can get barley?

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