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So I have had an mri scan and xray


Which shows I have crohns in the small bowel. I'm booked in for a bowel resection in two weeks, in the mean time I'm being weind off steroids and have to drink fortisip for nurishment. Has anyone else had this procedure if so how did you feel after surgery?

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Hi, I have Crohns of rectum, large bowel and 10cms small,. I have been lucky to avoid surgery (2 very close calls for ileostomy tho). I just want to wish you all the best for your surgery and that you can get some relief x

sum1sweeta in reply to willow24

Hi,thanks for your reply. I really hope I feel well after surgery I just want to get back to life. I'm sorry to hear you have crohns in 2 areas but lucky you avoided surgery 😆

I had several bowel resections it taken away the symtons its less going to the loo all the time you will be fine good luck and let me know how you get on

sum1sweeta in reply to Sel45

Hi that's great to hear your surgeries have improved your life. I had my op on Sept 4th Fri. So blinking painful. They found I had an absess and a fistula. They removed 40 cm of my small bowel. I've had a couple infections so I'm still on iv antibiotics and on lots of hard painkillers, hopefully I will be discharged tomorrow. I'll let you know if it works out ok in the end for me :)

Sel45 in reply to sum1sweeta

Aww hope you have a speedy recovery chic and good luck in being discharged do you have crohns or uc xx

sum1sweeta in reply to Sel45

I got discharged finally with lots of meds. I've got crohns hun 😆

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