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Colonoscopy question

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I recently had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, and was clear but they didn’t take any biopsies ? Is this because it was referred by my gp rather than a gastro? Currently awaiting urgent referral. I’m concerned that they may have missed something like microscopic colitis ? Smoking is suppressing the bleeding and all my scans etc and bloods are fine. What are the chances of my gastro (once I’ve been seen) arranging another colonoscopy with biopsies ? I feel so poorly, dizzy and weak with no energy! All my bowel movements are just diarrhoea with loads of mucus and always like a peanut butter colour .. if I stop smoking within 48hours I’m bleeding every time again... obviously I’d rather not smoke but while I’m waiting if it stops the bleeding it’s a no brainer to me as I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting... what did your gastro first do when you saw them? Do they repeat tests or just go off what you’ve had done already? It’s so frustrating I wish they had taken biopsies !!!

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Hi Ktan49, I had my biopsy done during the colonoscopy only because they found something. Which was only infection. Not sure how smoking is helping you suppress your bleeding. Hope you get well soon

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I’ve done a bit of reading and apparently it’s quite common that smoking (nicotine) suppresses the bleeding with colitis, but makes crohns worse.

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Hope it's not an excuse

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Not at all, plenty of evidence to support it. Hope your ok.

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Good luck. Yeh I am getting by. Just accepting and learning to live with liver ailments

Have you done a stool sample.

I smoke and personally found it helps with the pain. Well that's what I've convinced myself anyway. However my Gastroenterologist has told me to stop. Plus with all this virus thing about I feel I need to give my lungs a chance. So yesterday I've got some patches and made a start. This week I'll be cutting down to none hopefully by the end of the week.

In regards to Colonoscopy if they don't see anything they may not take biopsies.

The only thing really to do is go back to GP until your appointment comes through for the Gastro

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Yes did stool sample apparently was fine. But obviously something going on further up with regards to bleeding and mucus

Hi there, that's good that it was clear , usually if they find anything they would take biopsies that's what happend when they diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis . Hopefully they will look elsewhere and get you sorted quickly.

I think I would be relieved if my results all came back negative. Mabe look at diet as possible cause, failing that see gp for further tests and referrals. Hope you find out what is causing your symptoms, smoking is a new one on me!!

That is good they haven't seen or found any inflammation in your tests. Blood if bright red is usually from the lower end of your colon mucus too mostly from the colon. If you're bleeding higher up your digestive tract its normally very dark red to black. A lot of bright red blood can be haemorrhoids or fissures in your back passage. Yes you can get haemorrhoids with diarrhoea as your bum can get really irritated. Maybe you have BAM (bile acid malabsorption). Maybe worth asking your GP for a SeCaT scan. It the easiest test ever. Not sure your GP would refer you for a CT or MRI yet. Those you may have to wait for until you see the gastro. An urgent appointment I think is within 4 weeks but I think the time scales are out the window at the minute with Covid 19 taking priority.

The other thing is if your blood count is ok then you're not bleeding a lot. It may look like a lot but it isn't. However you could also ask your GP to check B12, folate and ferritin levels. If these are low it is a form of anaemia due to malabsorption or simply a poor diet. I was very low in folate, vit D, B12 and ferritin I was just low but not too bad. I now supplement with a B12 & iron spray as it gets in my system better. I'm still very tired but hey ho better than I was.

I have IBS but with benefits like you I have occasions bleeding, weight loss, joint and muscle issues and a few other things going on but I keep plugging on

Hello, the person who does the colonoscopy is a gastroenterologist so if they they didn't take any biopsies and said your scope was clear that means they didn't see any active inflammatory disease and therefore no reason to take a biopsy. In order to see a gastroenterologist you need a referral from your GP so that has nothing to do with them not taking any biopsies. Smoking cigarettes?if so, it causes inflammation in most parts of the body and you should consider stopping. I don't see how that would stop any bleeding. I smoked for 26 years and just recently quit and my gastro said if I were start again it would most likely cause a Crohn's flare up for me. You should see if you can go see the gastrointestinal again and ask to do a stool sample and explain the symptoms you are having. That's what I would do. It took 5 yrs for me to get diagnosed but when I finally had my first colonoscopy that's is how I got diagnosed. Good luck to you!

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Great reply thank you !! Every scan and test has been clear so I am happy about that. I haven’t been tested for BAM which I guess that could be the cause of my vitamin deficiencies too. Floaty yellow /beige stools is an everyday Thing for me at the moment “ I am currently waiting for urgent referral to Gastro “

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Good luck! Hope u figure it out soon!

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Hello, do you still have the bloody stool ?

Good luck

Some very informative info from others

I’ve been diagnosed with colitis recently had a colonoscopy and biopsy’s found inflammation. Been put on tablets, been on them for 3weeks it’s a bit better.

Good luck and and let us know how you are doing x

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