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Update Colonoscopy

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I had my colonoscopy today glad is over! LOL so everything looks normal they didn’t find anything they took some biopsies. They found a small polyp 3mm in size in my rectum which they remove. Just waiting on results for biopsies. Dr. recommends to have a capsule endoscopy next to look in the small intestine to make sure she doesn’t miss anything. Glad Dr. making sure everything is well and not just brushing me off since colonoscopy looks normal.

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Awesome news!

I have been following your story and happy to read its all done and clear, thanks for keeping us all updated. Hope your capsule test is all clear too and you can find a way to manage your symptoms. Take care.

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Jetblack87 in reply to Frank121

Thank you! 🙏🏼 it’s definitely a relief. Take care.



That's such great news. I'm glad they're doing a capsule test, that's how they found my Crohn's as it's in the small intestine.

Yea she told me she doesn’t think I have IBD but is better to check. May I ask what were your symptoms before getting diagnosed?

I was getting bad lower right side stomach pains and always felt full up. I was exhausted all the time, malnourished and lost a lot of weight.

Wow thats great news ! You must be so releaved!

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Jetblack87 in reply to Lissssamb

Haha yes very relief 😅 How’s it going with your situation?

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Lissssamb in reply to Jetblack87

Im still having small balls of stool. I have tried stool softeners, eating more fiber drinking more water.... and I stil have balls 95% of the time. Ive also been having flank pain which im not sure is related or not. My doctor says its back related but im convinced its not..

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