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Clear colonoscopy and biopsies



I saw a gastroenterologist in November who referred me for a colonoscopy. I had the colonoscopy early January and was told it was clear and biopsies were taken which also came back clear. At the end of January i had an accident and broke my ankle badly, which meant lots if painkillers to date. To begin with i presume it was the painkillers that was causing constipation and i started to get quite a bit blood when i went toilet. This stopped and suddenly 3 weeks ago i started getting diarrhea, chronic stomach cramps especially after eating and in the last 3 days bleeding again, a lot more than ever before. My appointment got pushed with the specialist from march to june but i feel like it cant be nothing. How can i have a clear colonoscopy but be getting this? Is it ibs? I also had a test recently for nerve issues and found i had low folate and am anemic.


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Firstly, if you are passing blood, it s only normal for you to show up as anaemic. The Colonoscopy can only go so far up into your intestines, you will need another scope from the mouth to see the rest of the intestines. If you are really worried, phone the Consultant's secretary and find out if, in view of your new symptoms/problems, you can be seen sooner. Good luck

I tried calling last month, all they done was move my appointment from july to june. Do you think it could still be something? I know it cant be normal, my brother had similar symptoms and he got diagnosed with chrons and got treatment a lot quicker. Ive been waiting over a year and got nowhere.

I wouldn't like to guess at a diagnosis, save to say it doesn't sound "normal". Have you contacted your GP for their comment or attempt at diagnosis? Does your consultant know your brother has Crohns?

My doctor will literally have nothing to do with it because theyve referred me and wont do no more. Yes the consultant knows, we have diverticulitis in the family and i had a family member die because they didnt want a colostomy bag , so he said he would look into it properly, but done nothing. It feels like their fobbing me off.

Sorry to rant! Its just frustrating

I don't know where you live, but the centre of excellence for one is at St Marks Hospital at Northwick Park, in Harrow (North West London). If you're really worried that place really is the Tops for Bottoms. Give them a ring. Good luck.

I do understand how you feel, it must be so frustrating for you. i went through a similar thing getting my diagnosis. After having diarhoea for 2 months went to Dr, who ordered blood tests and stool sample, these were ok. Another 2 months went by, suffered terrible diarhoea, then i was up all night passing blood and lost three pounds. Rushed to Dr in panic. He said it's probably anxiety...who wouldn't be anxious with these symptoms! My heart goes out to you. This is frightening at times as you can't see it, not like joint inflammation, or skin problems. You will eventually get the right help I am sure, and feel so much better. All the very best. You are not alone in this.

It would be good of they took it seriously. The second dr i told about said it must be depression trying to get out and tried putting me on antidepressants! I hope yours gets sorted.

Well all that bleeding isn’t helping the anemia. If this symptoms persist I would got to the ER not UC urgent care around here are no equipped to no much by prescribed antibiotics and miner suturing repairs. My stepdaughter has been having a lot of the same symptoms so she ended up being admitted to the hospital. She has Crohn’s. Minus the blood my sister gets this symptoms and she is lactose intolerant. I would get checked out especially since you are anemic. Don’t want your hemoglobin to drop too low. My stepdaughter needs to get blood infusions when hers gets too low. Please don’t let this go until June.

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