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Colonoscopy + immunosuppressants not working?

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Hi all, got diagnosed with Crohn’s last year via MRI and ultrasound. Been on budesonide for 2 months and azathioprene for 6 months, however just had a colonoscopy yesterday as it was delayed due to covid. The colonoscopy showed that my ileum looked pretty bad despite medication with fissures, ulcers and inflammation. My doc recommended more blood tests to figure out what treatment to do.

Since I’m fairly new to Crohn’s I was wondering what other sort of treatments there are and what they’re like? I’m pretty worried at the minute. Also how many biopsies do they take cos I felt like they took a lot (22) which made me worried as well

Thank you x

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Do not know enough about the modern treatments, Azathioprine seems to work for me. When I have had the "look see", they also take biopsies from unaffected areas, I presume to see if there are early changes. Good Luck.

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Depending on what the biopsy report it sounds like you may be headed to the next tier of meds, biologics.

Have they not suggested biologics ? Such as Humira? If not ask them when you have your next appointment.

My doctor didn’t really say 😕 he just asked me to take a higher dose of azathioprine but if it still doesn’t work I guess that’s the next step?

My daughter is on Humira (previously on azathriopine) and she is so much better. I think you should definitely ask what your options are and don’t let them fob you off

I know there is reluctance to put people onto prednisolone at the moment (COVID) - budesonide is a much weaker steroid and I found in my own case with Chrons, just didn't have any impact.I was on Azathioprine for around 2 years (& preds on/off), never really got things under control - on Amgevita (biologics) for 5 months, I have to say i'm much better and have started to put some weight back on (lost around 13kg)

I’m on a biological drug (adilumumab) and it’s been fantastic since I’ve started. No flare ups and back to original weight. Worth asking the question if no relief with other drugs.

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