Excellent results on Long Wheat Diet


I am glad to see excellent results by taking long wheat from last one month.I am so impressed that my Fasting BS levels and after eating BS levels drastically reduced and I am feeling more energetic now.

Before using Long wheat my fasting BS levels are like betweeen 130-150 mg/DL and post lunch or dinner its like 170-190mg/dl.

After using Long wheat from last one month my fast BS levels are like 80-85 mg/DL and post lunch or dinner its like 90-100mg/DL.

I stopped eating all starch,root vegetables,fruits as suggested by George.

I am having doctor appointment this august,I will update h1AC and other tests.

God bless all and thanks to Shooter George for his valuable advices in this group..


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12 Replies

  • great keep it up... god bless!

  • Pls can u tell me how u are using long wheat and where it is available in mumbai.

  • Please can you inform about long wheat availablity in Delhi and how to take?

  • In what form, do you cook the long wheat... Is it instead of Rice to mix with Dhall etc., or in the form of Upma. Have you avoided Rice totally? Kindly enlighten! Thanks

  • Please read the below article which clarifies all your doubts.


    My Diet is as follows--

    1.Morning--Long wheat cooked with veg or non veg curries(Except starch and root vegetables,fruits)

    2.Afternoon rice with veg or non veg curries except starch and root vegetables,fruits.

    3.Evening same as morning.

    Avoid Starch and root vegetables,fruits and any item which is sweet in taste.

    In beginning days you will feel hypo,take nuts as snacks in beginning days but after 15-20 days BS will stabilize and you will be fine.God bless,take care.

    Kudos to Shooter George!!

  • Very good results keep it up

  • I am still unable to make out what 'Long Wheat' is called in North India. Is it 'Jau' (barley) or some other variety of wheat?

  • Hi Were you still on medicines while you were doing this diet? or just this?

  • Yes

  • I would have loved to try the long wheat diet myself, but don't know. Where to get it here in Nigeria. I don't even know what it is called here, so I can't even source for it. Can anyone be of help?

  • Hi Pacy,

    Try for Emmer wheat or Farro wheat..

  • Thanks ramanas, I will try to find out abt it.

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