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Bloody mucus and painful cramping after endoscopy and colonoscopy ( with biopsies )


I have undergone diagnostic endoscopy and colonoscopy a day back(yesterday). I am having multiple urges to go to stool but most of the time it is bloody mucus. Sometimes it small lump of stool and bloody mucus.

Today, I am having painful cramping since morning 4 AM and tried going to stool more than dozen times since past 4 hrs. As mentioned earlier it is mostly bloody mucus. Is this something to worry about?

I have attached a pic of what it looks like. Did anyone who got the procedure done had similar kind of experience.

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I have had similar after colonoscopies, more blood loss and pain after barium enemas, but was warned to expect this with the barium enema. Do you belong to a clinic where there is an IBD Nurse you could contact on Monday? for talk/reassurance. What I cannot do is recall how long this lasted with me, also I had always been started on steroids by the time I had these tests, so that would impact the possible time span for the problem. Sorry to have been little help, I was an in-patient when I had my first colonoscopy with biopsy as I was so ill with no diagnosis (turned out to be Crohn's Disease) and all I remember from that time is gut spasms, and a young male nurse (I am female) being sent to teach me how to do steroid enemas!!!! Very painful as had the inflamation from the Crohn's along the level the enema tube went, I do not know who had less fun, him or me!! If you get the correct diagnosis and treatment as a result of these tests, it will have been worth it. Only you will know if you feel the need to see someone before the weekend is over, best of luck.


Tha ks for your reply.

I went for a diagnostic procedure since I had change in bowel movement and abdominal pain. I had ultrasound, hida scan with high ejection rate and a normal CT scan. Since the pain was reoccurring i was adviced to go for upper GI endoscopy and colonoscopy.

The initial discharge report says that colon looks normal.

Biopsies were taken at stomach, duodenum, ileum, signoid colon.

I am currently having only red mucus discharge whenever there is an urge to go stools.

Not surprised that you have the blood/mucus with 4 sites for biopsies, I only used to have 1 area for the biopsy. Now I get the best results (as higher up in the system) from a CT Scan with contrast dye. Seems to give a good idea of what is happening, (shows narrowing areas etc) although I do have a diagnosis now, which makes life easier for everyone. Good luck


I have this during a flare up when there is bad inflammation and ulceration. A colonocopy can cause some inflammation so may have induced a flare up.

I have also just commented on Indigirls post about flare up after colonoscopy 'If you think about it, a foreign body is being passed along your bowel, air is being pumped in to distend the bowel, thus stretching it a bit. Its not surprising the bowel becomes inflammed'

You need to get hold of IBD nurse or gastroenterologists secretary (if like mine they will get gastro to ring you back). if that fails get emergency appointment with GP, but show them the pics or take a sample as it helps GP see to what extent bleeding/mucus is.

You may need a course of steroids to help control this until you get appointment with gastro.

Hang in there, and let me know how you get on x

After having a colonoscopy on the discharge information (for me at least) it said that passing some blood is normal and that it’s only cause for concern if it’s excessive amounts and does not stop. I wonder if you’re not going to the toilet normally due to the prep and your bowel not being full? Have you eaten properly since the procedure? I’m hoping that this has already resolved for you though!

I have been having the same problems in the last few days.. but I haven't gotten to the doctors so far, because they are all closed during the lockdown in our country. I am really worried about my health now.. :/ it is really bad.

I sometimes have bleeding but mine is a lot darker than this and more of it. Awaiting another Colonoscopy as FCP is elevated. Bloods ok

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