IBS or Crohns (and a sore jacksy)

I have suffered 20 years with what the Drs always told me is IBS. Since Christmas it has gotten worse. Cramps and bowel movements after practically every meal, mucus in stools and occasionally bright red blood.And now worse than all that I have a couple of fissures which have got to cause the worst pain I've ever known.

Dr booked me in to see colon specialist at the hospital last Thursday who had a look and told me that one of the fissures may heal with cream but the other one is too far gone and will involve surgery.

He said that it won't be worth operating on it until we've got to the bottom (no pun intended) of what's causing all the stomach trouble which makes perfect sense. So now he's booking me in for an endoscopy which he has warned me in advance will be no walk in the park due to having to squeeze the camera past the problem areas. He has also said that my symptoms seem to match those of Crohn's disease.

I've just got to wait for my appointment to come through the post now.

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  • o no not good hope you find out what is going on very soon, and your Dr is right endoscopy is not nice, I have had one but now have to have another like you just waiting for an appointment. I have UC and its getting worst so what started as 10cm in has now gone all the way round but they are unsure how far has the flexi camera will not go all the way round :-(.

    All the best and hope you get sorted soon x

  • Hi Daddio, I was diagnosed with Crohns in early 2007 after having some symptoms since 1994/5. I was wrongly diagnosed back then. I have suffered extreme ulceration. When I had my first endoscopy I was told it would take 20-30 mins. My intestines were so badly ulcerated that in some parts, the consultant said the ulcers had fused together. I was finally out 1hr 45 mins later. I opted for the knock out juice and during the whole proceedure, I felt pain only once or twice, mostly just pressure. Take the sedation and it will help massively. If they can diagnose from the endoscopy, there are numerous medications that can get you back on track. I was put on azathioprine in 2007 and in September 2015 I was taken off as the consultant believed I was in remission. Good luck with the endoscopy and subsequent medication, it can turn things around and get you well or at least much better :)

  • Thankyou for your replies. I definitely agree that the pain will be worth finding out what's causing all the problems.

    I'll update with what I find out.

  • I will have a look into that thankyou. One thing I definitely have to do is drink more water.

  • I had my colonoscopy yesterday which went well and had no signs of inflammation or anything else wrong. They took 10 biopsies which I have to wait a few weeks for the results for.

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