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Discharged but why

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I finally got to see a gastrologist to ask about my surgery for first time since at school but he didn't understand at first my worry is I had gangerine an twisted bowel at 3 and was resected then it says malabsorbtion and see letter b12 but no letter to see wat else was put but have had pernisous anemea since that surgery my issue is ten years after at 13/14 it says I had ileocolic resection but nobody in family remember being told more bowel was took and if I had surgery twice what part of small bowel was took and what remains due to being sure my mental health an agrophobia is connected to some absorbtion or issue will cells causing symptoms as iv been on high antidepressants therapy and clear on all mental health bit and why this is my last place to look as I said this from the start iv done a stool sample to check I'm thinking if I had last op through ibd and have been in remission and iv it shows any issue with digesting nutriants .I rang for results and they said he's wrote to gp and discharged me whats this mean as I stilll have no awnser sorry it's long thanks x

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If you have been discharged from the gastro team it means there has been no medical fidings to show you have IBD

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I thought this as thers no diagnosis why I had another resection but do remember at that period being ill a lot and had bad body and spasms with jaw but told I had bad habits so long ago and had servere mouth ulcers but iv looked everywere for another reason I'd have this ileocolic resection not connected to ibd but found nothing but I was only concerned the process of digestive system and dificiancys to contribute to anxiety and being exhausted due to b12 not working after its in my blood in the next place it goes to benifit me maybe its a hemotologist is whole know I giv up I just want my energy and life back due to being defeated looking can they not just do a X-ray to see wat bowel remains thanks

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willow24Administrator in reply to Leigh6873

X ray wont really show much on its own as the bowel is soft tissue. You could request a barium xray as this coats the bowel wall and will show up on xray

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