Bad Day

Ack! it's time for me to whine again, guys (been missin' it yet? :P). I've had an absolutely awful day :( I don't know - just a load of small things piled up and now I'm not feeling great. I guess it started when we hanging back after 4:00pm (us = me and a group of friends) and then we were talking and then it somehow got to my suicidal friend at my old school, and the fact that people were ******** to me there.

And then we had a bad dinner (sounds tiny, but things get worse when I'm hungry).

Later, because I have no self-esteem, I didn't want to go downstairs because all the elder people are down there and with some of them I feel constantly judged.

Meh... just a load of little things added up.

Thx for listening



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  • There will be good days and bad days mate, just hang in there

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