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Colonoscopy and endoscopy clear

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Hi, Ive just had a colonoscopy and endoscopy last sunday and they said it was clear, but Im waiting on biopsy results. My symptoms are signs of IBD-bouts of diarrhea, pain to the right of belly button, had blood in stool, eyes flare up red, nausea, weight loss, the list goes on! I just cant believe its IBS (by the looks of things).when I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy my symptoms has subsided. Were any of you misdiagnosed with IBS to start with, is it possible that the inflammation does not show up in early stages? Or is there no such thing as an early stage of IBD? Ive been in hospital twice last year and I thought that by know they would of found whats wrong with me! Thanks, Laura 

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Hi Laura, I have the same symptoms as you except weight loss. And my colonoscopy was also clear after all biopsy samples tested. I have been given Colesevelam, which my Gastro gave me straight after the procedure. But didn't explain why he gave them to me. Also have they tested your gall bladder. I'm asking because the tablets I have been given is to control the bile from the gall bladder. Good luck getting sorted out.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply! No I havent had my gall bladder tested! Have these tablets helped in any way? My symptoms seem to come and go! Thanks again! 

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Hi Laura. IBS does not cause weight loss or blood in stools. you will find a lot of IBD people were misdiagnosed with IBS. It could be possible your bowel had 'healed' when you were scoped, but biopsies would still show IBD aetiology . have you done a faecal calprotectin test? though it needs to be done during a flare up to be any good. it also is not 100% accurate as in rare cases can give a false negative result.

hope this is of some help x

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Hi! Thanks for the reply! I will have to wait for the biopsy results then! Yes I have done the calprotectin test twice I think and they came back normal! Thanks for the help!! X

Hi LauraS18 these tablets have helped a little bit but still get cramping pains and bloody stools.

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