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Waiting for biopsy report.

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Hi all, finally had my colonoscopy, after suffering weight loss and diarhoea for eight months. The Dr took 12 biopsies, and said I have mild colitis. I asked him if he found any cancer he said no. However I still feel worried, even though on my written report he said endoscopically this could be crohns or colitis. Why did he take so many biopsies? I have been given salofalk, which hasn't really helped. Has anyone else had so many biopsies taken? All the best to you all.

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As you have stayed "He stated I have either Crohn's or Colitis. The more biopsies they take the more accurate the diagnosis and, more importantly, the more accurate the prognosis is.

Don’t worry about how many biopsies he took, that’s standard procedure, ask your Dr, they have to take a biopsy every so many centimeters depending on what they’re looking for. Hope you feel better! And best of luck with your biopsies and treatment

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Thank you Angella51, I know it's pointless worrying. Hope you are well, and keep well!

8 months of diarrhea? That is awful. Your intestines and hiney hole must be raw! Did you have any bleeding? I don’t think you have mild colitis. Sounds more like severe and I’m leaning more towards Crohn’s. I imagine he took so many biopsies to cover the extent of the effected area. I have ulcerative colitis and my stepdaughter has Crohn’s. She has had a hard time with the Crohn’s and now was recently diagnosed with MS. She has both blockages and diarrhea. Mine will flare up with intestinal cramping and emptying everything out to the point it feels like my intestines are having the dry heaves and raw hiney hole. 3 days makes me feel bad I can’t imagine 8months and why your doctor waiting so long to do the colonoscopy. Keep us posted as to the biopsies report outcomes. 😊💕🦋🌼🌺💜

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Hi, well one thing I am learning is it takes so long to get results, which increases anxiety. spoke to my Dr on the phone yesterday and she said all she knows is from the written report, which says I have inflammation which indicates crohns or ulcerated colitis. I have an appointment with Dr at endoscopy unit in June and he will tell me which condition I have. Must say I am getting my head round this, and feel a lot more at ease. At least it is something I can live with. Am learning to say no to people, and put myself first a bit, which is new for me. I am not going to do things that make me feel uncomfortable. The Salofalk seems to be working. Things are starting to feel more positive. Wishing you and everyone a good life.

Hmm 🤔? I thought I wrote a reply to you. I must have gotten distracted and it didn’t save. Yes it must be very frustrating to have to wait until June to find out if it is ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s. I think it was back in 07 after a colonoscopy which the biopsies came back showing ulcerative colitis and he wanted me to come back in 3months for a sigmoidoscopy to recheck to see if the ulcerative colitis was still there and it was so I was on the yearly colonoscopy and endoscopy (because of Barrett’s) plan. Somewhere it was stretched out to every 3yr plan. Well speaking of endoscopies my husband is scheduled for one early tomorrow morning to be at the hospital at 5:45am. I’m glad the Salofalk is helping you. 😊💕

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