Long Wheat

Now, anyone familiar with my posts will be aware of my scepticism over the miracle properties of long wheat as a cure for type 2 diabetes. For those not aware; I think it utter nonsense with no scientific basis whatsoever.

However, I could be wrong, so we need to do a little research.

So, for the sake of argument let’s assume you’re attracted to the notion, but want to make sure you’re not going to embark on an expensive journey that will have no end.

So how do you go about it? How do you convince yourself that by eating long wheat you will have CURED your diabetes? (Note - the operative word here is CURED, for if your blood sugar is does not fall within normal parameters after introducing long wheat to your diet, then you are NOT cured).

Well, firstly you have to find a source of long wheat that you are absolutely CERTAIN is long wheat. Next you purchase, say, a week's worth. You then decide on a day that you will start the regime. Then for the next three days (seven would be more realistic if you can stick it) you will eat NOTHING else but prepared long wheat and water whilst constantly monitoring your blood glucose. It will be boring, but hey, we're talking about a CURE here for a disease that is truly horrible, and it won’t kill you. This is to eliminate any bias and confounding variables that mean you can’t tease out the data.

After the three days if long wheat is a CURE, then your blood sugar will be entirely normal and you will have possibly achieved a CURE and you will be able to reintroduce the rice, potatoes, chapatis and candies etc that made you T2 in the first place. Your blood sugar will STILL be normal, for you are CURED, right? You publish your results here along with your peers’ who have decided to join you.

You will be cured or not.

If you are cured then I will have to re-evaluate my position, which I will cheerfully do, then invite you to share your results within the scientific community and various worldwide diabetes associations who, likewise will be astonished, and there will then be a series of gold standard double blind tests to eliminate the anecdotal evidence. The world of T2 diabetics will fall at your feet and Monsanto shares will plummet!

Bear in mind that offering long wheat as a cure for T2 is an extraordinary claim; and extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs!

So there it is guys, this is your challenge which I invite you to participate in. There are enough believers here to step up to the plate, but if you don’t then you and they are living in a fool's paradise being led by fools or people with an agenda other than saving the world that involves a certain self aggrandisement.

How many will participate? I will ask that question at a later date.


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177 Replies

  • Prove it!

  • Your concept of Balanced Diet is horribly wrong as it leads to more drugs and even then achieving A1C < 5.6 is nearly impossible.

    How many on LW? Is entire Kerala and Bangalore (Nilgiri sells a lot of LW) Cured in 15 years? All should have been if LW cured diabetes in 3 years.

    LCHF has 600+ successes that I know of personally among Indians. It keeps growing everyday, despite the fact that we do not SELL CURE, nor do we publish email address and cell numbers of suppliers on forums.

  • Would you mind disclosing what is the significance of 15 years?

  • 2001 since Dharwar study on Khapli.

    2016 - 2001 = 15 years.

  • Thank you for the clarification. The conclusion of that paper did not mention about the positive effect of Khapli on blood sugsr control; more over it said that Khapli does not have any effect on BS control. Even the great member who referred that paper here might not have noticed the camouflaged facts that I uncovered after 15 years of publication of the report. Under this scenario how can any one expect diabetics to follow LW diet & get benefitted.

  • Well, I don't Cherry PICK.

    Pl blame the Dharwar research team for not concluding in a paper that suited your liking :)

    OFF Topic: One thing that I found was that few experts were writing thesis on LW here, and one of the thesis turned out to be copy paste from the paper. I just posted the link as i found on some other post :D :D

    Back to Topic:

    But, how do you know that groups were not eating 200 gms (instead of 300) when the levels were falling? Study says 200 to 300 grams.

    So, static electricity theory of destroying "CURING" power of LW is disowned?

    I have no objections to what wheat people eat. They can eat long, short, fat, oval, white, brown or whatever wheat suits them. In fact, I am not eating any wheat at all since last few weeks.

    But, I would always challenge all claims of wheat CURING diabetes. Word CURE could probably help to SELL LW faster. CURE is a SEXY word to SELL.

    Has any cure happened in three years on this forum? Or, should we wait for another few years in HOPE? By then perhaps that trader from PUNE -- whose contact number gets published very frequently here -- specializing on LW supplies, would be moving around in a MERC or BMW. All he needs to do is just sell 3600 tones in three years and make a meager profit of Rs 1/Kg (i.e., 1% of MSRP) to buy a BMW. :)

    CURE I am still doubtful as much as I was three years back, if not more.

  • I am diabetic for the last 10 years I am taking GlycometGP3 /850. X 2 and 10 units of insulin in the morning.but still b.s. Level is 190 PP I would like to know more about LCHF DIET.

  • Prove it!

  • Well known members Mike Pollard ( Started discussion )/ Anup / ShooterGeorge

    may please share how long wheat is differ from other wheat available in the market. What is the specialty of Long wheat How it reduces the blood sugar in the body either insulin production or helps to insulin resistance

  • I repeat:


    1. Each species is unique & has its own specialities. So also long wheat.

    2. It is uniquely different from other wheats & that is why it is known by different name and has different shape, size, colour & taste.

    3. All seeds contsin Starch to assist sprouting &/or initial growth of seedling.

    4. Extent of Starch content differ from species to species.




    1. The specialities of Long Wheat as I know are more than one.

    2. LW is a natural species; Common (or bread) Wheat is improved for higher agricultural yield.

    3. My maternal uncle (Dr. J. V. Thachil, who was an Ayurveda physician) once told "eating LW is good for those who suffer from draining of Sugar through urine".

    This was during the 1970's. It was in response to my query on the subject of Diabetes & Wheat diet.

    He recited a Sanskrit sloka first & then translated it to me.

    4. The Sloka did not tell any thing about Starch content, fiber content, protine, bla bla bla ...

    5. When my Cardiologist prescribed Amaryl during 2006 (on seeing FBS 118 & PPBS 198) I decided to TRY LONG WHEATdiet. Rest many know now.


    1. Nobody has made any effort to find out how LW regulates BS in diabetics & finally cures Diabetes.

    2. I am not diabetic any more & hence can not take it up.

    3. If anybody who is diabetic now is ready to follow my guidelines verbatim we can find out the answer to your question. Me too wish to know it :)

  •  FBS 118 & PPBS 198 ....Hmmmm is it diabetic or pre diabetic????

  • What is your learned opinion?

  • Prove it!

  • Do you take LW? I know there are few LW proposers who write long research papers (sometime copy pasted from 2001 research) without even living a day on LW themselves. Someone even "SPECULATED" that LW has some chemical that mimics SU drugs. Probably these guys don't know that type 2 diabetes starts with over production of insulin :D :D

  • How many went off drugs?

  • Let them start eating chapatis instead of boiled and mash stuff and we will know how much it controls blood sugar. Eating LW flour chapati didn't help many and they finally switched to LCHF to get off drugs :)

  • It appears that it is worth reading the paper you referred here, once again.

  • If I don't cherry pick, The paper showed no improvement.

    15 years should have had at least 100 cases. No?

  •  :-) 

  • Mr MikePollard has made his position sufficiently clear. However, it appears that he has not read Shooter George's 'journey of cure' which took not "3, 7, 10 or 20 days", but full three years for the cure to materialise. Nonetheless, since Shooter George has given all the details and proofs, we do not find any reason to doubt his claims. Those not believing, or interested in throwing or accepting challenges, should first read all the details provided by Shooter George in the links indicated by him.

  • Persons who are really asleep only can be awaken; those who are awake & pretent to be asleep can not be.

    thank you @DCVM for the mature & realistic response. :)

  • My pleasure, Sir !!

  • George sir,I am following your posting for quite some time and following your instructions on (LW) regimen since last one year.

    On this I am getting some positive results and some adverse effect also.

    I,just would like to discuss something personal if I have your Telephone/Mobile No. On my email address or in this Forum.

    It is little serious to discuss my Diabetic treatmen as well as some other related complications on which I will be very comfortable to explain on phone other than writing about the problems and afterwards get reply on the Forum.

    Honestly speaking sir, I am not good in operating Computer.Considering my drawbacks,Hope,I will get a positive response from your end.


  • Glad to know that you are trying LWMDR. I have not come across any reporting/feedback from you earlier. This feedback also does not contain any specific detail about illness as well as test results.

    Earlier many members have collected my number & ID. None of them are in touch with me. Many of them were discussing "bullshit" class of matters; I suspect that they were doing so deliberately with ulterior motive of wasting my time & money as well as distracting me from fruitful interaction with other genuine patients.

    That is why I decided to make those who ask for my number/ID to spend some money for some good cause.

    Hence if you have some very serious/important/personal matters to be discussed in person, you may donate some amount not less than Rs. 500/- to some registered charitable organisation and publish their printed receipt having serial number, signature and seal here first.

  • plz send account no. Of trust

  •  Sorry .......I got it now.......you mean reciept of any organisation near us

  • Yes, you are right.

  • I fully agreed with the view of DCVM.I'm on LW regimen since last one year and I am getting some positive result.However,not able to follow it meticulously due to non availibity of Long Wheat in Mumbai.I will be highly obliged if you can post us some place from where we can easily procure this stuff.Right now I am getting it from Pune through one of my contacts.

  • Hi mam I will do, please advise, how to follow.

  • Hi @Jayam,

    This link appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... will give you the details to follow Long Wgeat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR), if that was what you were looking for.

  • In Mumbai, I am not able to find long wheat, if I ask for long wheat they are showing barley and it's only jau wheat. Can you please tell me where I will I find long wheat in Mumbai.

  • Import it every month/quarter from Pune or Bangalore.

  • if U Mumbai-based, if any inclination at making acquaintance, pls write to me at: lalit.jhaveri@gmail.com; hv some issue to discuss; nothing of much importance or relevance in forum, my apologies to all;


    All details including precautions are given in an online article, link of which is given just abive this.

  • Don't eat more than 15 grams fructose per day.

  • Those who follow LWMDR should not eat any fruit. Fruits that are not sweet may be safe for diabetic patients.

    The proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not for diabetics. It is good for those who follow dry diet that cause constipation.

  • I have kept Long wheat as a part of LCHF. Its been for about a year and a half. Geoge claims that he was cured after 2 years. I will check after few months. I am quite healthy. The lipid profile test I did last week is very good.

  • I took 3 years.

  • What is the difference beyween wheat and long wheat and also share carb protein abd fat.Wetherlong wheat is organic or not.How it reduced the blood sugar By consuming long wheat it helps to produce the insuli. How it works

  • If somebody ask "what is the difference between "Dopi rice" and "Basmati rice" what will be the reply?

  • There is no fault if any person asking the difference between Dopi rice Basmati rice or brown rice. recently some money minded business men has started to sell the diabetic rice. So the person must learn what it is wethere it is used or help for diabetic person and next decide to consume it or not .

    Similarly in this forum so much of persons used LW Diet plan and LCHF diet plan and also ADA WHO MAYO and other guidelines .

    So no one cannot think we are only superior and others or inferior.

    Any doubts araises every member of the blog is pointed out and asking clarification is not fault.

    Similarly I am asking what is the difference between Long Wheat and ordinary Wheat and its nutritient content . How much carb protein and fat both content in 100 gm.

    If carb content is more it may not help to diabetic if fiber content is more it may something help.

    ForLong Wheat so much members have used and some may benefited by using this. So it is good that experts in Long Wheat may share details the carb protein and fat and fiber content in this and shows how it is different from other wheat Because Long wheat is Rs 120 /kg as other wheat may 25-30 approximately .

    So expert members who used Long wheat may share in detail the nutrition content and how it helps diabetic to control Blood sugar.

  • I am not an expert on nutrition or biochemistry. What I do here is sharing my experience with Long Wheat diet while I was diabetic and what I understood about those afterwards for the benefit of my suffering fellow human beings. 

  •  personally  I am not criticized or hates either individually or any diet system  either  Long wheat mas diet plan or LCHF or the medical guidelines  issued by FDA ADA  WHO or mayeo

      Every system has its Pros and cons. Whatever the reason some system may not suitable to  some persons.  It is the nature by birth and  system of consuming in the daily by the family.

      So  by using Long Wheat Mash diet it may be  good to some of them they may followed  if some of them not interest it is their will and wish .  For myself I want to used any unknown consumption of food   first I want to seen the nutritious fact it contain.  Mainly carbohydrates  protein and fat and afterwards  content sodium.

      Carbohydrate is good for  human body particularly in  south India Rice  and ragi jowar  their main food recently some more than 200 years the Wheat supplied from  USA and then here also started Wheat  by cooked  or  roti or chapati items Afterwards it enter to south India also  now most of houses  at least in night they consume Wheat by the preparation of Chapati.

     Mostly in south India  for sickness peoples and who not digested hard food  easily due to heavy sickness and bed ridden then  they used liquid form of rice  as  GANJI and  also used Rava Ganji  ( Rava name may be SUUJI it may also broken wheat ?

        In this situation  I am not against any food

      I am asking  in this forum   several discussions  the  nutrition of Long Wheat No members may   not shared the information.

     Firstly  we must know the carb content in the long Wheat  And next to decide how it is different from ordinary  wheat  Because Long Wheat is costly as more than 120 Rs /kg comparing to ordinary  wheat 20-30 Rs

  • I did not mean that doubts should not be raised. Neither do I consider myself as superior; I don't know about others.

    By mentioning Basmathy & Dopi rices what I meant is that the difference between Long Wheat & Common Wheat also be analogues.

    In case of those rices, I wonder whether there is any tangible difference between those as far as measurable contents or nutrition factors are concerned. I feel, the difference is a matter of taste/flavour rather than nutrition factors.

    As far as the ability of LW in curing Diabetes is concerned,  I am of the opinion that it may not be the extent of fiber &starch content that are responsible. If it were so, many diabetics who follow fiberous &/or low carb diet should have been cured much earlier and would have been in a position to be in NORMAL DIET & TO UNDERGO OGTT & GET 2HR BS WITH 75gm Glucose intake well below 140mg/dl like me.

    The Sanskrit sloga telling about LW & Sugar expulsion through urine must be millenniums  old. Usage of Common Wheat in South Indian diet is probably not older than a few decades/centuries.

  • Me too agree with DCVM, first read the post & then argue.

  • And he himself is not cured if we see his blood sugar profile after eating 3 idlis or taking OGTT test.

  • :)

  • Diabetes cannot be cured,but can be controlled until and unless you reverse back to the stage which made you diabetic. No type of diet ( long wheat,lchf,balance etc.etc.) can eliminate diabetes completely form a person body. Moreover you cannot be stick to particular type of diet always. until&unless a person is confined to cave,

    All the claims made either by lchf etc. are nonsense and are not practicably.

  • LCHF is nonsense? Let 600+ Indians or millions around the world who live by it and have seen how their condition improves say so. Others can keep ranting against LCHF. Who says one cannot stick to a diet? Diabetics on LCHF diet will never go back to eating the nonsensical diet that pushed them to diabetes for sure. LCHF is very practical for those who live by it. For naysayers, LCHF diet everything else.

  • I presume that you might have not seen my posts/comments here or the online article at the appropedia.org web site.

  • You can do it by completely isolating form society,you have to attend marriages,religious occasions, last prayers who have left this world,moreover this is polerised society and theirs are different customs in different religions,where you cannot get a particular type of diet

    Keep in mind man is social animal.

  • Yes, we attend social functions and we have a way to control blood sugar. We don't live in caves. Science of LCHF diet helps here those who understand the same or take the pains of learning it.

    Yes, you cannot get boiled LW mash in functions, but with LCHF you can very well play around. Lot of options available even at marriages and parties :)

    This very topic is a topic of discussion on following thread and workable suggestions/solutions have come from diabetics who live by LCHF diet:


  • "you cannot get boiled LW mash in functions"


  • LWMDR does not insist on LWMD 3×365 for decades.

  • Balance diet is available every where, whether in marriages,religious choruses etc.etc. In our particular part there is no arrangement of high fat diet in marriages,religions chores,only balance diet,that is pure vegetarian,hence concept of always high fat diet is not possible.

  • Look around and you will find lot of options for LCHF even at functions. Saying this as a diabetic who has attended more than 30 marriages over last half a decade as a diabetic on LCHF diet. For us, whatever lowers drug use and gets better numbers despite that is balanced. We don't believe in USDA's nonsensical and failed Food Pyramid nor the plate which will also fail.

    One small example of a LCHF dish available at all parties -- Paneer preparation, loaded with additional butter or ghee which is also available at parties where they serve hot rotees with ghee applied. Loads of salad, and loads of paneer dish two table spoon of rice serves the purpose of filling to the brim. I empty my glycogen tank the day I have to attend parties. So, as long as one is accustomed to have memorized carb counting over the years, we can socialize very well w/o spiking blood sugar hard.

    For non vegetarians, if parties have non veg meals, it is added benefit.

  • You should not be passing judgments on others (calling others fake) here as noted in the following post --


    Diabetics have wasted a lot of time (and money) on ADA / USDA guidelines. Ask anyone on LCHF diet on any diabetes forum in the world, including the ADA forums where diabetics talk and live by LCHF diet, they will tell you this. For them LCHF diet is surely not a waste of time but a boon.

  • I have tried both LWMDR and LCHF. I was on LWDMR for about 3 months during which my blood sugar was pretty normal. Almost always between 90 and 110. I also thought that it is working well for me and it is actually going to cure me if I keep following this diet strictly.

    This was until I suffered from a bout of viral fever and for some days I was not able to eat this long wheat mash. For a week or so, I was on a diet of only 4 slices of bread a day as eating anything else was making me feel nauseated. My blood sugar went up a little during the time I had fever, but to my surprise, after the fever subsided my blood sugar remained normal during the week I was on a diet of only bread. It was then that I realized that it is the total carbs you eat during a day that determine your blood sugar. As I was not eating 60 carbs a day (considering 15 gms of carbs per bread slice), my blood sugar did not go up.

    Same was the case when I was on the LWMDR. Even when eating the wheat mash for breakfast and dinner, I was not consuming more than 60-70 carbs a day(including lunch), as my lunch consisted mainly of buttermilk, salads, dry veggies, coconut bars and muffins and sometimes, a small serving of cooked rajma or chana.

    For me, LCHF works better than LWMDR. I also find that it is way less restrictive than LWMDR. On LCHF, I am able to enjoy low-carb fruits as part of my diet and ocassionally a slice or two of other, high carb fruits and still manage my BS well. On LWMDR, the restrictions are too many and I have still to come across a person who got cured (except Mr. George, probabaly) by following LWMDR.

  • Even Mr George is not cured. His OGTT and idli experiment proves this beyond any iota of doubt. But, if his benchmarks for claiming cure are to be the baseline, then even I am CURED. I don't claim it though as diabetes cannot be CURED.

  • Yes. From what I understand, after a couple of years of strictly observing all the restrictions, his body is able to tolerate carbs a little better. But that does not mean a cure.

    Even his posts a few months ago signify this where he said that his diabetes is returning as his BS was rising to somewhere around 145 after meals.

  • OGTT 200+ at 1 hr is better tolerance? That's a sure case on non cured diabetic by any standards -- even the most relaxed ones that come from ADA :)

    Non diabetics (or CURED diabetics) don't shoot beyond 140 at any stage irrespective of what they eat. 2 Hr they return to pre meal levels.

  • No. I was referring to the posts where it has been mentioned by him that even after eating a rice based diet his BS remains normal. And in his latest posts he has acknowledged that his diabetes is returning.

    What I meant was that maybe the body tolerated carbs in a somewhat better way for some time but not for a prolonged period. Not a cure by any means.

    Honestly, I have not read the OGTT post yet and I will any day take your word for it :)

  • Thanks :) I did come across this post sometime back but read it in its entirety just now.

  • Do you think that six years is a short period in this scenario?

  • I don't think I have mentioned the words 'six years' and 'short duration' anywhere in my posts.

  • Even though the words "six years" and "short duration" were not mentioned, what I understood from  the words  

    "What I meant was that maybe the body tolerated carbs in a somewhat better way for some time but not for a prolonged period. Not a cure by any means"

    is that.

  • Sir,

    I have yet to come across a person who claims to be cured after following the LW diet. If you observe all the restrictions of LW diet (no fruits, no sweets, no starchy vegetables, no eating in between meals) on any other diet too, the end result will be the same. I have experienced this myself.

    In your recent posts you have admitted that your BS is going up to somewhere around 145 after meals. That is not a cure, by any means.

  • If i drink 500 ml Maza and the start climbing up the Ranthambore fort, my sugar levels after 2 hrs are 130 or lower. I have practically tried this in 2014 at different forts like Bundi, Ranthambore, Kumbhalgarh and even Guru Shikhar at Mt Abu.

    Tried the same in 2015 while walking up to Mehrangarh fort. Same result.

    Looks like I am also cured as my A1C is also non diabetic at 5.6 ;)

  • Has happened to me too! After a climb to Ranthambore fort, I ate an entire besan ka laddoo which we bought to offer as prasad. Apart from this I also had my usual LCHF lunch. After 2 hours, BS was 90. 

  • So two CURED?

  • Certainly APPEARS to be so ;) :)

  • If so, can you return to the diet you were on before diagnosing Diabetes and undergo OGTT after a few weeks of normal diet, @ pragyac90??t?

  • I did not understand your question.

  • In one response you predicted that if one follow all the rrestrictions specified in LWMDR, any grain food will give the same result as LWMDR. Also said that you have experienced it personally.

    That is why I asked you the above question about returning to previous (nondiabetic) diet and undergoing OGTT.

    This is because afterLWMDR I returned to my previous (nondiabetic) diet and underwent OGTT.

    If your prediction will come true, you should be able to do those.

  • First and foremost, after adopting LCHF I have realized what an abomination my 'non-diabetic' diet was and I am never ever going back to it again.

    As for cure, I do not believe in it. I got the same result by eating four pieces of bread a day that I got by eating long wheat mash.

    As to your question, I never claim that I have been cured. Then why would I go back to my non-diabetic diet and undergo OGTT?

    I do not disrespect you Mr. George. However, I do hope that you stop believing (incorrectly) that long wheat holds some kind of curative power against diabetes.

    As per your own admission, your diabetes did come back, which would not have happened if you indeed were cured.

  • OGTT if looking at just the 2 hr number is a waste of money.

  • I see. How so?

  • I see this to and fro discussion on since 3.5 years On some wheat CURING (never gonna happen) diabetes, and still waiting for cure which isn't going to happen. 

    I have even asked few famous Ayurvedic doctors. They haven't heard about the shlokas that tells one to eat LW in case of diabetes.

    If there was any science to it, entire Saskatchewan would be cultivating long wheat, samba or khapli or whatever it is called. I haven't seen a cure happen in 3.5 years now, though failures I know many. 

    So, end this discussion else every week this thread will be pushed up. U seem to be a new target.

  • You are right. This discussion will go on to no end.

    Also, you can count me as one of the failures on LW diet. An hba1c of 7 after religiously following each and every word written about LW diet is not a positive result. Not to mention the immensely restrictive diet regimen.

    On LCHF, I cook and eat delicious food, even fruit sometimes and experience normal BS levels.

  • 634shy -- A classical case of failure despite everything. From whatever posts I could check, it simply did not work.

    Naqsh on LCHF after initial stint with LW. Now drug free even 2 years down the line IIRC. 

  • LCHF is what works. Every single time. 

    I still have 15 kgs of long wheat at home, from the 20 kg stock I ordered when I was hoping it will cure me.

    I am never going back to it again.

  • Leave this thread. Else, you will also become a target. Remember, ladies also haven't been spared from being insulted.

  • From your own words it is clear that what you @pragyac  followed is not LWMDR; that is why you did not get any positive result. What I say is my experience. More over it is supported by scientific test results. Any amount of baseless arguments will not change it.

    You will understand it only when somebody tell you that what you have "experienced" is not the truth and hope that you will stop believing that your experience is true.

  • "More over it is supported by scientific test results."

    Which test results, Sir?

  • Results of my blood tests done at an NABL accredited lab.

  • Firstly, I followed your instructions word to word. So please do not assume that I did not follow LWDMR.

    I still say it and stand by it. If I ate bread instead of long wheat mash for breakfast and dinner, and follow all instructions provided by you, I will still have the same result. I believe in it because it has happened to me.

    If you can believe your experience is true sir, I can very well believe mine to be true as well.

    As for scientific results, I don't see any apart from yours and even they do not signify cure.

    Still, I don't wish to engage in meaningless discussions that can go on till eternity.

    So, if you want to believe that long wheat can cure diabetes, I am no one to stop you from believing that.

  • I did not assume it. You told that you were taking only a small quantity of Long Wheat. That is why I told that what you followed was not LWMDR but eating some quantity of LW at your discretion.

    Me too am not interested in cliché. I keep answering because of respect to others but many are  not like that, I know.

  • First stop the peaks of 200+ to claim cure. I can tolerate 6 idlis by your standards. Just defending 200+ on the basis of some "OLD" CGM test is worthless. 

    By now at least you should have had 10 CURES from neighborhood. Can you provide any details or at least 10 more CURES?

  • Exactly. The problem lies with the word 'cure'. If a cure was possible by eating long wheat, long wheat cultivators would have been minting money be now.

  • Scientific observations and facts are not perishables like vegetables to say that "some OLD CGM test is worthless". 

    MORE OVER WHO BROUGHT THE CGM STUDY REPORT HERE? It was not me for sure. It was somebody who was opposing the efficacy of LWMDR. Problem was something else.

  • (1) Go for OGTT wit 30 min plot

    (2) Let the diabetologist certify you cured for a one hr peak of 200+ Would love to see which expert in his/her right mind would certify 200+ peaks as CURED.

    We will talk then.

  • :)

  • Quite possible. To each his own!! However, having tried both the diets I can speak very well for myself.

    The simple logic is to eat less carbs as that is what raises blood sugar. As I mentioned in my previous comment, it is the amount of carbs you consume that matters.

    I got the same results I was getting on LWMDR by eating 4 bread slices a day as well. I will not start saying that 4 slices of bread a day will cure diabetes if eaten daily for 2-3 years.

  • Who knows it may CURE if the bread is made from LW. Someone should setup a bakery based on LW :)

  • Someone very well might in the near future if this notion gains popularity. Here in Delhi, I already see so many shops selling Ragi Atta and Brown Rice advertising them as Sugar Free Atta and Sugar Free Rice for diabetes respectively :D

  • Ragi -- another HC nonsense. I am grain free since more than 2 weeks :)

  • I have not had any grain in the past few weeks as well. It is not as difficult as most people starting LCHF perceive it to be. Just some thinking and a little planning ahead. :)

  • Difficulty is all in the head.

    Living without grains is as easy as a walk in the park.

    I'm lovin It

  • Once you get used to it, it definitely is :)

  • I said & am saying cured because I got negative results for FBS, 2HR PPBS, HbA1c & OGTT; more over my Serum Insulin result also was normal.

    I am telling about cure not based on what I did/ate but based on on the recognised test results after the regimen.

  • Within 3 months of LWMDR my FBS & PPBS came to normal range. I did not start telling that my diabetes is cured or will be cured. Instead I tested by taking sugar & fruits. Please read the section titled "Pitfalls" in my Appropedia article to see the complete narration. 

  • dear all,

    An old patient is better than a new doctor. So let us share our experiance and let other members read and take their decission how to proceed. After seeing the results it is upto individual to follow their diet. So let us start sharing our experiance rather arguing about their theory.

  • It is sad that some learned ones are misquoting my words. I said 3 years & they say 3 days. EVEN COMMON COLD TAKES 7 DAYS, HOW CAN ANYBODY EXPECT DIABETES TO BE CURED IN THREE DAYS?

    I have not written about taking only LWM & water. What is written is to just swap starchy food with LWM, most others except fruits/sweets remaining unaltered.

    How can someone twist things to such extents?

  • Mr. George,

    I personally do not believe that you are a fraud and are deliberately trying to misguide people by giving them hope for cure. I think that you hold a genuine belief that you have been cured of diabetes.

    However, as Mr. Anup has rightly pointed out, an OGTT of more than 200 does not mean a cure.

    I have seen non-diabetics whose blood sugar always remains in the 90-100 range even after very high carb meals of paranthas, starchy vegetables, lentils and bowls full of rice. So your OGTT results definitely do NOT signify a cure.

    So what I think is that while you believe you have been cured and want to guide others towards the same, at the same time this very belief of yours that you have been cured is highly misplaced.

  • There is a paper on CGM of healthy individuals which says that more than 60% of subjects showed BS >140 and 1.8% showed >200. I generally do not swallow the words of others without verification.

  • Well, we also don't swallow the unilateral claims of CURE with spikes of 220+ on OGTT and eABG higher than 2 hr PPBS :)

    15 years since 2001 and still waiting for another CURE. Hasn't happened and won't happen for sure. How many in the neighborhood are CURED?

    Someone from South and after having played around for 18 months on a wheat that cures diabetes, her insulin was up to 22 and A1C moved up from 7.1 to 7,7. Finally she switched to LCHF and has her insulin down to 11 and landing 150 max PPBS within just a few days.

  • There is a scientific CGM study report. All studied subjects were HEALTHY NON-DIABETICS. 60% OF THEM SHOWED BS ABOVE 140 AND 8 OF THEM ABOVE 200. Hope all learned members would have seen that report but keeping mum as the findings are not suiting their liking.

  • Never came across any study which declared a person normal who spikes to 200+ on OGTT at any instant. By any standards anyone spiking to 200 isn't healthy. Even A1C of 6.0 isn't a cured diabetic.

    All for defending claims of CURE? Any other case of cure in 15 years?

  • m.care.diabetesjournals.org... 

    This link will show anyone that paper.

    Mine is not just claim of cure but is a fact. Mine is not a speculation like some others do.

    It is those members who oppose me/LWMDR bring scientific evidence in support of my arguments to me through this forum. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.

  • I agree. George may be in error, but I too do not believe he is wicked. I do think however that his need for ego massage outweighs his critical faculties. 

  • It is important to keep an open mind and not be rigid in your beliefs and opinions. For quite some time, I also believed that long wheat has some curative property until I realized that it was keeping the amount of carbs in check that controlled my blood sugar and not long wheat.

    Diabetes being well managed and diabetes being cured are two separate things and therein lies all the difference! I hope proponents of LW realize this. 

    If you observe all the restrictions of LW diet on a normal wheat diet, the end result will be the same.

  • There is a scientific CGM study report. All studied subjects were HEALTHY NON-DIABETICS. 60% OF THEM SHOWED BS ABOVE 140 AND 8 OF THEM ABOVE 200. Hope all learned members would have seen that report but keeping mum as the findings are not suiting their liking.

    I talk based on lab reports & do not understand how the question of belief or opinion arise. Repeating same statement even a million times will not make it truth. Otherwise our mother earth would have become a FLAT DISC LONG LONG AGO.

    I use present/past tense which means it is not a speculation/prediction. Statements in FUTURE TENSE are!

  • Please tell me how is it possible that a healthy, non-diabetic individual is reaching the level of 200 for OFTT?

  • A1C of 6 and CURED?

  • Yes. Don't know why this obsession with cure. The terms 'why manage when you can cure' and 'revival of pancreas' surely sound re-assuring. They did to me as well when I was frantically searching for a way to bring down my BS. But they are just what they are. Words. With not a single cure in sight, and only claims, I for one am never going back to eating wheat, starving myself and hoping for a cure.

  • Using word CURE makes it easy to fool. Anyone who could CURE diabetes would not be spending time on forums but would have been heading some company like Eli Lilly.

  • Would be true if there was indeed a cure. Everyone whose diabetes is well managed can claim he has been cured. Does not make it true.

  • I pity this understanding of starving. I was not knowing that eating full-stomach thrice daily is STARVING!!!

  • When I was following LW diet, if I had eaten 'full stomach' thrice daily, my BS would have shot through the roof. I ate only a small amount of LW mash for breakfast and dinner and an extremely low carb lunch. It was the restricted amount of carbs that brought my BS under control and not the wheat.

    As I have said earlier, eating 4 pieces of bread a day gave the same result as LW diet.

    Simple logic, restricted amount of carbohydrate.

    And yes, not eating anything between meals, no matter how hungry you feel is indeed STARVING.

    I used to start feeling hungry merely an hour after eating LW mash and then I had to starve myself for at least 4 hours till lunch.

    On LCHF, once I eat I do not feel hungry for at least 3-4 hours and even when I feel hungry, it is not the debilitating hunger that I used to experience on LW diet.

    If I starve myself like I used to on LW diet, I will still get the same result. No need to eat wheat porridge for that.

  • The simple reason why some people are not getting the benefits of LWMDR is thst they do not take the specified/required quantity of LWM daily. Same is the case with @pragyac also, as ststed above.

    And they attribute the lack of effectiveness to LWMDR instead of themselves.

    If one follow LWMDR SPECIFICATIONS no one will feel hungry in between the three daily-meals. You said, " I ate only  a small amount of LW for breakfast and dinner ... ...". Hence feeling hungry in between & soon after one hour is OBVIOUS & INEVITABLE. PLEASE DO NOT BLAME LWMDR FOR THAT.

    Using future tense is prediction or speculation. I always DO THE EXPERIMENT & TALK ABOUT THE RESULT. That is why I am able to use present or past tense & not future tense.

  • I said that I started feeling hungry only after an hour of eating LW Mash. If I did not eat it 'stomach full' as you said, I would have felt hungry immediately after eating it. It is a known fact that eating more carbohydrates makes you feel hungrier after a short while.

    Small quantity does not mean a spoonful or two. I used to eat a bowl of it with some ghee. Again, the diet was restricted carb with fat. I will not credit LW for bringing my BS down.

    It is a fact that a longer grain will spike slightly slowly as compared to other grains. In the past I have experienced that Brown Basmati Rice when compared to short grain brown rice does not spike my BS a lot. I will not start crediting brown long grain rice for curing my diabetes.

    When on LW, I had initial spikes of 200 mg/dl 2 hours after meals. My BS never spiked this high on brown rice. It does not mean brown rice has some curative properties in it.

  • Please read the paper on Continuous Glucose Monitoring  & ask same question to the authors or publishers of it.

    Link is excluded as it is included in another response here today and also because of the restriction imposed here.

  • Alright, but if you believe that people who show OGTT of 200 are non diabetic healthy individuals, you must have some reason to believe so. You just cannot believe any statement that shows up in a research paper. The internet is full of research papers peddling outrageous lies as gospel truths.

  • It is not a question of belief. That paper said that the subjects were selected according to the approved norms for demarcating diabetics & non-diabetics, healthy & unhealthy. They have referred the source also. That is the reason.

    The second & third sentences apply to the claim that BS of no non-diabetic ever crosses 140 and OGTT PEAK  200.

  • The "200mg/dl" is not my OGTT result; it is INTERMEDIATE PEAK VALUE at 1hr. My OGTT result is well below 140.

  • And non diabetics don't peak that high even at 1 hr on OGTT. Even pregnant women don't peak that  much at one hr unless a case of GD. ASk some researcher who knows how to interpret OGTT curves and not someone who is just following the broken "guidelines" of ADA. Not looking at peaks make OGTT useless test.

    Even A1C of 6.0 is not CURED diabetic.

  • There is a scientific CGM study report. All studied subjects were HEALTHY NON-DIABETICS. 60% OF THEM SHOWED BS ABOVE 140 AND 8 OF THEM ABOVE 200. Hope all learned members would have seen that report but keeping mum as the findings are not suiting their liking.

  • Lets try three months George, would that be fair?

  • I do not think that we are in a business to bargain like this.

    In three months one may succeed in bringing & maintaining BS to/in normal range. Cure may be still away.

  • Please let us be more respectful and courteous to each other. Everyone in this forum is trying to help one another to cope with their condition. It is one's choice to accept something and reject the other, or accept both or reject both. if that being the case, lets not slander each other. Honestly, I am trying to enjoy the benefits of both theory, but at the same time rejecting some part of both.

    For example, my Trig in Jan 2016 was 127, but yesterday, March 2016, it has gone up to 200. Others are stable as before. Since Jan, I started including more of HF ( VCO, coconut) in my diet. So, I have to work around my diet now, adjust it, and try to get the best of both the diets. thank you all for all your support and comments to stay positive and healthy. Hope I did not offend anyone.

  • Any discussion started to be in friendly manner and to be improve and share the knowledge each other and good tips to be followed. But here any discussion was npt fruotful and not concluded with friendly discussion. This also my so much discussion. At least now any member may inform what is the difference between wheat and long wheat and also nutritional facts whether L W produce the onsulin in the body

  • Two weeks have elapsed after posting the questions by another member. I could not see any response from anybody. Hence I share whatever little I know.


    1. Each species is unique & has its own specialities. So also long wheat.

    2. It is uniquely different from other wheats & that is why it is known . Each species is unique & has its own specialities. So also long wheat.

    2. It is uniquely different from other wheats & that is why it is known by different name and has different shape, size, colour & taste.

    3. All seeds contsin Starch to assist sprouting &/or initial growth of seedling.

    4. Extent of Starch content differ from species to species.




    1. The specialities of Long Wheat as I know are more than one.

    2. LW is a natural species; Common (or bread) Wheat is improved for higher agricultural yield.

    3. My maternal uncle (Dr. J. V. Thachil, who was an Ayurveda physician) once told "eating LW is good for those who suffer from draining of Sugar through urine".

    This was during the 1970's. It was in response to my query on the subject of Diabetes & Wheat diet.

    He recited a Sanskrit sloka first & then translated it to me.

    4. The Sloka did not tell any thing about Starch content, fiber content, protine, bla bla bla ...

    5. When my Cardiologist prescribed Amaryl during 2006 (on seeing FBS 


    1. Nobody has made any effort to find out how LW regulates BS in diabetics & finally cures Diabetes.

    2. I am not diabetic any more & hence can not take it up.

    3. If anybody who is diabetic now is ready to follow my guidelines verbatim we can find out the answer to your question. Me too wish to know it :) 

  • There are huge no. of members used Long wheat as daily diet for diabetic control . Any body have not known the carb protein and fiber content in Long Wheat For diabetic minerals like zinc chromium magnesium is also helps So can any found is it content zinc and chromium .

    further any body may clarify all you are consumed only Long Wheat it helps to cure or control the diabetic or in additional what food you consumed and how much of % of Long wheat and other food you consumed and any etc medicines used? if these figures found then if it proves Long wheat has major part in curing diabetes.

    then all most all members will follow the Long Wheat

    As best of my knowledge I am not known all above information shared by Long wheat introduced by Shooter George in this forum

  • Curing diabetes by long wheat has far lower probability than winning money in Casino.

  • Just show me the data and maybe we can get somewhere.

    The above is PURE ANECDOTE!

  • Shooter George may be only a person to clarify all things and doubts raised by me and aks 666 and Mike pollard

    The Long Wheat diet introduced by shooter george in this forum and so much members also used this and shares that have good numbers but any further full diet may not seen in any discussion from them .

  • Curing diabetes is a sham business. Not gonna happen by eating some spl wheat. He is promoting all this this since when? 2006 or 2009? Not one cure?

    Let's be realistic.

    Boil and eat normal wheat @2.75 gm/kg of body weight.

    It will cure diabetes in 20 years. Try it :D .

    No fruit, no sweets in 20 years ever. Else pancreas will wake up from resting position and start creating problems. And don't stop drugs till diabetes gets cured :)

  •  No food  no drugs either allopathy or homeopathy or Ayurveda cannot cure the diabetes

      systamatic life style  and strict diet alone control the diabetes until  strict maintained .  When or anytime ifu loose the strict diet then it increased the blood sugar.  This is mostly all diabetic peoples noticed by cheating any sweets or heavy meals.

      i may not against  Long Wheat diet  if it is also in limit quantity with other food or if you  leave other foods like rice ragi jowar then you may use Long Wheat. 

     I may not sure that all grains have more carbs so  I think this is also more carb but it maybe less carb comparing toordinary wheat like other rice and brown rice.

      further we may not known how to use it by using roti  or chapati or cooked  like rice ?

      So I may not criticised this diet is not good  but only  Long wheat the blood sugar may not cure without proper strict diet and life style.

  • Diabetes cannot be cured as of now. That's a reality. I have nothing against LW, but I have everything against CLAIMS of CURE.

  • Word is as significant as act.

    Words that come indicate the thoughts, deeds & attitude of that individual.

    One who does something regularly will not feel that there is something wrong in it even if it is bad, wrong or illegal.

    There will be some key words related to the profession or business one is in & those words will come out from them frequently. It will act as their signature.

    A learned member (obviously not me as I am of Tom Dick & Harry Class) only referred the Dharwar study here because the conclusion suited his/her liking & stated that after years long research only the paper was located!!!

    If someone can not appreciate the logic behind allowing randomness in scientific study, what am I to say?

  • Learning/knowing science and inculcating/having scientific temper are not the same. Either of this need not necessarily imply the other.

  • The challenge here is to eat nothing other than prepared Long Wheat and water for 3 days to get a cure. I wonder how realistic is this and is this the way medicines are proven by science/scientists? This may be the reason why twothirds of new medicines are off the shelf! 

  • Two more replies and this post becomes super popular with a century ... he he he

  • @aks666..You are funny...on popularity of  topics :D...you are now awarded with title  "Joker of the forum!!!" :D

  • karch

    Any plans for awards: Hero and Villain of the forum? I am honored with Joker title as I know that only Villains are party spoilers ... he he he

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    By the way. becoming joker is much more difficult than hero or villain , as it needs good sense of humor :) :D

  • karch Many discussions in few threads reminds me of yahoo Chat rooms of yester-years. No substance in thread but yet popular :)

  • agree...I requested admin for a chat/ group chat option ...let's c how it goes ...chats which can be stored on interested person's hard drive ....not on forums drive...save a lot of precious disk space

  • Chat can be a nuisance in ways more than one. It can be a lot of distraction.

  • whoever is interested in chatting they can chat with each other on each other's permission ...at least rest of the people wont see their discussion and get distracted ...If anyone is not interested in chatting ...keep oneself offline  or away or dnd (like skype...no one can ping him on this setting) and ping some one on his/her will :)... there can be several options and chat services are now much evolved than before  :) :)

  • You have a point. But, that will not be a guaranty of reduced chatter on board. :)

  • Yes...may be ...if some people are interested of getting fame through forum...they will definitely would use global chat box :) ...not private chats box :D 

  • Or people jealous of someone else getting famous could also do that. No?

  • see ...we are sort of chatting :) :)isn't it? world is discussing about long wheat and this sub thread has different kind of discussion going on ;)  :) just scroll up  and

    down ....thats why i said get chatting implemented for this forum :)

  •  Chat if interested peoples may be do it this is their personnel issue .  But this is public group the discussion started for every members of this forum  So any thing discussion  in this forum by posting another comment is   justified  eveyones opinion.

     i am asking the nutritional value for Long Wheat carb protein fat and minerals vitamins and fiber  Why   long wheat  purchased and user  may not post it. W ether you are not known   or not mentioned in Long Wheat packet or you may purchased it  in loose quantity ?

      What is the necessity one has  started discussion any opposite it may produced and post their  comment by supporting with comment .At least now also   share the nutritionalvalue of long Wheat    Generaly wheat ghas Rs30/ kg  but long Wheat is Rs 120 or more.

       So most peoples may not possible to purchase this by given 4 times higher rate


  • LW no one has answers. All, including those who are strongly pushing LW, are only SPECULATING. Just speculative blogging and zero scientific data.

    If I eat normal wheat boiled and mashed, I will get less spike. If I eat hulled barley same way I will get less spike.

  • I  do not feel bad or disheartened when people criticise/ridicule/reject my experience because

    Albert Einstein has said "if at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it".

  • Are any of those members who argue against Long Wheat & LWMDR diabetic now?

    I am glad that experts have began recognising my LWMDR & cure experience at least as anecdotal.

    Proverb says "drops of water make the ocean". Each drop contribute to it. A DROP OF WATER IS THE BEGINNING OF A RIVER/OCEAN.


  • We argue against CLAIMS of CURE.

    Some on LW Mash should get feces tested as to how much of MASH energy goes out without being assimilated. That will throw some light on theory of "Artificial Deprivation"

    Science is not about "Faith" and "Speculation". It's about trying to find answers

  • I am talking based on lab reports. I don't understand where is the question of "Faith" and "Speculation" in it.

    I am not diabetic now and hence am not in a position to help in this regard.

    Why not somebody who is diabetic and is on LWMDR send some sample to be tested in a lab of his/her choice to clarify his/her theory of artificial deprivation. This may help the community segragate things.

  • By seen  up to comments posted it was learn t that so many members  have some benefit  from LW and LWMDR diet system   I am already  inform that I am not  against LW and LWMDR diet system and also any other systems

      But somuch comments posted in this discussion so much  persons have followed  this sytem of diet  but   I am not seenany one of the member may not posted its nutritional content like carb protein fat fiber minerals and vitamins.

      I   think no members may not purchased    packet of  Long Wheat  ?  Mostly any product packed purchased by the stores or malls in the cover itself they informed the nutritional content .

     Also by google search  I may not  found  Long wheat

      Any member well known person  and followed  Long wheat  and purchased may please share  at least now also. Any matter about long wheat if any one found in google may please share  the link and posted here.

      Thisis the good discussion  it happens more than 100 comments  and somany members also interested  and follow this system  if completely full details obtained

  • Intention of this response is to neither support or dismay either LCHF or LMDR,

    First I would like to thank both Mr.George and Anup + Mike for passing on the knowledge to so many people selflessly without expecting anything which is beyond much more than any appreciation.

    Secondly people have benefited more form both LCHF and LWMDR , i am on LWMDR since 20 days i am eating stomach full with numbers within range whihc never used to do before.

    LCHF surely has scientific explanation why it works and might be better than LWMDR also but my problem with this is that i have LDL level high and cannot pursue on it out of fear.

    Lets go hand in hand supporting and correctly each other wihtut mud slinging , we are different only in methods we follow other than that we are all sons and daugthers of same dreaded disease called diabetes.

    Finally in any community there will allways be groups that are either pro or con which is allways healthy to debate and discuss and refine our methods.

    AND the cure part: I didn't choose LWMDR for cure, mainly i choose it for my convenience in following it, if it cures then it is bonus otherwise if it can keep my numbers in control that is more tan enough

  • I have nothing against LW, short wheat, soft wheat, hard wheat. As a student of science I will always counter all the claims of CURING diabetes.

    I can afford to eat 20 grams glucose 10 times a day and keep my levels within 140 at 2 hrs (comfortably ignoring what happens at 1 hr or so) and then say I am cured because i can eat 200 grams glucose.? Sorry that's not the way of claiming CURE.

    As for mud slinging, I don't think anyone here have taken more bashing than anyone who talks LCHF. Some guys do this bashing in an organised manner by forming GROUPS. Some one from that group even called LCHF  "Parrot & Puppet Show" (thereby insulting everyone on LCHF) and many from that GROUP have abused and insulted many in no uncertain terms. I don't think anyone opting for LW has been insulted this way ever.

    Despite all odds and insults and abuses, LCHF has only grown from strength to strength during the 3 odd years that it has been talked about here. So, all those abuses and insults we wear it as a badge of HONOR if LCHF has improved lives of 600+ Indian diabetics that we know of. Number is in millions across the world.

  • I do concur that Long wheat has high number of Carbs, Why do you just stick to Carb counting, why dont you also think of other componenets in Long Wheat which might be helping the sugar sensitivity?, for example i have tired cinnamon before , even with full load of rice,  one spoon of cinammon kept sugars to nromal level, but it has lot of couramin which will affect liver hence i stopped.

    If your argument is only on CURE then i concur i also dont belive there can be cure just by eating something without any scientific reaosns but atleast it has kept my sugar levle down

  • Eat four chapatis of LW flour and share results compared to same weight boiled and mashed LW. 

    If I had access to LW, i would have eaten it in mash form and given my stool for repeated tests on how much of it is passing thru without assimilation as part of "studying science". A sampling of 10 tests would have revealed something at least :)

  • You could buy it if you really want topursue it, It is to grouse for me to do and rather hear that too,

    NEitehr i am an hard core supporter of LWMDR nor a hater of LCHF, just got benifitted by LWMDR rather agined 1 kg after i started

    I still respect you for sharing the LCHF with many people but  i didnt like the nature of demeaning everything else..

  • (1) Nothing is gross when one is really trying to find scientific explanation. Let those who are on LW do this. Things cannot be left to some "mysterious" thing curing diabetes. For me, It's artificial deprivation which is causing this fall. Mix psyllium husk to wheat and sugar readings will be lower.

    (2) Well, I do demean High Carb Low Fat nonsense for sure. It makes no sense to tell a diabetic to eat what he/she cannot handle and then cover with drugs, many of which are known to cause even cancer. I don't demean guys. Can u tell me how many users here have I abused or insulted? 

    I can point to many posts where those talking LCHF have been insulted and abused, not once but many times. Even LADIES weren't spared.

  • Why not some who are on LWMDR extend a helping hand by sending samples to such earnest students of science.

    This is the drawback of our society; nobody is generous enough to help others with even the things they discard!

  • Best would be to get hold of few diabetics in the neighborhood. Kerala was diabetic capital state until recently so should be easy to find diabetics.

  • sati006  I like that you have followed both  LW and LCHF diet plan

      I think you have known everything in Long wheat

      1 Can you   share the carb protein and  fat  in long Wheat ?

    2  Are you used long wheat for  roti or chapati only  or it may also cooked ( Like cooked rice ) with samba r curd etc.

      3 What is blood sugar report recently tested FBS PPBS  and HBA!C

    4 Can you test lipid profiles before using  LW diet system 

    5  What  are the other food consumed by your self  except long wheat

    6   Carbohydrate is  also good for  human person  but  for diabetic person  it must be consumed some lower quantity     since it digest immediately in blood and  BS spikes immediately 

    7  I am not against like yourself either LW   or LCHF diet system but I am think  weather it is good for my health and it may be adjusted  our body.

    8 What isthe cost of  Long wheat youare purchased Long wheat  In the pocket of long wheat   nutritional content may be printed or not

      I am also favorable in Long wheat  So please share the above details and how it reduce the BS or cure the diabets

  • Very good questions. Let things get clarified for the benefit of society. Let the truth come out.

  • Surprisingly 15 years since Dharwar study and people are still searching for answers? In 15 years CURE should have become established Science.

  • Positive experience - so far so good. To find out the scientific reasons someone have to carry out a scientific study.

    No ancient ayurvedic prescriptions have given scientific reasons behind it. IT IS FOR THE MIDERN SCIENCE & SCIENTIFIC COMMUNTY TO FIND IT OUT.

  • Thamk you @sati006 for sharing your experience & opinion.

  • Stil more than 150 comments losted no one members who followed LW LmMDR system  have not knowb nutrtion in LW If they gicen 200 g.s  Sweet Powder and say it cures  diabetes they may consume without  any quiery

  • Wow - thought War and Peace was a long read!

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