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Potential colitis/proctitis after colonoscopy but no prescription?



For the past 8 months or so I have been having symptoms such as large amounts of mucus only movements, urgency and cycling between constipation and loose stools. I had a blood test and stool sample which came out normal and I thought I perhaps had ibs. in the last few months I began having much greater urgency and most bowel movements bloody/blood only. I had a gastroscopy and colonoscooy in late December and the consultant said there were something like 'non specific abnormalities' in the sigmoid colon and splenic flexure and what looks like colitis in the rectum. Biopsies were taken and I have a follow up with gastroenterologist in March but was not prescribed anything at the time. I am a bit confused as to why I was told confidently it looks like colitis during the scopy that I wasn't given anything. Is this normal procedure? Since the scopy I have been passing larger amounts of blood.

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Hello. You were given any anti inflammatory medication, steroids, mesalamine?

Joolsc89 in reply to Cylarreta

Hi, no I wasn't given anything

cwill in reply to Joolsc89

I would suggest an appointment with the GP to discuss the diagnosis and the problems you are having. I was tested just before Xmas, diagnosed and sent home with meds to use for 4 weeks. I arranged a GP apt to talk though the meds being available on repeat prescription and how I would go about using them in future. My consultant apt is months off so I needed the GP to inform me of my options.

Did your consultant not send you a copy of the results? Mine sent the letter to the GP outlining the findings and future action. I always say I want a copy of all correspondence, most do it anyway but there are some dinosaurs out there. If necessary also talk with PALS at the hospital as you should not be tested/diagnosed but left with no info or plan.

Cylarreta in reply to Joolsc89

I would make an appointment sooner rather than later. Sometimes you have to be a stronger advocate for yourself when you aren’t getting good results. Blood in stool is not normal. I changed doctors more than once after feeling like I wasn’t being taken seriously-I know my own body better then any doctor. What are you doing to reduce the inflammation in your body? I’ve learned that keeping well hydrated is important, Reducing stress (hard when you aren’t feeling well), when constipated aloe Vera juice helps but not when you have diarrhea, Foods that are easily digestible like rice, ripe bananas, broth... I hope you get some helpful information from your doctors soon.

Joolsc89 in reply to Cylarreta

Thanks all for your responses, I went to the GP on Wednesday and she said they had been sent a copy of the report but not the biopsy results and that I should definitely have an appointment before March and sent me to A&E to rule some things out, which was quite overzealous but good to know they aren't being dismissive. Left hospital yesterday with a months worth of mesalamine suppositories and they are going to try and move my gastroenterologist appointment forward.

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